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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 27 October 2013


6 entries in Intro, 2 in CD and 20 and 23 in UD and TD respectively meant that compared to last year we had a relatively leisurely two days. Once again the Red Lion provided us with our wonderful base and the farmers allowed us access to land that gave every competitor an equal chance.

It was blowy both days but on Sunday it got colder and once we had had a couple of very heavy squalls that probably put paid to competitors’ chances - in TD at least. Although we did have one team get round the TD track – Linda Johnston and Rory. However, despite everybody’s best efforts and the judges Jane Webb, Lindsey Poole and Jenny Orchard setting sensible tests, there were no qualifiers in any stake!

Every year I have the same hard core of helpers – thank you very much. This year they were joined by Heather Donnelly, who tracklaid for two stakes, Claire Lush who, despite feeling dreadful, managed one day of squares and Shirley Simpson who stepped in to take over. Lesley Mack (nee Jones) escorted. Diana Stephens had a steep learning curve but did very well as base steward

Thank you all!




Steward: Anne Shepherd


I wish to thank BAGSD for the kind invitation to judge the Introductory, CD, and UD and TD Control and Agility. As is usual the trial was run by Chris Gregory in her unflappable manner; Diana Stephens was in charge of the base, her first time in this role, ensuring that all ran smoothly.

The control field at the Rollright stones commanded a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside - when it could be glimpsed through the wind and rain.



 Six competitors entered, three teams attempted the test.

I set a straightforward round. The articles in the search square were a grey cartridge, a dolly peg, a 5 inch by 1.5 inch piece of carpet and a 6 inch knotted piece of green felt; each article was placed three paces from each corner on the diagonal.

Heelwork was in a square, the sendaway was 35 yds to a yellow cone placed at the base of the hedge. As is usual at this level, jumps and stays took their toll, unfortunately resulting in no qualifiers.


1st TIEKIEDRAAI ENCORE, GSD, handled by Jennifer Speake, 83, NQ. A lovely round, only the scale costing Tiekie, a rescue Shepherd from Ireland, a qualification. Well done, I am sure that success is just round the corner.

2nd Ms Diana Collie, WAGGERLAND TIP TOP, WSD, 76.5, NQ. A dog to look out for in the future, best heelwork of the trial.

3rd Lady S. Greenaway, SAFFRON HOBY, Lab, handled by Linda Johnson, 75.5, NQ. Not quite enough marks in the control - the down took its toll. A good attempt.


 The CD articles were a 3" x 1" piece of pan scrubber, a dolly peg and a 6 inch piece of knotted ribbon. The control round was exactly the same as the Introductory stake, but with full height jumps.

Two teams entered, however due to injury one team scratched, resulting in the following.

 1st RAGLAN BEAUFORT BOMBER, X-Breed, handled by Nicky Crowther, 82.5, NQ. After an accurate control round, unfortunately the agility was Rag’s downfall.


 The control started with the retrieve, followed by heelwork, then the sendaway, 80 paces to the hedge marked with a piece of white ribbon, and finally the jumps

 1st DANDIE SUMMER ROSE, GSD, handled by Fiona Pinder, 183.5, NQ. A newcomer to trials who only just missed a qualification; I am sure it will not be long before you have success.

2nd HAUSBAILEY LOKI, GSD, handled by Di Assheton-Bowtle, 178, NQ. A beautiful accurate control round - if only Finn had not broken the down stay!

3rd RAGLAN BEAUFORT BOMBER, X-Breed, handled by Nicky Crowther, 174, NQ. A beautiful sendaway but unfortunately the agility took its toll.

4th ACHOUFFE FANTOME, SRP, handler Anne Collen, 172, NQ. No long jump, but otherwise an excellent round from this very experienced handler.


 The test commenced with a tied up speak with the handler standing with their backs to the dog, 10 barks, quiet, 5 barks - most dogs made a good attempt at this exercise. The heelwork pattern was the same in all stakes; sendaway was 100 yds down the field past a trailer to a white marker in the fence, with a 100 yd redirect along the fence to the corner of the field, again marked with white ribbon.


