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Open Trial
Venue: Claybrook Magna
Trial Held: 24 October 2015


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Bob Shropshire, Colin Bricknell and Zoe Finlay

Square Steward: Pauline Clarke

C/A Steward: Julie Skipp

Thank you to BAGSD and Ann for the invitation to judge at this new trial.  Well, what can I say?  Ann and her team are certainly to be congratulated at finding a great venue, nice land and a willing and cheerful team of helpers.  Ann Clarke ran the base, Cath Channing and Julie Skipp organised the food - I certainly was not hungry - and the organisation was excellent.  Thank you to all.  Special thanks to the tracklayers, Bob Shropshire, both days, Colin Bricknell, Friday and Zoe Finlay on the Saturday - you did a great job, laying the tracks just right and organising the land to the best advantage of all the competitors.  The squares were all laid by Pauline Clarke.  Her first time of doing this and produced 100% success rate, with all dogs getting 4 articles. Thanks to Julie Skipp, who stewarded the C/A with her usual calm efficiency.  You were all good company, and I very much appreciated the trouble you took to make things run smoothly and to give each competitor the best chance of success.

There were 13 entries and 11 ran.  The weather was cloudy and breezy on both days.  Tracking was on corn; the field and growth looked lovely but some teams struggled with the track, though on the whole the more experienced handlers had no problem.  The control was reasonably well done, though one or two teams came to grief on the jumps and stays, as is often the case. 

1st           John Wykes with DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, BC, D, 191, COM.  A steady, accurate track, followed by a good square.  Beautiful sendaway and no problem with the jumps.  A worthy winner - well done.  

2nd         Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE PEG, BC, B, 181.5 COM.  Julie and Peg made the track look easy, went on to get four from the square and work a good C/A round.  Well deserved

3rd          Steve Bell with STESUCCA RICKI, GSD, D, 179.5, COM.  A good team, just need to tidy up some aspects of the work; mouthing and dropping articles in the square was costly, however the overall result was good, and all credit to your dog who resisted provocation in the stays. 

4th          Andy Magyar with GLENALPINE SETH, CDEx, BC, D, 176, NQ.  Seth whizzed round the track, got 4 from the square but sadly came to grief in the stays. 

Thank you to all competitors; I enjoyed meeting you all and watching your dogs work.  

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