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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 08 April 2012


Dare I say it?  Another successful Trial.  Thanks again to some great teamwork, although it did not feel the same running a 2 day trial for the first time in 24 years!  This year the trial seemed over before it had started, but we did have 2 full days, especially in the TD Stake which had 27 entries.  The UD Stake still had 17 entries which is a good number these days.  The lower entries could have been due to the fact that this year we clashed with both Enfield Champ and Yorkshire Open Trial, but hopefully next year we shall be able to move our dates back to our original slot, which is the weekend after these 2 trials.  What was noticeable is that we had fewer cancellations than in previous years.  Luckily we were not affected by the threatened fuel tanker drivers’ strike.

The weather this year was great for the dogs as we had some drizzle which created nice damp conditions for the tracking.  However, it was not as nice for all the judges and helpers as it was very cold, but none of them complained.  The weather also meant that the farmers were not able to get onto the land to either spray or fertilize, so we had a stress free trial and lots of nice lush crop to track on.  This resulted in a higher than average number of qualifiers in the TD stake.

So another huge thank you to the Banbury Team who worked very hard again to keep up Hinton trial’s good reputation.  The catering team, led by Steph Gordon, Colin and Lynn Bricknell and assisted by Sue Lawrie and Di Assheton-Bowtle and lots of other willing helpers, as always made everybody feel welcome on arrival, offering an all day breakfast, which was selling so well, that they almost ran out of bacon.  We had lots of beautiful cakes donated by Club members and a special thank you must go to Michelle Jones for making 3 large cakes that were almost too beautiful to eat.  We felt we ought to raffle at least one of them, but this thought did not last long and the whole cake disappeared before I could even get a taste of it!!

A big thank you to all our tracklayers for laying all the tracks so conscientiously.  In the TD Stake: Jane Webb for laying all the early tracks, Anne Shepherd for standing in at the last minute for Penny Bellis, who broke her toe 2 days before the trial, and John Turtill for laying TD tracks for the very first time.  You all did a great job.  In the UD Stake: first timer Judith Perrin, guided by now ‘old’ hand Clive Griffiths, who, in spite of their efforts and perfect tracklaying sadly did not see many people get round their tracks.  This was due mainly to inexperienced handling which can happen in the UD stake.  Shirley Simpson’s first ever stint at laying all the UD squares went equally unrewarded, as the crop was so lush it made searching difficult for the inexperienced dogs.  Nathan Wilson was the lucky one as his TD search squares had a 100% success rate as the crop was not quite as lush and the dogs were more experienced.  But whatever the success rate, a big thank you to you all.

Lynn Griffiths ran the base very efficiently again and ensured we never lost a track.  It’s a very pressurised job, especially at the end when everybody is waiting for the presentation, but as always Lynn just beavers away and is totally unflappable!  Thank you, Lynn.  We had some very experienced escorts again in Pat Sunderland, John Simpson and Brian Hartree and nobody got lost.

Our judges were all very encouraging and great company.  Anne Collen judged all the Control and Agility and Ray Lea the TD nosework, Jennifer Speake did the UD nosework and John Simpson the Intro and CD Stakes.  Big THANK YOU to you all.

Thank you to all the competitors for supporting our trial.  For those of you who did not qualify this time, don’t worry, as your time will come. Keep up the training and success will surely follow.






Steward: Colin Bricknell

Thank you Carla and Banbury for inviting me to judge the Intro and CD for my own club.  It was a bit cold but the damp conditions were perfect for the nosework, with a gentle breeze to help.  Many thanks to Colin Bricknell, my able steward, who kept me in line well and performed in a straightforward manner, keeping the competitors relaxed and well informed.  He was ever present but not intrusive.  Finally, thanks to the rest of the club who kept us fed and bullied into order.

The nosework went well with all of the dogs gaining enough, and most of them getting all three articles with time to spare. The stays were done on the search field well away from any distractions, after which we all went to the field next to the base to do the C/A.


1st Mrs C Cottrell with FINAL EDITION AT HELIDALE, Beagle, 81, Q.  After gaining full marks on HOL, Eddie did a runner and only managed 1 point in HF.  The rest of his work was excellent, including a good set of jumps which was the downfall of many.  A great attitude by both dog and handler.  Well done.

