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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 28 October 2007

Trials Manager’s Report    

Stakes: CD, UD & TD.

Entries: 31 TD, 21 UD and 2 CD

High entries were due no doubt to trial cancellations, caused by the foot and mouth outbreak. Even our farmers did not give us the go ahead to hold the trial until a week before. The problem was not so much finding tracking land but finding a decent grass field for the control and agility. Fortunately, as the FMD restrictions appeared to be easing, Mr Whittaker, of Butlers Road Farm, moved his cattle allowing us two good fields. It really was touch and go for some time. I am extremely lucky to have such obliging land owners and farmers.

Conditions were good for tracking; plenty of growth for UD, although the growth was a bit sparser and drier for TD, but the weather was not bad: it could have been much worse.

The judges, Jane Webb, UD and TD Control and Agility, and CD; Zoe Finlay, UD nosework; and Ruth Cahill, TD nosework, all set very fair tests giving each competitor the opportunity to qualify. They all went out of their way to put competitors at ease and from a trials manager’s point of view were great to work with. Thank you all very much for all your effort.

To all those that helped - thank you, your cheerful, enthusiastic contribution made for a great trial.

The team were: Jennifer Speak (secretary), Ann Shepherd (base steward), Rita Tongue, Chris Wilson and John Turtill (escorts), Steve Liney, Len Newman, Annie Thorpe and John Wykes (TD tracks), Chris Gregory and David Barker (UD Tracks), Sue Ashby (UD squares), Patty Hunter (TD squares), Sue Lawrie C/A and CD steward.

The Red Lion again proved a really comfortable base. We are always made to feel really welcome and the high standard of bar food is much appreciated by competitors. We must be the only Working Trial to have its base in the Michelin Good Food Guide, unless you can tell me differently??

A special thank you to Jenny for supporting me, preparing the flasks and food boxes, and running hither and thither doing all those little things that slipped my mind!! Also special thanks to John Turtill for stepping in at the last minute to escort, to John Wykes for stepping in at the very last minute to TD tracklay, to Steve Liney who not only laid all the early TD tracks, but when my vehicle broke down was there last thing on Sunday to collect all the agility equipment from the C/A field and deliver it back home.

To all the competitors - thanks for entering, turning up on time, being so cheerful and accepting the occasional hiccup. It was great to see you all.

Tony Orchard


Stakes: CD and TD/UD  C&A

Judge:   Jane Webb

Steward:  Sue Lawrie

Many thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge at Long Compton. This is a great trial run expertly by Tony Orchard and ably assisted by Jenny. Thank you both for looking after us so well, two delicious meals at the pub, great food in the field and everything run so smoothly. Sue did a great job stewarding, thank you so much and those coffee’s went down a treat!! Thank you to Rita and the other lady who helped stay steward on the Friday and Dave Marchant who came to my rescue and helped lower jumps for our one small dog! Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated. Finally thank you to a great field of competitors!


We had two competitors, sadly only one completed the round, Paul quite rightly pulled Karrow out as having recently been on antibiotics, was not himself today. Good luck in the future Paul.

1st Kelly Sear with Tarnedge Posy Lab B  77  NQ

A very promising young team, Kai worked so well with sympathetic handling from Kelly. Sadly came to grief on the jumps. Good Luck in the future you’re so close!


1st Ann Clarke with Styperson Quincey Lab D 187 Q

Ann and Quincey did a lovely round with one of the best sendaways. Quincey is young and very enthusiastic, Ann’s good handling brought out the best in him and I’m sure they have a great future, Well Done!

2nd Jan Vallack with Kenmilquin Crown Imperial Lab B 180.5 Q

Jan and Reba very well done, we must meet more often! Another promising team.

3rd Ruth Payton with Jebah of Kaliazar BC D 179.5 Q

Jebah was the real baby of the group and Ruth’s good handling will surely take them far, very Well Done!

4th Dave Cutler with Callisae Mytee Majestic CDex Weim B 174.5 Q

Dave and Etta what a superb team you are a joy to watch. Etta’s enthusiasm is a credit to you, I just love the way you are together, keep it up, Well Done!

Also Qualifying:

Robert Willatts with Gowran Indigo Extra FCR D 174.5

Super control and agility especially sendaway, Well Done.

Di Assheton-Bowtie with Ashbow Krazy Kia GSD B 164.5 Q

This team have huge potential, Well Done Di!


There were several really good teams in TD who sadly missed out on the nose work. Sunday was a particularly bad tracking day.

1st Gavin Thompson with Concenn Xanadu CDex-WDex GSD D 213.5 Q

The marks speak for themselves, a very polished round from Gavin and Roscoe only losing 2 on control. I feel sure you will make your mark in ticket soon, Well Done!

2nd Sue Jones with Durstone Melody CDex-WDex WSD B 191.5 Q

Sue and Meg have become a very consistent team and I can see why. Well Done and Good Luck in ticket!

3rd Nicky Prescott with Dunnslayne Dove WSD B 185 Q

Well Done Nicky and Maddy, Lovely round!