1st RAVEN HILL RORY, X-Breed, handled by Linda Johnson, 173.5, NQ. Although they qualified in each section, unfortunately they did not have quite enough over-all. One of the two dogs to remain in the down stay during a torrential downpour.

2nd ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, Std Poodle, handled by Chris Stewart, 169, NQ. Full point heelwork, losing only 4.5 marks in the control section.

3rd FAR CANAL FOSTER, Cross, handled by John Simpson, NQ. A joy to watch, only lost 2.5 on the control.

4th GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, FCR, handler Rob Willatts, NQ. Ripley is a very happy dog who clearly enjoys working.

 Anne Shepherd not only stewarded for two days but she and Trevor provided excellent refreshments. The task of judging was made much easier by having an experienced and pleasant steward, who greeted and put all competitors at ease with her cheerful and competent manner – thank you, Anne. It was a pleasure to judge the C/A and I wish to thank all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.




Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill – both days, Gill Cooke – Saturday, Heather Donnelly - Sunday

Stewards: Clare Lush (Saturday), Shirley Simpson (Sunday)

 My thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the UD nosework. I think it is my favourite stake to judge – lovely to see some new handlers to the sport as well as more experienced handlers with their youngsters coming out – some for their first attempt. My thanks also to Chris Gregory for doing the Trials Manager’s job, to Diana in the base and Anne Shepherd for doing the boxes.

Tracking was on a mixture of new grass and winter wheat – identical length, both of which tracked well. What made the conditions tricky was the weather, which no-one had control of. I did manage to get some nosework qualifiers over the two days, but some torrential rain and other little problems put paid to their overall qualifications. In fact, I’m sure there was nothing in my contract about agreeing to get wet!

My tracklayers and stewards were great company and gave every dog and handler an equal chance to show off their ability – thanks to all of you. And lastly, thanks to Ruth for putting up with me and my dogs overnight.

 1st Fiona Pinder with DIANDIE SUMMER ROSE (Maggie), GSD, NQ. First time out and gave a great account of her potential. 89.5 track, both articles, 34 square. Well done.

2nd Di Assheton-Bowtle with HAUSBAILEY LOKI (Finn), GSD, NQ. Lovely attitude. 85 track, both articles, 34.5 square.

3rd Nicky Crowther with RAGLAN BEAUFORT BOMBER (Rags), Crossbreed, NQ. You should be really pleased with him. 89 track, both articles, 33 square.

4th Anne Collen with ShCh ACHOUFFE FANTOME (Purdey), Slovakian Rough Pointer, NQ. Purdey ignored the badger sett over which her track went and totally concentrated on the job-in-hand. 89 track, both articles, 31 square.

 Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me the honour of judging your dogs.




Tracklayers: David, Anne, Heather and Ann.

Steward: Kath

 Thank you to BAGSD and Chris Gregory for the invitation to judge at your trial.

We were very lucky with the weather and only got rained on for three tracks throughout the trial! We were looked after very well, plenty to eat and drink and everything ran smoothly on both days. Thank you, Kath, for your company and putting down the squares exactly as I asked - I know the wind wasn’t helpful, but that’s trials! Thank you to all my tracklayers, who worked so hard for sadly little return - David for all the earlies, Anne for the middles and Heather and Ann for a day each of ends. You were all great company.

Although the ground looked very trackable, sadly very few got round, probably due to the wind but we may never really know why. To the two competitors who did qualify the nosework you deserve to be very proud, it was clearly not easy.

 1st Lynda Johnston with RAVEN HILL RORY, WDEx, X, Dog, NQ. Very well done, Lynda. Fabulous track, Rory worked his socks off, fully deserving this win.

2nd Christine Stewart with ANGELWISHES ARIEL OF NATURE, WDEx, Std Poodle, Dog, NQ. Well done, Christine. Casey made the tracking look easy, such a shame he missed the last leg.

3rd John Simpson with FAR CANAL FOSTER, WDEx, X, Dog, NQ. Well done, John, from what I saw neither you nor Foster did anything wrong - it just wasn’t there for him.

4th Rob Willatts with GOWRAN INDIGO EXTRA, WDEx, FCR, Dog, NQ. Well done, Rob and Ripley.


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