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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 10 April 2011


Our 23rd Open Trial will be remembered for ‘wall to wall’ sunshine from beginning to end.  It was even hotter than last year and some of our judges looked like cowboys dressed in big hats; one of them even carried his gun in a holster!  No guessing who that was!

The downside of weather like that after the long dry and windy winter is that we basically lost all our crop fields, bar 2 of them, to the sprayers and fertilizers.  They were everywhere, but luckily for us we were saved by an offer of one very large grass field which is being converted into a deer park, and it had not been grazed for some weeks.  So for the first time in 23 years we ran the UD Stake on grass and the TD stake on the 2 wheat fields.  Fortunately we managed to get all the tracks into these fields thanks to our super team of Tracklayers: Jane Webb and Penny Bellis in the TD and John Turtill and Clive Griffiths in the UD Stake.  Thank you guys, you did a great job!

We had another good entry (33 in the TD, 25 in the UD, 6 in the CD and 20 in the Intro Stake) and we do not as yet seem to be effected by the general downtrend in entries.  This could be due to the fact that we are located in the Midlands and maybe also having the trial a bit later in the season may count.  But of course it could also be due to the fact that we have such a fantastic team of helpers who work very hard to help people have, if not always a successful day, at least a very enjoyable day at our trial.

I will let all the judges thank their helpers in the field, but would like to say a few special thank you’s to those who ‘beavered’ away in the back ground for all 3 days:

First of all the Catering Team led by Steph Gordon and Lynn and Colin Bricknell, and assisted by a large number of Club members who all take turns in the kitchen.  They did a superb job and, as always, created something out of nothing as there are still no facilities at the Cricket Club.  We bring in our own Calor gas bottles and generator to produce ‘all day cooked breakfasts’ and beverages.  The speed of service is second to none and there is nothing like the smell of bacon and eggs welcoming you when you arrive at 7.30am.  So a huge THANK YOU to all of you.  Too many to mention all of you by name.

Our Base Steward, Lynn Griffiths, now in her 6th year (nearly medal time, Lynn!) did all the ‘check ins’ and scoring very efficiently again and together with our escorts, Pat Sunderland and Brian Hartree, did a great job and made sure everybody arrived at their track on time and we did not lose any more land.  Thank you all.

Last and certainly not least a big Thank you to the Judges for setting such straightforward and sensible Tests and for being great company: Tony Lockyer (TD), Anne Shepherd (C/A), John Simpson (UD) and Paul Adams and Ken Coleman (CD and Intro).

Congratulations to the winners: Rita Banfather (TD), Maurice Millington (UD), Carol Burgess (CD and Intro Stake).  It was the first time we ran the Introductory Stake and I hope it has encouraged a few newcomers into the sport of Working Trials.  Thank you to all the competitors for entering our Trial and for all your nice comments.  We wish you all good luck at your next trial and look forward to seeing some of you again next year.

On a final note: 2 fleece jackets (one green and one lilac) were left in the base.  So please let me know if you are missing yours.





C/A Steward: Gill Cooke

Group III Steward: Patty Goriainoff

Stay Stewards: Gill Cooke and Heather Donnelly

Intro, 20 entered; CD, 6 entered


Thank you to Carla and the committee of Banbury DTS for the invitation to judge both the Intro and CD stake at their Open trial.  I always enjoy competing at Banbury and I certainly enjoy judging there.  I have judged now on 4 occasions and every time I have been looked after extremely well by everyone involved with the trial; today was no exception, so thank you to the ladies in the kitchen Steph, Lynne and Di and of course the main man Colin.  Thank you to Lynne on reception and scores, thank you to Heather for stay stewarding and of course a very big thank you to Gill for your good company and excellent stewarding - you made all the competitors feel a little less nervous and a bit more confident with your friendly approach. 

When Carla originally asked me to judge we had no idea that we would have such a high entry in the Intro stake, and so after entries had closed it was decided that we would ask someone else to judge the group III in both stakes, and because we couldn’t think of anyone we asked Ken to step in and help me out, which he kindly did - thank you, Ken.

