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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 26 October 2008


Stakes: CD, UD and TD.  Entries: 6 CD, 16 UD and 35 TD.

As always, finding land proved the most difficult and time consuming part of managing the trial.  With the very late harvest, caused by the bad weather, obtaining a commitment from farmers proved problematical.  In the end I managed to find enough stubble drilled with rape for UD, but unfortunately only drilled plough for TD.  The plough had been very recently sewn so was soft, and the changeable weather meant it was moist and therefore I thought trackable.

The judges, Anne Shepherd (UD / TD Control and Agility and CD), Bob Shropshire (UD Nosework) and Roger Shrimpton (TD Nosework) all set very fair tests, giving each competitor the opportunity to qualify. They also went out of their way to put competitors at ease and from a trials manager’s point of view, great to work with.   Thank you all very much for all your efforts.

To all those that helped: thank you, your cheerful, enthusiastic contribution made for a great trial.

The team were:

Jennifer Speake (Secretary), Chris Wilson (Base Steward), Rita Tongue and Patty Goriainoff (Escorts), Steve Liney, Chris Gregory, Annie Thorpe and Ann Clarke (TD tracks), David Barker and Chris Gregory, who gets two mentions, (UD Tracks), Julie Bedford (UD squares), Gill Cooke (TD squares), Jane Webb C/A and CD steward.

The Red Lion again proved a really comfortable base; we are always made to feel really welcome and the high standard of bar food is much appreciated by competitors.

A very special thank you to Jenny for supporting me, preparing the flasks and food boxes, and running hither and thither doing all those little things that slipped my mind!! Including parcelling up all the awards, rosettes and place cards.

To all the competitors - thanks for entering, turning up on time, being so cheerful and accepting the occasional hiccup.   It was great to see you all.

Tony Orchard




Steward: Jane Webb

Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge, and to Tony, who managed this trial with Jenny’s capable assistance.  Thank you both for looking after us so well in the field, and for the two lovely meals in the pub.  I must also thank Chris Wilson for doing a great job at the base; it was nice to see you back on the Trials scene, Chris. 

Jane was a great steward, as you would expect, putting everyone at their ease.  Thank you, Jane.

We had three very good days, with the overall standard of dogs very good.


1st Keith Rowley, WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, B.  The exercises and jumps were very well done, but control between needs working on.  Congratulations, Keith, on your first trial.  93, Q.

2nd Ray Lea, AMMEETUE COLOURFUL LADY, BC, B.  Another very good control, just no return on the scale today.  Another first trial for this dog, but an experienced handler.  Well done, Ray.  86.5, Q.

3rd Jan Baker, JABY PHLOMIS, NSDTR, B.  Excellent control, just losing 1.5, but losing out on the jumps.  Better luck next time, Jan.  NQ.

4th Frances Stoneley, ORCA OF WESSEX, WSD, B.  Very good control, but again went out on the jumps.  Better luck next time, Frances.  NQ


1st Mr D Waite, EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, 184, Q.  Excellent heelwork and good retrieve, but you need to work on the sendaway.  Just lost 1 on the jumps.  Very well done.

2nd Mrs S Williams, WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, WSD, D, 165, Q.  Excellent control, just losing the odd mark on this and the jumps.  Well done.

3rd Mrs K Chapman, TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, 169, NQ.  Nice control, full mark jumps.

4th Mrs B Nevard, BEDFORD SPIN, WSD, D, NQ.  Almost faultless control, but went out on the jumps.


1st Ron Jaques, JAQ IN A BOX, BC, D, 195, Q.  Excellent all round, hardly put a paw wrong!  Very well done.

2nd Andy Baker, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 191.5, Q.  Lost a few marks on control, but another dog with full mark jumps.  Well done.

3rd John Simpson, GLENROYAL YAZZ, GSD, NQ.  No speak on this occasion (although I know she can!)  Heelwork was good, and a good effort on the sendaway, but the jumps let you down.

4th Jackie Dykes, DAISY DOO, Cross, B.  Another quiet dog today!  Heelwork was OK and a good effort on the sendaway.  Jumps also let you down today

Thank you to all the competitors who entered under me.  It was my pleasure to judge you all.  Keep up the training, and good luck for 2009.




