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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 13 April 2014


Trial Managers Report

Our 26th Trial had more or less the same entry in both the TD and UD Stakes (24 in each) as last year, but the Intro and CD stakes were surprisingly slightly higher than previous years with 6 and 10 entries respectively, so we ended up running another 2 day trial, which was nice and relaxing, and we were blessed with superb weather. Conditions could not have been better for the competitors and helpers with glorious sunshine, beautiful lush crop fields and a chill in the air which made tracking conditions just perfect.

As always happens when we have nice lush crops, we lost all the TD land 2 days before the trial to the dreaded sprayers, but fortunately our wonderful farmers from Pimlico Farm came to the rescue and we managed to get all the TD tracks in on their land. So a huge thank you must go to John and Monica Harper for saving the day.

Our super-efficient team of helpers made sure that all competitors were looked after from the moment they arrived at the base. All day breakfasts were served by the catering team, led by Steph Gordon and Sue Lawrie, who were at the base even before the first TD track went down! Big thank you to you both and all the other volunteers who turned up at regular intervals. Big thank you also to Len and Lé Newman for helping both days, tracklaying and running the base, Jane Webb and Heather Donnelly for laying all the early TD tracks, our UD escorts, Ann Ferens and Nicola Durrant, and TD escorts, Keith Rowley and Pat Sunderland, who ensured that nobody got lost and that no tracks were wasted in either stake. Must not forget Shirley Simpson, who did a great job sorting out all the entries and preparing all the paperwork, and all those other members who made all the lovely Easter cakes.

Big thank you to our judges: Anne Bussey (TD), Lindsey Poole (C/A), Marney Wells (UD) and John Turtill (CD and Intro), who were all very encouraging and great company. I was sorry to hear that this was Marney’s last judging appointment as we shall all miss her cheery company around the trials.

Congratulations to the winners: Sam Rawson (TD), Sheren Perez (UD), Graham Taylor (CD) and Rachel Carroll (Intro) and all those who qualified. Those of you who didn’t, I hope you enjoyed your day out with your dog and that you will all come back and enter our trial again next year.





Stewards: Jennifer Speake and Nicola Durrant

 I would like to thank Carla and the committee of Banbury and DDTS for the invitation to judge at their Open working trial. It was a pleasure to be involved with this friendly event, as this is where I started in working trials.

Jennifer Speake was an excellent steward, calming the first time competitors and keeping everything moving (and me in order!), with Nicola Durrant assisting with the search square poles. Thank you both for your help and company.

‘Team Banbury’s’ catering section was headed by Steph Gordon; thank you and thanks to the other helpers for feeding and watering us, and to Lé Newman, who was running the base.

The entries, 10 in CD and 6 in Introductory, all worked and the enthusiasm from both handlers and dogs was evident. However, nerves played a part with some due to the dogs’ and/or handlers’ inexperience, but all showed promise for the future.

The sunny weather brought people out to sit and watch the C/ A, giving the competitors in these stakes support which helped to make this a relaxed and enjoyable day.



1st Rachel Carroll with GLAN RHYD SERAPHIM, Cocker Spaniel, 95.5, Q. Blink and you would have missed the square: three articles, for full marks, in 21 seconds! ‘Marley’ continued the very high standard of work into the C/A, with just a second attempt required on the hurdle. An impressive round; congratulations on this qualification.

2nd Gail Gwesyn-Pryce with ZAVI JAVA AT CONCENN, GSD, 76, Q. A good round from this big young GSD, with just a few bits and pieces costing marks. Well done on this qualification.

3rd Gill Moran with HILINGJESS GRAND WILLS, Min Schnauzer, 81½, NQ. A good square and control round, with mum picking ‘Claude’ up to give him a better view of the direction of the sendaway! Jumps were a problem today, but you should be pleased with his efforts at your first trial.

4th Rachel Carroll with ROYCHAMP DIVING SURPRISE, Rottweiler, 68, NQ. Another fast and accurate square from Rachel’s other dog, with my notes saying "a team". Unfortunately ‘Jorgy’ decided not to jump today.



1st Graham Taylor with TEELUM BATES, WSD, 86.5, Q. This team turned in a confident round, with ‘Teelum’ working the best square of the stake, and a good control round. Just small blips on the sendaway and scale took marks. Very well done, and congratulations on this qualification.