It was a beautiful day and I was privileged to watch some good control rounds.  I had decided that because it was the Intro stake, and we really need to encourage people to start competing in working trials, that I would be fairly flexible and allow them to work their dogs as they would if it were a normal training session; and so if they did Obedience heelwork it would be OK and not marked (although I made it clear that it would be in higher stakes).  I was looking for dogs with attitude and basically told everyone to do whatever you need to do to complete the round.  The control was fairly straight forward, with a sendaway of 35 paces to crossed poles in the hedge, which was really done well; this was followed by the jumps, which a few people decided not to do as they felt they weren’t ready (which I guess is ok); the dogs that attempted the jumps did really well and I was very pleased.

1st Carol Burgess with CAROBILLS SIENNE LACE, Min Poodle, B, 92.5/100, Q.  What a smashing little dog!  Did a full mark control round, followed by 17.5 for jumps; unfortunately needed a second attempt at the long jump.  Well Done.

2nd Chris Clements with MOUNTLOCHAN CHANONRY LAD, BC, D, 91.5/100, Q.  Another nice control round, apart from the fact that there was a lot of barking, which needs to stop - Now!  Full mark jumps - well done.

3rd Chris Clements with MOUNTLOCHAN QUEVA DIVA, BC, B, 90/100, Q.  Another nice control round, only spoilt by the barking again; full mark jumps.  It is hard to work more than 1 dog so you are doing well, but please work on stopping the barking and you will do better.

4th Judith Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, D, 88.5/100, Q.  Nice control; on the sendaway Jay went to the wrong place but Judith did the right thing and left him where he was instead of trying to make him move and probably lose more marks.   Normally if I give a second attempt on the scale it is only at the face of it, but in Intro if it was needed I let the handler put the dog back in position and recall back  over the scale - this is what happened here and he made it easy. Well done.

Also Qualifying:

Lynn Bricknell with SOLINDY BLACK MAGIC, WSD, B, 88/100.  Good control, except no sendaway; 18 for jumps.  Well done.

Gillian Baird with LAUCOTT KAISER ST LOYS, ESS, D, 88/100.  Nice control and only wrong position on scale losing 1 mark on jumps.  Well done.

I think that all of the above are worthy of CD championship, so why not give it a go.  Today I felt that all the dogs I have seen are certainly worth continuing with and I am sure it won’t be long before you all do well.  I know there were a lot of nerves but it won’t be long before they do get better (even ticket handlers get nervous!)

CD  C/A:

For the CD I kept the heelwork the same, but I changed the sendaway to 60 paces but to the same markers in the hedge.  I made it clear that what I wanted in Intro still counted, but I didn’t want Obedience type heelwork and I wasn’t disappointed.  Again, all of these dogs will do well in higher stakes.

1st Carol Burgess with CAROBILLS SIENNE LACE, Min Poodle, B, NQ.  Yet another good control round.  Well done

2nd Hazel Marraner with SOD LEGS, Cross, D, NQ.  A nice dog with a good future, handled brilliantly by Hazel.  Well done.

3rd Chris Clements with MOUNTLOCHAN CHANONRY LAD, BC, D, NQ.   Nice control but was taking forever to set up for the sendaway; when I stopped her she asked if she could send him for no marks but with only one command.  I said yes and the dog did it perfectly, which shows that he probably doesn’t need such a lot of setting up.  Full mark jumps.  Well done.

4th Jan Turner with AXL NOSE (NAF), Std. Poodle, NQ.  Control OK, but no sendaway and jumps didn’t help today.

I would like to say thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to judge your dogs today; I really enjoyed it.  For those whose first time it was in trials I hope you enjoyed your experience; it’s a good sport with a lot of nice people, so keep at it.  To those that qualified, well done; to those that didn’t; your day will come.