Tracklayers: Chris Gregory, David Barker

Steward: Julie Bedford

I would like to thank BAGSD for the invitation to judge my first UD Open trial at Long Compton.  A big thank you to Tony Orchard for the land, which was with a new farmer, plus all the other jobs you have to do when you are Trials Manager.  A big thank you also to Jenny for the food boxes and the evening meal at the base.

To the tracklayers, Chris Gregory and David Barker, search steward Julie Bedford, and escort Rita Tongue, thank you for giving up your time to help.  You all did a great job, which was much appreciated.  Thanks also to Chris Wilson at the base.

1st Mr D Waite, EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, 184, Q.  A steady track, followed by a very good square.  Worked on the Saturday in very windy and cold conditions.

2nd Mrs S Williams, WAGGERLAND TOCKEE, WSD, D, 165, Q.  Not a very tidy track, but made up for it with a very good square.  Worked on the Sunday, after heavy rain overnight and in the early morning.

3rd Mrs K Chapman, TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, 169, NQ.  Another stop-start track, followed by a very good square.

4th Mrs B Nevard, BEDFORD SPIN, WSD, D, NQ.  A good track and three out of the square, but went out on the C/A.

5th Mrs F Briten, OWLSLEY TIKOUKA, Weim, NQ.  An excellent track and fast square from this young dog.  One to watch out for in the future.




Tracklayers: Ann Clarke, Anne Thorpe, Chris Gregory, Steve Liney

Steward: Jill Cook

Many thanks to the BAGSD Working Trials committee for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at their Long Compton Open Trial.  Trials Manager Tony Orchard and his team put on a very well organised and happy trial, as you would expect when Tony is in charge.  I did hear that Tony is having a break next year – if this is true, he will be a hard act to follow.  Thanks to Jenny Orchard for preparing the very comprehensive food boxes, which were very well received out in the field.

Special thanks to my tracklayers, Steve, who laid the earlies on all three days, Ann, Anne and Chris.  You were a great team and did a super job, and kept smiling in spite of having to go round most tracks again retrieving articles.  My search steward, was Jill, and what a consistent and conscientious job she did, and good company too – best of luck with your new puppy.  Thank you all once again on behalf of the competitors and myself for your time and efforts.

Tracking was on newly drilled fields with little or no growth.  I had the chance to check the land the week before the trial, and although the fields were bare they did take a good footprint, so for the trial it was going to be difficult.  As it turned out the weather was very cold, but mostly dry, with a moderate wind, and it did take a good footprint, so I felt reasonably optimistic when on day one the first two dogs to track went round very well.  But after that it all went downhill, and the conditions proved too harsh for the majority of dogs; we had only six completed tracks out of thirty over the three days, which was very disappointing for all involved.  The search squares, on the other hand, were very successful, with most dogs getting all four articles, so at least most dogs went home feeling pleased with themselves – I hope!

1st Ron Jaques with JAQ IN A BOX, BC.  Qualified with 195 marks.  (Track 92, Articles 15, Search 34)  Jack worked very hard on the track, one of only two dogs to get round on Saturday.  He kept at it, and with Ron’s patience and eagle eye came home OK.  This was followed by a very good search square – a really good team effort.  Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd Andy Baker with SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, C, Qualified with 191.5 marks.  (88/20/35)  To me, this was a case of an experienced handler encouraging and allowing his young dog to work the track out, and at times it was a fifty/fifty team effort, I’m sure.  But this is what it’s all about.  After working so hard you both deserved to get round.  This was followed by a full mark search square.  Well done.

3rd John Simpson with GLENROYAL YAZZ, GSD, 193.5, NQ.  Track number two on the first day, and after a hesitant start Yazz tracked very well with few problems – nice to watch.  Again, all four out of the square.  A really good effort – pity about that awful C/A judge!

4th Jacky Dykes with DAISY DOO, XB, 178, NQ.  A very good consistent nosework dog this, and once she got going, never looked like not getting round, and with all three articles.  Well done, keep at it.

Best Nosework went to Eleanor Mestraud with WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, 95/30/32.5.

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