2nd Linda Johnston with SAFFRON HOBY, Labrador, 83, NQ. Just missed out on a qualification due to an uncharacteristic error on the long jump. The rest of ‘Midge’s work was very good.

3rd Merica Fuard with DEFCON THREE, Cross, 80, NQ. A tidy round from this young handler at her first competition, only inexperience costing a few marks. ‘Squibs’ successful second attempt at the scale being applauded by the spectators. Well done on this place.

4th Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY, Cross, 67.5, NQ. A good square and full mark jumps and sendaway from this energetic dog, but unfortunately no stays today.

Thank you all for letting me judge you, and good luck at your next trial.




Steward: Shirley Simpson


My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the C/A, and to Carla for organising and running such a friendly trial. Thanks to everyone in the catering department for keeping us all well fed and watered and to Lé Newman for looking after the base and trying to keep a flow of competitors up to me.

A big thank you to Shirley. You were an excellent steward with very clear instructions to all the competitors and great company – many thanks.


1st Sheren Perez, KAEFFER KAL, WSD, 188.5, CoM - C/A 34/15. Kalli did a lovely round, only losing 1 on the sendaway. No long jump today but I’m sure it’s work in progress. Well done.

2nd Ann Clarke, TADMARTON EVITA, Lab, 187.5, CoM - C/A 31.5/14.5. Ember needs a bit of tidying up on the control but lovely attitude. Scraped the jumps but had enough to qualify, well done.

3rd Pat Sunderland, GLENALPINE MILLY, BC, 186, CoM - C/A 25/14.5. Tiffee didn’t understand the sendaway exercise today but had full marks on the rest of the control exercises to scrape through. More confidence needed on the jumps but well done

4th Kate Peyton, ASTLEY FLEET, BC, 179, CoM - C/A 29/17.5. Fleet lost a few marks on the sendaway with a 2nd attempt needed on the long. Lovely attitude – well done.

Winner of the Merry Steps Cup for best UD C/A – Sheren Perez


1st Samantha Rawson, Ir WTCh RYAN’S DAUGHTER, Cross, 196.5, CoM – C/A 27/20. Sassy did a really tidy round with the exception of the redirect – just needs more confidence. Full mark agility – well done.

2nd Felicity Veazey, JANALLEN BAKARI, Groen, 180, CoM - C/A 25/20. Full mark agility. You need to stop the barking during his work – it’s spoiling what could be really good work. However, well done on the qualification.

3rd Judy Meekings, LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 178, CoM - C/A 32/20. Skye lost a bit of confidence at the end of the redirect but other than that, a really good round. Full mark agility.

4th Gill Cooke, SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, GSD, 169.5 NQ - C/A 26.5/15. Georgia qualified both sections but needs more work to tidy things up.

Winner of the Hinton Trophy for best TD C/A – Jan Baker with MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY. Hazel only lost 1.5 marks during the round – it was a pleasure to watch.

 Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me. I hope you enjoyed my test as much as I enjoyed watching your dogs working it.




Square Steward: Colin Bricknell

Tracklayers: Chris Gregory and Anne Shepherd

Thank you to Carla and the Banbury club for inviting me to judge at their lovely trial; the weather was dry, sunny and sometimes warm, the tracking was on lush winter wheat, the accommodation was wonderful and the company friendly and entertaining. Add to that a lovely bunch of competitors who were happy to let me watch their dogs work and you have the perfect trial!

Special thanks to Lé Newman for manning the base, Ann Ferens and Nicola Durrant for delivering the competitors to the fields just when we wanted them and the catering corps who all did a fantastic job.

I have saved the last thanks (and the biggest) for my wonderful team out in the fields; Chris and Anne laid all the tracks just as I wanted them and Colin was a super-efficient square layer – they were also great company for the two days.

We were treated to watching some lovely dogs work some very good tracks and most dogs did a good job of it, but in the end, we had four qualifiers:

 1st Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, CDEx, WSD, B, 188.5, Q. Kalli was keen and accurate on her super track but even with all her enthusiasm, her article indication was very definite. Her square was a delight to watch; fast and happy and again with super article indication. Her whole performance was very confident and well handled by Sheren, as I would expect.

