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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 28 October 2012


The weather ranged from damp and breezy to dry but with a bitterly cold wind.  For once I was very happy to be base or car bound and particularly proud of all my judges and helpers, who all did a great job without a murmur!

This year I lost one of my mainstay tracklayers, Annie Thorpe (chicken pox!).  That and the loss of some TD land meant that the only way to deal with a large entry (39) was to add an extra day.  We also lost our UD judge (hope that your back is better, Pippa) and so Marney Wells stepped in to deal with a larger than usual UD entry (38).  With only 6 cancellations this meant three full days for Ruth Cahill and Brian Hartree; Gill Cooke refreshed her tracklaying skills and did two days and when she was working her dog John Turtill stepped in.  Steward for the C/A was the problem area this year, but Sue Lawrie started off the trial and Claire Lush came over for the last two days - thank you both!

Without Annie Thorpe I needed tracklayers to plug the gap.  So thank you to Jennifer Speake (who also carried out secretarial duties) and Tony Orchard.  Bob Shropshire and Ann Clarke did two days each - thank you very much. 

There are two people who served beyond the call of duty.  Kath Channing felt that it was only right that she laid squares for all 4 days even though that involved a long drive for what was effectively a half day on Thursday.  Once again David Barker laid the ‘earlies’ and with all the behind the scenes work that he puts in it is no exaggeration to say that without his contribution I would not be able to run this trial.  Another person deserving special mention is Anne Shepherd, who not only provided the food for the TD team but also covered the base and coped brilliantly when things got a bit fraught.

Once again The Red Lion did us proud and the farmers were great.  The judges, Jenny Orchard, Marney Wells and Maureen Regan were lovely and very professional - thank you all.

Last but not least, thank you to all competitors and good luck in the future.





Stewards: Sue Lawrie, Thurs/Fri; Claire Lush, Sat/Sun

May I take this opportunity to thank the BAGSD Committee for inviting me to judge the C/A?  My thanks to Chris Gregory, the Trials Manager, and to her willing helpers holding fort at the base - what a merry bunch of people.  Thanks, Chris, for doing your very best to ensure I was well catered for.  The B&B was super, warm and cosy (- 4̊ in the mornings) and the Red Lion’s meals were fabulous.  To my Stewards, Sue and Claire, a HUGE thank you; it was so cold, but you never lost your smiles or patience.  Great company - thank you.

I always feel that it is a privilege not only to judge handlers and their dogs, but to witness partnerships forming, (that really is thrilling) therefore to the competitors, thank you for allowing me, and for accepting my decisions gracefully.  


3 Entries, 1 Ran


G.Baird with LAUCOTT KAISER ST LOYS, ESS, D, NQ.  Unfortunately didn’t qualify today, but did do a full mark nosework.  Lovely little dog.


39 Entries, 33 Ran


Elaine Betts with PINES ACORN, Hovanart, B, 192, Q.  Very nice round.  Well done, both of you.


Diane Whiting with SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, BC, D, 191, Q.   Eric put in a first class round, only losing 1 mark.  Well done.


Gavin Thomson with TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, B, 190.5, Q.  What a control round, didn’t lose a mark!  Lovely handling; Jette really worked her socks off for you, Gavin.  Well done.


Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER, WSD, D, 190, Q.  Again, a very good control round, only losing 1 mark.  Super to watch Toby work.  Well done.

Also qualifying UD:

Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D, 188.5.  Another excellent control round only losing 0.5.  Lovely to watch, well done.

Elaine Boyd with TUMBLE TRAIL, Lab, D, 188.5.  Oh for those 5 marks lost on the clear jump!  Well done, Elaine.

Felicity Veazey with JANALLEN BARKARI, Groenendael, D, 188.  Well done, Jet worked well.

Malcolm Snowdon with STARDELL SIRIUS, BC, D, 186.5.  Lovely round, only losing 2 marks.  Well done.

Ross McCarthy with HANBAR KARLO VON GAINSHAUS, Rott, D, 181.  Well done, we were holding our breaths with the jumps.



38 Entries, 26 Ran


David Warrick with SPACE COMMANDER, X, D, 208, Q.  Well done, David, Vulcan did you proud today.  Good control round.


Ruth Payton with CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, BC, B, 201, Q.  Well done, Ruth.


Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, D, 195, Q.  Superb round, only losing 0.5.  Well done.


Joan Snowdon with GLENALPINE JES, BC, B, 193, Q.  Well done, Joan, another excellent round.  What a good day for the Snowdon family.

Also qualifying:

Jo Magness with LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD, D, 190.5.  Well done.

Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, D, 189.  Super round.

Well done everyone and commiserations to those who didn’t qualify, but going by the quality of the work that I saw over the week it certainly won’t be long before you do.  All the best for your future trials.




