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Championship Trial
Venue: Flintham
Trial Held: 17 April 2016


Stake: CD


Steward: Kath Woolley

Firstly, I would like to thank BAGSD for asking me to judge the CD stake at Flintham; a big thank you to Sheila Tannert for running such a great trial, and all the team that also helped make it such a great success.  I would also like to thank Kath Woolley for being my steward and giving me so many laughs.  A big thank you to Linda and Di for providing a great cheese pie for a slimming J lunch, also thanks to Liz for keeping the base running so smoothly, and finally, the competitors and their dogs, who were a pleasure to watch.

Hopefully I set a test to encourage people with their dogs to carry on in the future.  My articles in the square were a 3” by 1.5” piece of wood, same size piece of green matting and a 3” cardboard tube; my sendaway was thirty paces to a large cone.  All dogs qualified on the nosework and only one dog did not get the sendaway.  As usual in the lower stakes, it was the jumps that took most dogs out but I am certain they will all sort them out soon.

1st                Alan Heatley and JOTUNHEIM LECTOR, 98.5, Q.  What a fabulous dog Lector is, stunning to watch, handled brilliantly by Alan and his kind handling shines through.  I am positive we will all be seeing much more of this team in the future.

2nd              Jeny Miller and MY LANIE JAYNE, 97, Q.  A very nice round by this lovey GSD and Jeny.  Beautiful work and not even a blink of the eye in the stays - she was like a statue.  Well done to you both.

3rd               Kev Bryan and SUGARSMACK JOY, 92, Q.  Well, what a cracking little dog, so full of life.  You can tell Lottie just loves working, a joy to watch.  Glad Kev kept his nerve and all his hard work paid off.  Best of luck for UD and the future with Lottie.

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