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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 11 April 2010


Wow, what a weekend!  Our 22nd Trial held at the Hinton Cricket Club will be remembered as one of our best ones yet.  The weather was superb for both helpers and competitors, sunny throughout and nice and warm on the Friday and Saturday.  We even thought for a fleeting moment that summer had arrived, until the cold temperatures returned on the Sunday.  The only downside of nice weather is that the farmers want to get onto the fields to spray, which meant that we lost all our original fields and had to move from plan A to plan C, which involved using very sparse spring barley fields for the UD stake. However, we need not have worried as the success rate was the same if not higher than we have had in previous years on lusher ground. 

I always knew that the Banbury team could run this trial without me, and this year they were put to the test.  They really pulled together and did a terrific job with very little assistance from me, as in between writing the Certificates I had to feed and attend to 9 pups.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Chris Gregory for standing in for me at the base at the last minute and dealing with anything that cropped up unplanned.  Lynn Griffiths ran the base in her usual cheerful and unflappable manner, keeping up the scores and making sure everybody got escorted to their tracks.  The catering team, led by Steph Gordon, Judith Perrin and Colin and Lynn Bricknell, did a sterling job in the poorly equipped and very basic kitchen, keeping everybody well fed and hydrated.  They were helped by a string of very willing club members all taking a turn over the 3 days.  Lynn, assisted by Judith, cooked all the helpers a lovely meal on the Friday.  John and Shirley Simpson did a lot of prep work before the trial; John, together with Paul Thornton, organised the trailer with the jumps and also the Calor Gaz for the kitchen and Shirley did all the last minute paperwork as well as some puppy sitting.  Most of the escorting was done by Sue Lawrie, Pat Sunderland and Paul Thornton.  So an extremely big THANK YOU to you all.  I shall leave the judges to thank their helpers in the field but would just like to mention that having everybody there for the full 3 days made all the difference to the smooth running of the trial, also giving all competitors an equal chance at qualifying.

We had a very good entry: 40 in the TD stake, 36 in the UD stake and 5 in the CD Stake, but we also had a lot of cancellations, especially in the TD stake, which worked out well with the loss of fields due to the spraying.

I would like to thank the judges: Heather Donnelly (TD Nosework), Norma Ansell (UD Nosework), Pat Parkinson (C and A) and Jenny Orchard (CD), for their cheerful company and for setting sensible tests, which resulted in a good number of qualifiers, and hopefully encouraged those who failed not to give up.  Congratulations to the winners: Mary Prentice (TD), Paul Adams (UD) and Ann Ferens (CD), and all the other TD and UD qualifiers.  We wish you all good luck in the Championship Trials.

Just remembered that John Turtill took some nice photos, capturing the essence of our trial, which are now on our website. If you ‘google’ Hinton Open Trial it will take you straight to our site. Thank you, John.

Finally big THANK YOU also to all my puppy sitters: Shirley, Pat and Nicky Downes, but especially Dianne and Ray Lea for volunteering to come all the way from Cheshire to help look after them.  Hope you have recovered by now!  You kept me sane and helped give 9 Guide Dog pups a better start in life.





Steward: Sue Lawrie

I wish to thank Carla and Banbury and District Dog Training Society for the invitation to judge the CD stake at this extremely friendly and well run trial; every small organisational detail had been planned and thought of in advance and the catering provided by Banbury and District Catering Corp was superb.

Five teams had entered, with one scratch and one no show: this left three, enabling the test to be undertaken in a leisurely manner on a beautiful sunny day.  We started with the nosework; while Sue laid the square I called the Retrieve, with all competitors showing that their dogs had a competent retrieve, which proved to be the case as all nine articles were recovered from the square.  The articles comprised a dolly peg, green cartridge and a 4 inch piece of knotted brown felt.

The C/A round commenced with a group sit stay,  followed by individual heel on lead around a square, recall diagonally across the square, the same pattern of heel free, finishing with a 45 pace sendaway to 2 crossed white poles in the boundary.

Jumps followed and the test finished with the down stay. As is so common in CD, stays and jumps took their toll, leaving one worthy qualifier.

1st Mrs Ann Ferens and CLOVER HAYES MAISIE MOUSE, Spaniel Cross, 95.5, Q.  Maisie, a rescue dog, having struggled previously with the jumps, this time did not lose a point; she just  lost odds and ends on the heelwork.  Maisie has such a happy attitude to work that I am sure she has a long trialling career ahead.  Many congratulations.  Also winning the Best Crossbreed trophy.

2nd Mrs Judith Perrin and BANJO PATTERSON, Cross, 78.5, NQ.  lovely nosework and control, however jumps took their toll.  Banjo won the Best Nosework award, so a lovely way to end a trialling career.  I do hope that he enjoys retirement.