2nd Ann Clarke with TADMARTON EVITA, Labrador, B, 187.5, Q. Ember and Ann completed the track at a pretty impressive speed and still managed both articles. Her square was fast and happy with no mouthing of articles. It was a delight to watch this happy and energetic dog work. All the work was well complimented by Clarkey’s handling which helped keep the lid on Ember’s enthusiasm.

3rd Pat Sunderland with GLENALPINE MILLY, BC, B, 186, Q. Pat and Tiffee were the first team to work on Saturday which gave us a very encouraging start to the trial – it is always good to know that the test is do-able. And do-able in such style! A lovely track from this smart little dog; super attitude and well handled by Pat. Also won the Best Track rosette, the Best Nosework trophy and the Best Member’s trophy. All well deserved.

4th Kate Peyton with ASTLEY FLEET, BC, D, 179, Q. Fleet has a very good attitude to his work with both the track and the square being completed accurately and happily. Again, the handling was excellent with Kate giving Fleet every opportunity to work at his best. His article indication in the square was very positive – shame the little monkey decided not to stop on the first track article!

All of these teams were a joy to watch and reminded me of why nosework has to be one of the best things to train and work with your dog. I would advise any handlers new to trials to make the effort to go and watch experienced handlers competing - there is so much to learn from them.

Thanks to the club for the super dog towel and the beautiful card that you gave me, I don’t know who was clever enough to make the card but whoever it is – you’re brilliant, it will be framed! Also, having read your newsletter, I can only say that Banbury must be one of the best clubs to belong to; the variety of activities encouraged is excellent and the help and information is priceless - I only wish I lived in the area.

Thanks again to Carla and the gang for the whole weekend. 




Tracklayers: Sat - Jane Webb, Len Newman, and John Turtill; Sun – Heather Donnelly, Len Newman

Search Steward: John Simpson


My thanks go to Banbury and District DTS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at this superb trial where everything runs like clockwork, the ground is ideal and the weather brilliant!

The atmosphere at base is convivial as society members work together like a well-oiled machine to make everything run so smoothly. At the helm, Trials Manager Carla Nieuwenhuizen ensured everyone was in the right place at the right time and everything flowed to perfection. Many thanks to Carla and Jeremy for inviting me into their home and making me so welcome. Many thanks also to John who was a great steward and great company – thanks, John. And thank you to my tracklayers, Jane, Len, John and Heather - you were all brilliant. Thank you so much, especially Len, who drew the lion’s share of tracklaying – all before judging the Ticket the following week. Heartfelt thanks to you all. And to those wonderfully creative ladies in the kitchen (yummy chocolate and beetroot cupcakes!) thank you. It was wonderful and it was my pleasure to be in your company.

 1st Miss Sam Rawson with Ir WTCh RYAN’S DAUGHTER, CDEx – UDEx, Cross, B, 196.5, CoM. Super track and lovely square earned this team the top spot today. Already an Irish champion and on her way on the mainland, also winning her WDEx this week. Many congratulations on this well-deserved win and good luck for the future.

2nd Mr and Mrs R Veazey and JANALLEN BAKARI, CDEx – WDEx, BSD Groenendael, D, 180, CoM. This enthusiastic track from Jet was a joy to watch. Many congratulations, Felicity.

3rd Mrs Judy Meekings and LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – WDEx, Labrador, D, 178, CoM. Judy, you did well to keep up with Skye today – he took enthusiasm to a different level. Many congratulations.

4th Mrs Gillian Cooke with SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, CDEx – WDEx, Cross, B, 169.5, NQ. Georgia got all 3 articles off the track and qualified in all sections – just not enough marks overall to qualify. I don’t know whether to say congratulations, or hard luck! She worked well for you – good luck for the future.

Worthy of a mention;

Best nosework,

Lynn Bricknell and SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, CDEx – UDEx, WSD, B, with the best nose-work mark on the board. What a shame about your down stay! Super work from this pair, who will go far.

Mrs Jan Baker and MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JAYBY, CDEx – WDEx, Golden Retriever, B, 177.5, NQ. Hazel was within qualifying marks in all sections – but only 1 track article. If only.... hard luck, Jan.

Best track, Bob Burns and GUNWHARF JACK, Labrador, D. Monty did a super track, got all three articles and then nothing out of the square! Bob was none-the-less delighted with him. Well done.


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