4th Nicky Prescott with Dunnslayne Dasher WSD B NQ

Nicky and Dash came to grief on the speak and scale but two dogs in the line up, very Well Done!


Stake: UD nosework


Tracklayers: Chris Gregory and David Barker

Steward: Sue Ashby

Thanks to BAGSD for inviting me to judge the UD nosework at this friendly trial. For a first judging appointment this was a nice stake to judge, and I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed the experience. Thanks to Chris and David for putting down the tracks just as I wanted and special thanks for Sue for stewarding for me and being great company. Sue has been so supportive to me over the years as a competitor, tracklayer/steward and now as a judge. Thanks also to Tony Orchard, Trials Manager and Jenny for the great food (especially the Guinness fruit cake), and Anne Shepherd in the Base. Finally thanks to all the competitors who entered under me.

The tracking was on lush crop, everyone’s dream for their first UD. We had two fabulous days basking in the sun but Sunday brought us back down to earth with early drizzle turning to real wet stuff from lunchtime and some quite windy spells. That said, however, I don’t think that the rain put many dogs off, but the wind caused some problems for some dogs. The standard, as expected, ranged from not quite ready to more than capable, with many dogs easily ready to move on to UDEx. I saw some lovely tracking. 18 dogs ran out of an entry of 21, 12 qualifying on the nosework section with 6 qualifiers at the end. Some good nosework dogs went out on jumps or stays. The competitors were mostly all very cheerful regardless of qualifying. A couple of competitors, one very experienced, wandered into the square on their way to setting up for the square which surprised me. I know that we’re all nervous when competing (I had the trophy for that), but please do take time to look around and be aware of the test and its surroundings before setting off.

I set a very straightforward test with a nice open track pattern. The track articles were a 5” stick and a 3” x 4” piece of green underlay at the end, quite generous as the crop was quite dense. The square articles were a piece of scourer, green fabric, green plastic and a lolly stick. The plastic and lolly stick caused some crunching, and there were a fair number of dropped articles.    

1st           Ann Clarke with STYPERSON QUINCEY, Lab. Ann had been poorly all week and very nearly didn’t make the trial; quite how she kept on her feet behind Quincey, who’s a very strong boy, I don’t know. A lovely track with both articles and all four out of the square quicker than that we on the outside had realised. Well done Ann. N/W 139.5, total 187, Q.

2nd         Jan Vallack with KENMILQUIN CROWN IMPERIAL, Lab. Reba did a near perfect track, both track articles and all four from the square. Well done. N/W 141.5, total 180.5, Q and Best Nosework.

3rd         Ruth Payton with JEBAH OF KALIAZAR, BC. Jebah did a superb track with no distractions or deviations at all; both track articles but only three out of the square. Very impressive, well done. N/W 137, total 179.5, Q.

4th       Dave Cutler with CALLISAE MYTEE MAJESTIC, CDEx, Weim. Etta did a very nice track with both articles, but only three out of the square again. Dave had a very nice attitude with his dog. Well done. N/W 129, total 174.5, Q.


Stake: TD nosework


Tracklayers: Steve Liney (3 days), Len Newman (3 days), John Wykes (1 day) and Anne Thorpe (1 day).

Steward: Thanks to Patty Hunter who laid squares very expertly for the first time in competition and also fired the gun.

Thanks to BAGSD for the invitation. Special thanks to Tony and Jenny Orchard and their helpers, including Anne Shepherd who, plus the tracklayers and my steward, were all very good company, but I would much rather have entered this friendly well run trial with my 19 month old dog! No wonder Ann Clarke did such a good job persuading me to judge – she was obviously planning on winning the UD – which she duly did! Well done Quincey. I just wish the weather had held for the last day - I felt very sorry for Sunday’s competitors: June Reed’s Jodie tried very hard and was beaten by time as well as the elements two thirds of the way round. Saturday was windy but dry. Friday was the best day to work.

1st     Mr G and Mrs V Thomson’s CONCENN XANADU, CDEx – WDEx, GSD. Handled by Gavin. Roscoe tracked both swiftly and accurately, keen square, lovely to watch. Also won Best Nosework. Track 98, Art 30, square 34. Total 213.5, Q CoM.

2nd   Mrs S Jones’ DURSTONE MELODY, CDEx – WDEx, WSD. Meg tracked very well in the wind on Saturday, only struggling on one leg, and was then helped by calm intelligent handling. Track 92½, Art 20, Square 33. Total 191.5, Q CoM

3rd   Dr N Prescott’s DUNNSLAYNE DOVE, WSD. Maddie worked keenly, missing the second article, unlike her kennelmate who chewed it badly, but qualifying overall. Track 87.5, Art 20 Square 32.5. Total 185, Q CoM

4th    Dr N Prescott’s DUNNSLAYNE DASHA, WSD. One of several dogs to eat the green denim article in the square! Track 93.5, Art 30, Square 26. NQ.

Alan Bolton’s GSD Shadow tracked very fast and well in the wind for Stan Banks until the last corner. You would have been proud of him Alan; I could see your training reflected in the keenness of the dog’s work.

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