I would like to thank the committee of Banbury for the invitation to judge the search and retrieve for the above stakes at what must be the friendliest trial on the calendar.  Thanks also to Carla for running the trial with her usual expertise.  To the ladies in the kitchen for food in and out of the base, thank you.  To my steward Patty, who carried out anything that was asked of her, and lastly to all the competitors for allowing me to judge their dogs.

The weather was dry, sunny and warm; the standard of work was very mixed as was expected in these stakes.  All had a good attempt at the test but many dogs did lack motivation.  The results were as above.




Steward: Shirley Simpson

Many thanks to Banbury and District DTS for inviting me to judge the C/A for the UD and TD Stake at this trial.  This trial is superbly organised by Carla, and her team is second to none.  Many thanks to the catering team who looked after me extremely well (I am sure I have put on half a stone!!).  To Lynn for doing all the scores etc, not an easy task, especially this year with the high entries, and, last but not least, to Shirley.  You are a brilliant steward, putting everyone at ease with your friendly and efficient manner.  The weather was hot and sunny from morning till night, it was like being on holiday!  Many thanks to you all.

I set a fairly straight forward test starting with the retrieve or speak and then to heelwork, sendaway and then the jumps.  The sendaway was to a gap in the hedge and the redirection was left down the hedge ending up in a gap between the hedge and a pile of rubbish.


1st M. Millington and GLENALPINE JUD, BC, D, 188.5, Q.  A very nice round; really good S/A.  Very well done.

2nd M Regan and WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZEGAN, CDEx, GSD, B, 186, Q.  Retrieve and heelwork well done, just needs work on S/A.  Full mark jumps.  Well done.

3rd R Cahill and VOMKYNA DEIKA, GSD, B, 185.5, Q.  Lovely round only losing 2 on Control and 0.5 on Agility. Well done.

4th David Sidaway with PRECIOUSPEGG ALFIE, Bearded Collie, D, 183, Q.  One of the best Control rounds, only losing 1mark.   Full mark S/A but no return on the scale.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Mrs J Wood with LUDGATE POWER’N’GLORY, BC, D, 181


Mrs G. Cooke, SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, X-Breed, B, 179

Mr D Self, LAURINCO RED KITE, Lab, D, 178


Mrs L Johnston, RAVEN HILL RORY, X-Breed, D, 174


1st Rita Banfather and NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, CDEx - WDEx, GSD, D, 193.5, Q.  Excellent round.  Losing 1.5 on control and full mark jumps. Very well done.

2nd Pat Tagg and ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B, 182.5, Q.  Just lost odd marks here and there on control, but just managed it on the agility as no long jump today.  Well done.

3rd John Wykes and KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 176.5, NQ.  A good round and full mark jumps but unfortunately moved in the stays.

4th Lé Newman and STARDELL LEDA, CDEx, UDEx, BC, D, 173.5, NQ.

To all competitors – thank you.  I hope you enjoyed your day as much as I did.  Good luck in the future.




Tracklayers: Clive Griffiths and John Turtill

Steward: Colin Bricknell

Many thanks to my own Club for giving me my first nosework stake to judge at the Open Trial on 8 - 9 of April 2011.  What a time we had - from the full English on arrival to the perfect weather.  Carla must have got the order in very early.  We do like to give the competitors a good welcome at the Hinton H.Q. and I would like to say a special thanks to the catering team - the food alone is worth the journey - especially Steph and Colin for organising it, and Lynn for lending me her husband for the two days.

My steward for the search squares was Colin Bricknell, who made everyone feel at ease and was good company for the two days.  Completing the all boys team were my two tracklayers, Clive Griffiths and John Turtill.  They both performed without fault on good grass for all the tracks.  It was good to know them both beforehand and have confidence in them for my first appointment.  Many thanks lads, you made it all work well.

1st   Maurice Millington and GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 188.5, Q.  Looked as though they were on for a full mark track, but one very messy corner spoilt the round.  They went on to do the only full mark search, clean presents and no mouthing.