3rd Mr Maurice Millington and GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 45, NQ.  Beautiful NOSEWORK; the C/A just needs a little polish and I am sure it will not belong before you and Jud are successful.

I would like to thank the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions, and last, but not least, I would like to thank Sue for making such an efficient friendly steward and putting the competitors at their ease.



Judge:  Pat Parkinson

Steward: Shirley Simpson

My thanks to Carla and Banbury DDTC for the invitation to judge C/A at their Open Trial.  What an enjoyable weekend!  As always, this team worked like clockwork.  To all at the base and the kitchen team - a big thank you.  Nothing was too much trouble.

Shirley was the perfect steward, putting competitors at their ease and giving clear instructions whilst maintaining a sense of humour!  We even had some sun.  Lastly thanks to the competitors for accepting my decisions.

I was impressed with the overall standard of work with many new faces to working trials.  Good luck to you all in the future.



1st Paul Adams, SHERINGEM GLYNN, BC, D, 191, Q.  An impressive dog, Paul, I’m sure you are going to have some fun with him and the glory will be sweeter for having bred him yourself.

2nd Jean Cooke, WAGGERLAND TOPIC, BC, D, 191, Q.  Glad to see you back, I for one have missed you.  Topic performed the best control round of the stake.   He was very calm and quiet.  Let’s hope it stays that way!

3rd Lindsey Poole, VON KYNA DIAZ, GSD, B, 190, Q.  What a lovely looking bitch she is, working a very stylish round.  Good luck with her.

4th Janette Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, D, 189, Q.  Enjoying every minute of his round as you would expect from a Jake son.  Well done.

Also qualifying:

Maurice Millington, GLENALPINE PERDI, BC, B, 185.5

Pat Sunderland, MORDONVALE MISTY MORNING, BC, B, 176.5

Lorna East, PENDRE IOLO, WSD, D, 171.5

Jane Lewis, CLERAFORA VARZIELA, Estrella, B, 167



1st Mary  Prentice, MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, CDEx-WDEx,  BC, D, 210.  This dog took my eye on the first day. A stylish tri colour dog with loads of enthusiasm.  I’m sure he will do well in the future.

2nd Suzanne Jaffa, ObCh AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, OW, CDEx-WDEx, ASD, 209.5  The first time I have had the pleasure of judging this well known dog and handler.  What presence he has.  Losing just half a mark on sendaway and winning the best control trophy.  I’m sure he’ll be winning tickets soon.

3rd Gill Lawrence, BEKKIS DULCIMER, CDEx-WDEx, BC, 201.5.  A good solid C/A round.  Well done.

4th Val Upton, GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, CDEx, BC, D, 199.5.  Val’s dogs always look as though they are enjoying themselves as Raffa did today.  Good luck in ticket.

Also qualifying:

Wendy Donaldson’s SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK, ASD, B, 197.5, handled by Suzanne Jaffa

Ann Clarke, STYPERSON QUINCEY, CDEx-WDEx, Lab, D, 196.5

Dave Marchant, MISTER BEAMISH, WSD, D, 193.5


Liz de Unger, STYPERSON ROYCE, Lab, D, 185.5

Well done to those that qualified, and to the rest - keep at it.  You’ll all get there!  Have fun on the way.




Tracklayers: Anne Shepherd and John

Steward: Dianne Stephens

Thanks to Carla and Banbury for the invitation to judge UD.  Gracious, we must all be very good, talk about the sun shining on the righteous!  What could be nicer than standing in the sun, good company, watching good dogs track?  It truly was a pleasure.  Many thanks to all concerned with running the trial, especially to my tracklayers and search steward, who all did a wonderful job.  Thanks to Pat Parkinson who allowed some of my nosework qualifiers to qualify the control - I’ll leave comments on that part to her.

Tracking was on winter wheat, fairly sparse, drying out during the day in the sun (did I mention the sun???), and a bit of breeze on Sunday.  Some lovely dogs working, all had a good attempt at the track but faith in the dog was not always there!  I had two experienced tying for first place, neither were present on the final day so we decided the winner on nosework marks - only 0.5 point between them.

1st Mr Paul Adams, SHERINGEM GLYNN, BC, 191, Q.  Lovely young dog, super attitude, bred by Paul, you must be really pleased with him.  Good Luck. 85.5, 20, 33.

2nd Ms Jean Cooke, WAGGERLAND TOPIC, WSD, 191, Q.  Topic was slightly steadier but very correct on his track and I’m sure in Jeans careful hands he is on his way to the top. 86, 20, 32.

3rd Mrs Lindsey Poole, VOM KYNA DIAZ, GSD, 190, