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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 29 October 2006

C/A and CD Stake


Steward: Lynne Liney

Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge at this friendly and well run trial, and to Tony and Jenny for their hospitality on the Saturday night.  Special thanks to my steward for both CD and C/A, Lynne Liney, who was tireless in her efforts to put people at their ease, make sure each competitor got a consistent and fair round, and in addition was excellent company for the two days.

Thanks also to Ann Shepherd, base steward and Rita Tongue for stewarding the stays on the Sunday, and for the wonderful food boxes, mysteriously collected by Jenny from houses along the route to the trial each day.

CD Stake:  4 Competitors all ran.

I set a straightforward test, and saw four promising young dogs, sadly none of whom qualified today.   However no one disgraced themselves and all did some parts of the test well, but were not quite ready to get it all together on the day.

Thanks to all of you for entering and participating.

1st           Hazel Burton and HAZTON’S LUCKIZA LADY, WSD, B. 72, NQ.  Happy, enthusiastic and promising youngster, only let down by the square and the sit stay.  Nice control and great jumps.  Only a question of time before it all happens on the day.

2nd         Diane Cottrill and PAURUS MAESTRO, GSD, D. 70.5, NQ.  The only dog to get all three search articles.  Let down by the scale, and the down stay, otherwise would have qualified.  Well done, I’m sure it won’t be long.

3rd          Sue Ward and BUDSHAN SOLO, GSD, B. 70, NQ   Enthusiastic team, only problem was the jumps, otherwise nice control and good enough search.  Once the jumps are sorted you’ll be there.

4th          Alan Ballinger and DUSTERS SURPRISE, WSD, B. 55, NQ.  Sensitive little bitch, has lots of potential but just needs time and experience.

UD and TD C/A    Overall I thought the standard was good.  I saw some excellent rounds and also some disappointing ones, plus all stages between.   The weather was kind to us, cloudy and dry on Saturday, sunny and bright on Sunday.  Thanks to all competitors for not keeping me waiting, for entering under me and for participating in the test and accepting my decisions.  I enjoyed working with you all.

UD Stake  

14 worked.   No qualifiers

1st           Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, B. 180.5, NQ.   Good work from this happy and keen young bitch.  Just went out through inexperience and over keenness.  Better luck next time.

2nd         Clive Griffiths and WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD, D. 174, NQ   Lovely control and good rapport between handler and dog.  Came to grief on the scale and stays.

3rd          Donna Walker and FFIGLINA OBERON, Dalmatian, D.  172.5, NQ   Lovely attitude from this unusual breed.  He has it all there, and I understand got best nosework.   I really hope you get the jumps sorted.

4th          Lynn Cousins and MOORTIME NIGHT SPIRIT, ASD, B. 118, NQ.   Nice control, full mark sendaway.  Just needs to get the jumps together. 

TD Stake:  19 worked

1st           John Simpson and GLENROYAL YAZZ, GSD, B. 200, COM.   Nice control round, slight hiccup on the scale.  Sympathetically handled, well done.

2nd         Lynn Davies and MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, X, D.   193, COM. Great jumps and good control, though redirection not quite there today.  Well done.

3rd          Leslie Jones and LIVELY CLIVE, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, ESS, D. 193, NQ.   Lovely willing attitude from this characterful dog.  Sadly did not jump today, better luck next time.

4th          Heather Caird and BLACK HIPPOCRATES, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, Lab, D.  108, NQ.  Lovely sendaway and redirect, good control round generally and great jumps, you just needed your nosework.  Maybe next time.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Chris Gregory and David Barker

Steward: Brian Riste

My thanks to BAGSD for the invitation to judge the UD nosework, and to all the helpers who made the trial run like clockwork. The team at base were very efficient and friendly; the food boxes were very good in all aspects. It was a very good, well run trial, mainly due to Tony Orchard as trials manager, for his very hard work, not only during but beforehand, ably assisted by Jenny. Thanks also for allowing Brian and me to stay with you - we could not have been looked after better. The weather was dry but windy.  To my tracklayers and steward - you did a great job and were good company. Thank you all so much.

1st           Mrs E. Mestraud with WOLFHARD FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, Nosework 141.5

2nd         Mr C Griffiths with WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD, Nosework 140

3rd          Ms D.L Walker and FFIGLINA OBERON, Dalmatian, Best Nosework, 153

4th          Mrs L Cousins MOORTIME NIGHT WITH SPIRIT, SH CM, CDEX, ASD, Nosework 80 N/Q


Stake: TD  Nosework


Tracklayers: Steve Liney, Jennifer Speake, Ann Clarke

Search Steward: Anne Thorpe

Thank you BAGDS for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework.  My thanks to Tony Orchard for organising a well run Trial.   A special thank you to Jenny Orchard for catering so well with my diet.   I couldn’t eat it all.  Bliss!   To the helpers at base and all who were involved in making the trial the success it was, thank you.   What a lovely atmosphere you created at the base.  To Jennifer and Graham Speake for sharing their lovely home and making me feel so welcome - thank you.    Anne search stewarded for me and did a great job, did everything I asked, your cheeky smile keeping me in order!  Thank you, Anne.  And last, but not least, to my tracklayers - Steve, who did the early ones, followed by Jennifer and Ann.  The tracklayers did everything possible to give the competitors a fair crack at the whip, but sadly it wasn’t to be.  We only had 3 qualifiers in the nosework and they were in the early part of the morning.  I know how disappointed all of you were feeling when the majority of the teams weren’t getting round.   A lot of picking up of articles went on at Long Compton by the tracklayers.   But to the ones that did qualify, well done!

1st           John Simpson and GLENROYAL YAZZ, GSD, B.  Q, 200 pts.  97 track, articles 30,  square 30.  A delight to watch.  Yazz came out with enthusiasm and commitment.  A super track, and won the best Nosework trophy.   Well done.  By the way, John - Number 40!

2nd         Lynne Davis and MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, ( Zeke), Q, 193 pts.  92 track, 20 articles, 33 square.  Well done, Lynne. Oh for that last article. A super square.   A very pleased handler.

3rd          Lesley Jones and LIVELY CLIVE,   NQ, 193 pts.  96.5 track, 20 articles, 32 square.  Clive did a super track  and a really good square.  Sorry you didn’t qualify the C/A , I know you were delighted with the way  Clive worked the track, he did work well.

Thank you to the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions.  I wish you all the best for your future trials.

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