2nd Mrs A Ketteringham with PADDYDEPAWS AT COALWAY, WSD, 86.5, NQ.  Lovely retrieve and search set them up to start with, followed by a really good control round.  The scale was their undoing, so they failed to gain enough points in the agility section.  They worked at a good pace throughout.

3rd Mrs C Burgess with WYNMALLEN KITE MARK, BC, 86, NQ.  Another lovely control round but again the scale proved to be their undoing.  Bailey wasn’t too keen on the distant guns during the search but got over it and I am sure he will get more confident as the relationship develops.

4th Mrs C Knoesen with PEATHILL GLENMORANGIE, Hung Visla, 74, NQ.  Another dog well ready for CD once the jumps are sorted.


Mrs Hodgkinson with JESS DADS WATCHING, X-Breed, 83.5, Q.  This pair was the only team in this stake but they were more than ready.  Jess would have given anyone a run for their money.  Well done and good luck for the future.





Steward: Vickie Dixon

Thank you very much to Carla and Banbury and DDTS for the invitation to come over and judge.  This has always been one of my favourite trials to compete at and it was a real pleasure to come and judge at it.  The atmosphere is super friendly and welcoming. The food is to die for, nothing was too much trouble!  Thank you, Steph Gordon, and all your wonderful

catering team.   Lovely base with great reading material and even flowers on all the tables.  Wow!!!

A wonderful base steward, Lynne Griffiths, who greets everyone with a smile and remains calm and cool at all times, even managing to look after all the scores as well.  That takes some doing!! 

A big thank you to Vickie Dixon, who travelled over with me and did all the stewarding.  And thank you again to Carla for organising everything so efficiently and putting us up in her wonderful home and the great hospitality.

I set a very straight forward control round.  A minimum of heelwork, normal and fast, led out to the sendaway, UD 100 yds approx to an orange pole in the hedge, TD 100 yds approx straight up the middle of the field to yellow cross poles, redirect left about the same distance, to a hedge.  A small amount of slow pace heelwork led to the clear jump, followed by the long

jump.  The TD dogs then did their speak broadside on to the long jump and about 10 paces away, facing their dogs.  The scale was the last exercise.

The standard of Control was really high in the TD stake and the standard of agility was exceptionally high in both stakes.  I think the really nice level surface, with grass neither too short nor too long, really helped the dogs attack the jumps with confidence.


1st MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, GRet, handled by Jan Baker, 161, Q, the only qualifier.  Super control round and full mark jumps.  Really nice Goldie, lovely to watch.  Won the trophy for best UD C/A round.  Well done.

2nd SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, WSD, handled by Lynne Bricknell, NQ.  Beautiful full point control round by this stylish dog, but unfortunately went out on the scale.

3rd SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, BC, handled by Hayley Woodcock, NQ.  Failed the down stay, but then came out and produced a lovely, smart control round followed by full mark jumps!

4th CLOVER HAYES MAISIE MOUSE, Spaniel-X, handled by Ann Ferens, NQ.  Super little dog, well handled. Maisie’s tail never stopped wagging.  Unfortunately went out on the down stay.


1st LUDGATE POWER ‘N GLORY, BC, handled by Jane Wood, 214, Q.  Very smart, no nonsense handling contributed to a lovely round by this pair.  Very well done.  Congratulations on your win.

2nd ARO, TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, handled by Kelly Chapman, 210.5, Q.  Really super control round, only dropping a half mark on the sendaway and second attempt on the long jump.  Lovely to watch.  Well done.  Also won the Hinton Trophy for best TD C/A round.

3rd ARO, MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, BC, handled by Heather Donnelly, 210.5, Q.  The only full point control round, second attempt at the clear and a mark lost on the scale.  Very well done indeed.

4th CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, handled by June Coutts, 205, Q.  A good round by Ruben except for the speak.  Well done on your qualification.

Also qualifying:

VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, 204, Ms. Lindsey Poole.

STARDELL ALYA, BC, 194, Mrs. Sue Hough.

STARDELL LEDA, BC, 193.5, Mrs. Lé Newman.

WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, 193, Mr. Keith Rowley.