Tracklayers: Ruth Cahill (3 days), John Turtill (1 day), Gill Cooke (2 days)

Square Steward: Brian Hartree

This judging appointment did come as something of a surprise as the original judge, Pippa Bentham, had to back out at the last minute as she was not well – get better soon, Pippa, trials would be lost without you.  Anyway, thanks to BAGSD for asking me to step in, as I thoroughly enjoyed the three days of watching some really lovely dogs work without having to sort out all of the details of the test, as Pippa had done it already.  Thanks to Chris Gregory for running the trial so efficiently and thanks to Anne Shepherd in the base for sorting out all of the scores.

My team in the fields was excellent – Ruth, John and Gill laid the tracks to perfection and Brian not only laid all of the squares exactly as I wanted but kept me entertained!  The dogs obviously liked the smell of him, too, as most of them recovered all of the articles.  Food appeared in the fields as if by magic at just the right time – must have been the Food Fairy – it was certainly much appreciated.  Thanks.

39 teams had entered, which is a very encouraging number of entries in UD; of those, 31 teams worked.  There was a good variety of breeds which made it more interesting and we certainly saw some really lovely enthusiastic dogs work showing great promise for their future in trials.


Elaine Betts with PINES ACORN, CDEx, Hovawart, B.  Acorn and Elaine worked a stunning full mark track which was a joy to watch.  Elaine’s handling was excellent, allowing Acorn to get on and sort out the track, giving her every opportunity to work it in her own steady and accurate style.  She was beautifully focused on her square and worked it very efficiently with no time wasted and two of the articles being retrieved faultlessly.  Well done, Elaine, you should be very proud of your girl.  Best Nosework rosette.


Dianne Whiting with SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, CDEx. BC, D.  Eric is still only 2 years old and is showing so much potential.  He has a super attitude to his work, with his enthusiasm causing most of his errors in the first part of the track before he settled into it and showed us just how good he can be.  Not only clever but handsome as well - I am sure that Dianne and Eric have a great future to enjoy in all of the competitions they participate in.  Well done.


Gavin Thompson with TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, GSD, B.  Jetta was very impressive on the track, having to work quite hard in the strong wind to sort things out.  Gavin’s calm handling was a great asset, giving Jetta the confidence to work it out for herself.  The square was one of the best we saw, very tidy handling with three of the four articles being delivered faultlessly to hand.  A very enjoyable team to watch.


Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER, WSD, D.  Graham and Toby worked very well as a team, sorting out the track with no real problems.  Toby applied himself to his work confidently to produce a most enjoyable track to watch.  All four articles out of the square finished off a good nosework round.

Also qualifying:

Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PETE, BC, D

Elaine Boyd with TUMBLE TRAIL, LAB, D

Felicity Veazey with JANALLEN BAKARI, Groenendael, D

Malc Snowden with STARDELL SIRIUS, BC, D





Tracklayers: David Barker, Jennifer Speake, Tony Orchard. Ann Clarke and Bob Shropshire

Steward: Kath Channing

I wish to thank BAGSD for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at this well run trial.  Trials Manager Chris Gregory had thought of every small detail and nothing was left to chance.  Anne Shepherd ran the base in her usual efficient and pleasant manner, as well as feeding the TD Stake on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; the food box was groaning at the seams, and it was delicious.  As well as running escort, Pete Gregory kindly fed us on Thursday - equally scrumptious.

Chris had managed to source two plots of grass; both were equally trackable, producing qualifying nosework marks.  The tracks were laid by David Barker, who laid all the early tracks for all four days, Jennifer Speake, Tony Orchard, Ann Clarke and Bob Shropshire.  I had the luxury of an experienced steward, Kath Channing, for all four days.  Both the track and the squares were laid exactly as I had asked, giving all competitors an equal chance.

Knowing the land at Long Compton could be challenging, to say nothing about the weather, I set a track pattern of 13 legs composed of open boxes with two diagonals.  The track articles were a green milk bottle top, a black cartridge and a knotted piece of brown felt.  The search square contained half a peg, a 2" x 2" piece of rubber, a strip of green scourers and, in the centre, a 14 inch check chain.

Of the 38 competitors who entered, 32 teams ran; of these 14 completed the track.  However, 1 team only retrieved 1 article from the search, and another only 1 article from the track, leaving 12 on qualifying marks.  After the C/A we had 6 qualifiers.

1st Mr D Warrick, SPACE COMMANDER, X-breed, 208, Q.  It was a pleasure to judge Vulcan; he made the test look easy.  3 articles from the track and 4 from the search.  Also winning Best Nosework Award.  Good luck in Ticket.

2nd Mrs Ruth Payton CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, BC, 201, Q.  Again, 3 and 4; Ruth’s experience brought the best out of Lunar.

3rd Mrs J Wood, LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, 195, Q.  3 from the track and recovered 2 from the square.

4th Mrs Joan Snowden, GLENALPINE JES, BC, 193, Q.  Jess went round on rails, just dropping half a mark on the track; however she tracked over the first article and recovered 3 from the square.

Also qualifying:

Mrs J Magness, LIZLINE MANDOLIN, GSD,190.5

Mrs S Russell, GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, 189

I wish to thank all competitors for entering; it was pleasure to judge you all.  To those who qualified - WELL DONE.  And I am sure it will not be long before the rest do as well.

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