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Open Trial
Venue: Aughton
Trial Held: 31 August 2015

Trials Manager’s Report

This is a first for me and Jen - to run a trial.  It was hard work but we really enjoyed it.  Couldn’t have done it without a fantastic team behind us, who did everything from Marquee erection, helping in the field and the kitchen, and cake baking.

We ran CD and PD stakes and had 4 entries in each, all entered teams worked.

Thanks to our two judges, Bridget Montague (CD) and Tom Davis (PD), who did an excellent job.  Thanks to tracklayers, Dave Bell and Jeff Margreaves; Andy Laws for escorting and land managing; stewards, Linda Newbold, Barb Bell and Des Thompson; protected stewards, Vic and Antony Snook, Dave Marchant, Steve Ward; and to Erin Bootland and Dave Raybould for their bacon butty cooking.  Thanks to David Waite for all the admin work, and to all the people who donated and lent us equipment to keep us on budget - thank you.

A big thank you to our farmers, Mick and Ian Rose, who supplied us with lovely grass fields for tracking - without the kindness of the farming community there would be no trials, and the good news is we are allowed back. 

There was a great atmosphere on the day, we had a lot of spectators.  Looking forward to next year.

Dave Olley


Stake: CD


Square Steward: Desma Thompson

C/A Steward: Barbara Bell

Many thanks to British Association for German Shepherd Dogs for asking me to judge, to Dave and Jenny Olley for all the organisation and support both before and during the trial, and Dave Waite for his encouragement.  Thanks to my stewards, Barbara and Desma, to Sheila Margreaves at base and Erin Bootland and Dave Raybould in the kitchen.  Also thank you to the competitors for competing under me.  Congratulations to the qualifiers and good luck in the future to everyone.

The weather was not really on our side; we started off in the rain, which eased off slightly, giving a false sense of improvement, only to turn into a deluge.  However, this did not deter either dogs or handlers.

Square articles were a piece of carpet 9 cm x 7 cm, rubber mat 8 cm x 6 cm and cushion floor lino 10 cm x 4 cm.  All dogs found all the articles and covered the square well.  Sendaway was to a traffic cone 40 yards away.

1st           Dorothy Botham and SWART HOND COAL, D, X-Breed, 94, Q.  A great performance.  Both Dot and Coal showed that hard work and determination pays off.

2nd         Pauline Cook and APRIL WINDY WILLOWS, B, Lab, 91.5, Q.  Well done, a good show.

3rd          Elaine Boyd and ZETA ARA AT CONCENN, B, GSD, 80, Q.  Keep up the hard work.

4th       Tom Mills and EDUARDO AT TOMSZILL, D, ASD, 93.5, NQ.  An excellent round, a great shame about the scale. 

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