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Open Trial
Venue: Aughton
Trial Held: 29 August 2016



Stake: CD


Steward: Carol Grant

6 Entries, 6 Ran

Thank you to BAGSD for the invitation to judge their Open CD.  Thanks to the Trials Manager, Dave Olley, and Jenny Olley for running and organising a super day, and a special mention for the behind the scenes team that helped make the day the success that it was.

A huge thank you to Carol, my steward, for guiding all the handlers through the round; all rounds ran smoothly and exactly as I wanted.  Also Beryl for helping to make sure all the competitors arrived on the control field at the right time.
Thanks to Desma who ran the base - you did a great job - and also Chris Woodhouse, who did a grand job in the kitchen on bacon bun duty, they were so good.

Most of all I would like to thank all the competitors who entered and accepted my decisions.  It was a privilege watching all teams work my test and you all gave it your best; I saw some lovely rounds.  To those that qualified, very well done; and to those that didn’t, keep going, the qualification will come.  You all have great dogs that just love to work with you. I know for some of you it was your first time competing; I hope it is the start of a very successful trialling career for you.

Working Trials is a great sport and I wish you all the very best of luck in future Trials.

1st           Jenny Lawrence with DEJAGA CAMARO (Silas), GSD, D, 85.5, Q.  A super full mark retrieve got Jenny and Silas off to a great start, very nice square.  Lovely heelwork on and off lead.  The sendaway was no problem to Silas and the jumps were done with ease.  A very well deserved qualification, well done.  Your round was a pleasure to watch.
2nd         Jan Marshall with FOXFOLD QUINLAN OF ROSSNICK (Norman), GSD, D, 81.5, Q.  Another super full mark retrieve got Jan and Norman off to a great start, followed by a nice square retrieving all 3 articles.  There was some nice heelwork on and off lead, lovely sendaway and jumps, just dropping a couple of marks on the scale as Norman was on his way back over the scale before Jan called him back.  Another deserved qualification, well done.

3rd          Sue McCabe with EINHALLOW’S PINT OF BLACK STUFF (Guinness), WSD, D, 91, NQ.  Sue and Guinness got off to a fantastic start only dropping 1.5 in the search and retrieve section followed by a full mark control round; it was a super round and a pleasure to watch.  It was just the jumps that caused this team a problem.  I am sure it will not be long before you have qualified.

4th          John Missin with BEESTING SAMBA (Spirit), BC, B, 86, NQ.  John and Spirit worked well on the nosework and control, well done.  It was the jumps that cost John and Spirit a qualification on the day, unfortunately.  Spirit is a great little dog, keep up the good work, John, your qualification will come.


Stake: PD

Tracklayer: Dave Bell
Square and C/A Steward: Barb Bell
PD Steward: Erin Bootland
Protected Stewards (Criminals): Martin Brown, Holly Wright, Dan Whitfield and Dave Raybould

4 Entered, 3 Ran.
Nosework: Tracking was on recently cut grass. Conditions on the morning were excellent and all of the dogs tracked well, and found both articles. Track articles were a 3’’ x 1’’ piece of black webbing tape and a 3’’ x 0.5’’ piece of dark carpet. The squares were also of a high standard, with all dogs retrieving all four articles in fair time. The articles were: a dolly peg, a 2’’ square of artificial grass, a 1’’ square piece of green nylon scourer and a plastic gold medal on a lanyard approx 1ft long. The peg and medal with ribbon had to be retrieved without any mouthing for full marks.
Control and Agility: C/A started with slow pace heelwork for approx 10 yards; the dog was then left in position and the handler joined the judge, keeping their back to the dog at a distance of 10 paces for the speak. The dogs were asked to speak, and quiet was at the judge’s instruction after 10 barks. Normal pace heelwork then took the handlers to the start of the sendaway. The outrun was 80yds across the field to a large blue plastic barrel, and the redirect was 100 yds right to a second barrel: all of the dogs gained good marks on this exercise. After the sendaway there was a short section of fast pace heelwork which brought the teams back to the jumps. After successful stays from all three dogs, all the teams were on qualifying marks going into the patrol round.
The Patrol Round: Having the base (marquee) on the same field as the control and patrol meant that there were a number of spectators. It was great that a number of the CD competitors stayed to watch, resulting in a super atmosphere to the climax of the day.
The round was devised to be a fairly straightforward set of exercises, with time between for dog and handler to catch their breath if needed. The competitors (and spectators) were briefed on the round, and they also had the benefit of an exemplary run through by Dave Olley and WTCh Little Raymond.
Taking each exercise in the order on the day:-
Chase: The chase was a single criminal, and the handlers were allowed to send the dog as soon as the criminal began to run. All the teams gained very good marks on this exercise. As soon as the dog had detained the criminal, the handlers went up and called their dogs off. There was no search required and a short straight escort took the teams to the start of the next exercise, which was the quarter.
The Quarter: The quarter was out approx 80yds to a hide on the boundary, then clockwise around the boundary (three sides of circa 120yds) of the field with plastic barrels forming an unoccupied hide in one corner. For each dog the two hide criminals walked the boundary, dipping in and out of the hedgerow to give the dog a scent to hunt. I wanted to see the dog was searching under control, and not doing a large sendaway/redirection. The handlers were allowed to move within a triangular area delineated by poles to aid the dogs. At the end of the quarter there were two criminals tucked into a deep hedgerow, but easily accessible to the dogs. As soon as the dogs alerted to the criminals the handlers were allowed to move over and call the dog out to begin the search.
Search and Escort: There was a full search of the two hide criminals with three items to find, one on a criminal and two in the hide. Once the search had been completed the teams moved straight into the escort, in the middle of which was a fast and noisy attack on the handler.
The Recall: The recall was a repeat of the chase, but with a recall signal given by the judge when the dog was half-way between handler and criminal.
Test of Courage: The test of courage involved three criminals making a lot of verbal noise and also banging the tops of the large plastic barrels. As the dogs were sent, the criminals turned to face the dogs with increased verbal noise. The sleeve was clearly visible to the dog at all times, and contact was not made by the criminals.

1st Chris Trevor and RODWELL BLACK PRINCE (Oscar), 305.5, Qual. Chris handled Oscar to best effect all day, and as a team they barely put a foot (paw) wrong: high standard nosework, with excellent C/A and a very well handled patrol round. The only dog to get the PD Recall.
2nd Adrian Quick and MIDDLEANN DREAM MAKER (Shaka), 266, Qual. Worthy of special mention is Adrian’s very calm but outstanding close control of Shaka. Excellent nosework, and very good C/A, followed by a highly competent patrol round.
3rd Penny Bellis and SHILLINGTON JASMINE (Jazz), 258, Qual. A superb, full-point track and very good square, followed by sound C/A and Patrol. Penny worked extremely hard all day to contain Jazz’s drive and exuberance, the result being a deserved qualification.

Thanks to the competitors, the many helpers, and the management for making the day run so smoothly. It was a genuine pleasure!

Yours in sport,
Andy Laws


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