SPACE COMMANDER, GSD-X, 191, Mr. David Warrick.  Also won the trophy for the Best Crossbreed.  Well done!!

Thank you to all who entered, I really enjoyed watching your dogs work.  Commiserations to those who had less success than they had hoped for; another day, another trial, it may all be different!




Tracklayers: Judith Perrin and Clive Griffiths

Square steward: Shirley Simpson

Very many thanks to B and DDTS for inviting me to judge, to Carla for running the trial with her customary efficiency (24 years of practice!), and to the whole behind-the-scenes team who make this trial run like clockwork, whether producing quantities of excellent food, running the base, or ensuring that competitors get to their tracks on time.  Huge thanks to my tracklayers, Judith and Clive, who took great pains to make sure that every competitor had an equal chance on the track, and to Shirley, who laid all the squares exactly as I had asked.  You were terrific company and I hope you enjoyed the two days and found them as interesting as I did.

Thirteen dogs ran out of the 16 entered.  The conditions were mild and damp, with a light breeze, making nice tracking conditions, and we saw some very competent performances from teams that were ready to tackle a UD track.  Sadly, it was a different story with the squares, where the lush growth put a number of dogs into "dash-about-with-nose-in-the-air-snacking-on-the-crop" mode.  Big round of applause therefore to Katheryne Tollemache’s Lab, Pepper, who got all four articles out in under four minutes; Pepper and Gillian Baird’s ESS, Kai, were the exceptions who demonstrated a real commitment to searching.

1st Jan Baker and MERRYWAY PEBBLE OF JABY, G. Ret, 161, Q.  The sole overall qualifier, Hazel put in a very genuine and solid performance.

2nd Lynn Bricknell and SOLINDAY BLACK MAGIC, BC, 171, NQ.  Our only other nosework qualifier and winner of the Best Nosework trophy.  Very well done.

3rd Hayley Woodcock and SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, BC, 163,5, NQ.  Impressively accurate and steady track earned this team the Best Track rosette.

4th Ann Ferens and CLOVER HAYES MAISIE MOUSE, Cross, 159.5, NQ.  Another team that ran the track as I’d hoped to see it run.




Judge: RAY LEA  

Tracklayers: Jane Webb, Anne Shepherd, John Turtill.

Steward: Nathan Wilson

Many thanks to Carla and the committee of Banbury for the invitation to judge TD nosework at their recent open trial.  It’s always a pleasure to go to Banbury, whether it’s judging or working a dog or just visiting. To the kitchen staff, for all the wonderful food that kept us going through out the day from breakfast to late afternoon – smashing, thank you.  To Lynn, again doing a great job in base - never an easy job, thank you.  And to my team of Jane Webb (earlies), Anne Shepherd, and John Turtill, all laying the tracks to perfection – brilliant.  Thank you, and you were all great company.  And my brilliant search steward, Nathan (Mr Perfect) Wilson, meant every one had the same search square - thank you. 

Tracking was again on well grown crop and the weather was damp with a light wind, perfect for tracking, and it showed with most teams completing the track.  My track articles were a red top, a 4 inch stick, and a 2 inch square of carpet.  And the square articles were a 3 inch green plant tie, a 2 inch piece of wood, a 2 inch piece of clear hose and a spark plug.

1st Mrs Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER ‘N’GLORY, BC, D, 214, Q.  What a lovely steady track, never put a foot wrong.  Well done and good luck.

2nd Mrs Kelly Chapman with TARNEDGE POSY, Lab, B, 210.5, Q.  After a run off.  Again, another very steady track.  Well done

3rd Mrs Heather Donnelly with MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM BC, B, 210.5, Q.  Well done, Heather.

4th Mrs June Coutts with CRADBRIDGE BILL, Lab, D, 205, Q.  Tracked on the first day - and was this lady happy!   Well done.

Also qualifying:

Ms Lindsey Poole with VOMKYNA DIAZ, GSD, B, 204

Mrs Sue Hough with STARDELL ALYA, BC, D, 194

Mrs Lé Newman with STARDELL LEDA, BC, D, 193.5

Mr Keith Rowley with WISCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, B, 193

Mr David Warrick with SPACE COMMANDER, GSD X, D, 191

Thank you every one for entering, and good luck

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