2nd Maureen Regan and WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZEGAN, GSD, 186, Q.  The only clear track, never lifted her head nor did a messy corner; we all wanted to take her home.  Didn’t get the 4th article in the square.  Also won Best Track rosette.

3rd Ruth Cahill and VOMKYNA DEIKA, GSD, 185.5, Q.   Another dog that flew round the track, handled with confidence and experience; again missed the 4th article in the square.

4th Dave Sidaway and PRECIOUSPEGG ALFIE, Bearded Collie, 183, Q.  Not a fast dog and it wouldn’t have taken much to put him off, but handled with understanding and sympathy.  He was well motivated by the first article on the track - the dog that is.

Also qualified:

Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER’GLORY, BC, 181.   Quick he was not, thorough though and well worth his qualifier.

Chris Clements and MANDERAIN SOLSTICE BELLE OF MOUNTLOCHAN, BC, 179.5, Q.  Most of the marks lost on or around the start and indicator poles.

Gill Cooke and SWEET GEORGIA BLACK, X-Breed, 179.  Got all 4 articles in the search and a sound track, must have been the C/A that let her down.  Nice line work!!

Dave Self and LAURINCO RED KITE, Lab, 178.  A well built, well pigmented, powerful lad.  Made that lovely snuffling noise when he was searching.  Got all 4 articles, with time to spare.  Most of the track marks lost on Dave not believing him yet on the corners.

Chris Clements and MOUNTLOCHAN QUEVA DIVA, BC, 175.5.  A nice track but not so good in the search; not a confident dog but worked with sympathy.

Lynda Johnston and RAVEN HILL RORY, X-Breed, 174.  An excellent search compensated for a weak track mark.              

Best Nosework trophy went to Jennifer Speake and her Golden Retriever, ALVESTON BIXHEAD.  Slava worked his socks off and then got all 4 articles out of the square.




Tracklayers: Jane Webb and Penny Bellis

Search Stewards: John Turthill and Nathan Wilson

Many thanks to Carla and the Committee at Banbury for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at this Trial.  I had a fantastic weekend with a great group of people.  Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen, from the cooked breakfast to all the food bags in the field - fantastic - and then the cakes that just kept on arriving from members were terrific; I’m sure I put on a stone in weight!!  Thank you also to Carla and Jeremy for allowing me to stay in their lovely house, so peaceful and quiet I slept like a log.

The team in the fields could not have been better; Jane Webb and Penny Bellis laid all the tracks exactly as I wanted so giving all competitors an equal chance. The squares were laid by John Turtill on Friday and Nathan Wilson on Saturday and Sunday, both doing a superb job, including having to recover a lot of articles.  Thank you all.

The weather was fine and dry for all three days, as it had been for a long while before the Trial, which made the ground conditions very dusty which probably accounted for so many track failures.  We were working on growing crop which did vary a bit in length, but the winner worked on the longest and the second place on the shortest, with all three track articles recovered by both dogs.

Twenty four teams worked, twelve completed the track, three recovered all the track articles and four recovered two articles.  Of the dogs that completed the track only one then went on to get four from the square; overall nine teams did recover four from the square, five had three, and two recovered two articles.

1st Rita Banfather and NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, CDEx - WDEx, (McCoy), GSD, D, 193.5, Q.  94 for the track, 3 articles and 2 from the square. 140.  Also the Best Track trophy, well done.

2nd Pat Tagg and ABAPSOMA BIANNKA, CDEx, UDEx, (Lara), GSD, B, 182.5, Q.  89 track, 3 articles and 3 from the square. Also the Best Nosework trophy, keep it up.

3rd John Wykes and KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, CDEx, UDEx, (Kyle) BC, B, 176.5, NQ.  94 track, 2 articles and 3 from the square.

4th Mrs L Newman and STARDELL LEDA, CDEx, UDEx, (Jonty) BC, D, 173.5, NQ.  91.5 track, 3 articles and 1 from the square.

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