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Open Trial
Venue: Claybrook Magna
Trial Held: 29 October 2016


Stake: UD



Tracklayers: Zoe Finlay and Colin Bricknell

Search Steward: Lynn Bricknell

Control Steward: Julia Skipp

What a lovely intimate trial this is.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day and would like to thank Annie Thorpe for the invitation to judge.  Thanks also to Ann Clarke for organising the base, Kath for the food and Pauline for escort duties.  

My UD team were wonderful, all performing their tasks with professionalism and, most importantly, a happy smile.  You were all great company and a pleasure to work with - thank you.

The tracking ground had very little growth, so inexperienced teams struggled.  There was very little wind so the searches were also tough.  Control was mixed, with jumps and stays taking their toll as usual.  There were an awful lot of extra body signals in heelwork and retrieve.  Most sendaways were performed well and my overall impression was happy dogs, happy handlers, which is great to see.

1st           Mrs Di Assheton-Bowtle with THE ASHBOW INKSPOT, X-breed, Bitch, 178.5, Q.  Very well done, Di, a worthy qualification.

2nd         Mrs Pauline Cook with APRIL WINDY WILLOWS, Lab, Bitch, 167.5, Q.  New to the sport, well done on a great start.

3rd          Mr Dave Stretch with OAKENHOLT BAIRD, CDEx, Lab, Dog, 172, NQ.  This dog worked his socks off on the track followed by four articles from the search.  What a shame about the jumps today, he really deserved to qualify.

4th          Ms Sandra Jones with BRICKLEHAMPTON BESS, WSD, Bitch, NQ.  Sandra, your first ever trial - lovely to see you working a dog and I was so impressed.  Well done.


Stake: WD



Tracklayers: Sue Ashby. Bob Shropshire

Search Steward: Kate Peyton

Control Steward: Julie Skipp

Many thanks to BAGSD for inviting me to judge the WD stake at this open trial.  To Anne Thorpe and her assistant, Ann Clarke, for running this well-run trial, and also for putting me up, Anne T.  (Or putting up with me!!)

I had a very good team, Julie (C/A steward), Kate (search steward), Sue and Bob (tracklayers), Pauline (escort). You all did as requested and were very good company.  Thank you, Kath, for feeding me well, much appreciated.

We started with C/A, which, on the whole, was well done.  Retrieve first, then heelwork, followed by sendaway.  This was to a group of trees on a boundary about 120 yards away.  Jumps were mostly ok.

The tracking land was scarified stubble, which had been done in all directions.  It was also dry, so I feel this was the reason for lack of qualifiers, as the majority of dogs tried hard.  The articles on the track were a 3” piece of hosepipe and end article was a piece of carpet.  The searches were very well done.  Articles were a lolly stick, a piece of black plastic, brown material and scourer.


1st           Andy Laws, KHAMYSKER ROGER, CDEx, GSD, D, 192, Q.  Brilliant nosework; hardly put a paw wrong on the track, then 4 from the square.  Good control and full mark jumps.  Very well handled, Andy - Roger has a very bright future!

2nd         Nigel Hines,  TAZ OF BRYNSWOOD,  BC, D, NQ.  Did well over half of the track before going wrong, then a full mark search.  Lost 1 mark on control, but unfortunately went out on the jumps.  Just needs confidence on these, Nigel, and he’ll be away. 

3rd          Liz de Unger, FLINTSFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA, Lab, D, NQ.  Did 4 legs of the track, and a full mark square.  Lost the odd marks on control and jumps.  Well attempted, Liz.

4th.         John Turtill, DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, CDEx, UDEx, BC, B, NQ.  Same track as above but only 3 from the search.  Lovely control and full mark jumps.  Good attempt, John.

Thank you to all competitors for accepting my decisions.  I feel it was the conditions which took their toll this weekend. 

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