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Open Trial
Venue: Long Compton
Trial Held: 02 November 2003



C.D. Stake

Judge: Jane Webb

Steward: Jane Holmes 

Thank you to B.A.G.S.D. for inviting me to judge the C.D. Stake at Long Compton. Thanks to Tony and his team for a well organised and friendly trial. Thank you to Eve and Jenny for keeping us well fed and watered. A big thank you to Jane for stewarding for me, not one mistake all day, and for putting competitors at their ease. 

We had four competitors with five lovely dogs. Sadly we had no qualifiers, stays and jumps taking their toll, as usual in this stake. Without exception the dogs were happy and motivated which was lovely to see. All teams qualified Group 1V.


1st           Mrs S Pickerin NQ 85.5. Hobhill Free Spirit (B.Terrier) Sally did a lovely square with great attitude and a near perfect control round. Unfortunately the jumps prevented qualification.

2nd         Mr & Mrs B Wood  NQ 76.5. Pixham Pretty Lady (Sheltie) Hetty was another little dog with great attitude, nicely handled by Carol. Sadly I was the jumps again preventing qualification.

3rd         Mrs B Draper NQ 76. Decoymans Piper Iceman (NSDTR) Rusty was the only dog o qualify the agility section and Beryl was thrilled that he had done the stays. A bit too much attitude in heel free preventing qualification, but I'd much rather see this than a flat dog.

4th          Mrs P Richards NQ 75 Leimar's Ferdinand (GSD) NQ 75. A motivated GSD at this level, fantastic, coupled with lovely quiet handling from Pam, Cedar did you proud.


Your training is obviously working so don't change it, all the dogs could qualify easily when the jumps are sorted.


U.D. Nosework

Judge: Chris Gregory

Tracklayers: David Barker & Ann Shepherd

Steward: Dot Levin


Thanks to BAGSD for the opportunity to judge U.D. nosework and to Tony Orchard and all his helpers who together ensured, as usual, a well organised and friendly trial. 

Thanks to my tracklayers David Barker and Ann Shepherd who organised everything between themselves and gave every competitor their best shot. Dot Levin was my search square steward and her diligence was rewarded by a very high success rate. 

Of the 22 who entered 17 came forward to work. Tracking conditions were difficult for any dogs that were having their first experience of sparse winter wheat. This was particularly so on the second day when ground conditions were not so generous in offering up the tracklayers' footprints and the wind was much stronger. Of the non-qualifiers I was impressed by the handling of Edward Thompson, a newcomer to trials. Not only was he able to meticulously retrace his steps when he realised that they had overshot but he was also quick to realise when it was time to call it a day. 

Five qualified in the nosework section on the first day, three on the second, and at the end of the trial five teams achieved CoM's. 

1st           and best track, Norshep Molto (GSD) S, Hayes. 193.5. It didn't matter if Stan could see footsteps or not, Blitz knew how to do the track and he did it with style. Enthusiastic, powerful but accurate with it - very impressive. Not quite so focused in the square but has time on his side. Well done (89.5, 20, 31.5)

2nd         Lively Clive (ESS) 184. Lesley is new to trials yet she and Clive dealt with the track and square like old hands. Live took some of the corners as if he was on rails - wonderful! Congratulations on having him so well prepared. (86, 20, 33)

3rd         Kaliden Great Reaction (BC) N Greville. 182. Nicole's unobtrusive handling left us in no doubt who was doing the track and very nicely Dillon did it too! Not quite the same commitment in the square but in the more difficult conditions well done. (85.5, 20, 27)

4th          Gefni Yet Again (GSD) 177.5 CoM. N Ansell. The first track of the second day and Yeti and Norma made it look easy. I was particularly impressed with the way Yeti curbed her natural enthusiasm to produce a very efficient square. (96.5, 15, 34)

CoM. Waggerland Krisp (BC) 173, P Pearce. The first track of the stake and the combination of a very steady dog and experienced handler produced a very nice track. Unfortunately missed a track article and left one in the square. Apologies Pauline that I wasn't there to present your certificate. (89, 10, 26).   


T.D. Nosework

Judge: John Rogerson

Tracklayers: Jennifer Speake, Carla Newenhausen, Ann Clark, Norma Ansell, Jenny Orchard

Steward: Norma Ansell (1Day Squares) Jenny Orchard (2Days Squares)


Before I arrived Tony informed me that he hadn't seen rain for weeks the consequence was little growth and very hard ground, however the day I arrived the heavens opened, the wind blew and the temperature dropped dramatically. At this stage I must give a big thank you for the warm hospitality given by all of the BAGSD' helpers, it consisted of a super meal given by Jenny and Tony especially as I arrived very late the night before the trial and Jenny again made a super meal for a number of helpers on the first night. It was also a pleasure to see Ann Shepherd after a long absence from trailing and it was Ann and her husband Trevor who gave me excellent accommodation and hospitality for my stay. Thanks also must go to the kitchen helpers led by Eve for the lovely food in the boxes and to Debbie, Thank you for doing the scores boards and keeping the paper work up to date. 

Given the weather conditions and the ground, I was lucky enough to have five go through from the nose work this considering a number of dogs didn't even make the first leg straight from the pole 130 yards, with this in mind I must give a very big thank you to the track layers who had a thankless task of collecting the majority of articles that they had laid. The only saviour was it helped to keep them warm! 

1st           Ray Jones, Holley By Golley (WSD) 197.5 CoM. Superb nose work  with a faultless square, apparently this is not his first T.D and it showed with this result.

2nd         Linda Reynolds, Plas Major Boots (BC) 184 CoM. The worst ground I've seen for a long while but Jazz never gave up, things can only be easier from now on.

3rd         Stella Parr, Cheyenne Jane (GSD) 177 CoM. Very nice track in difficult conditions, with a little bit more luck with articles you could have changed the result. 


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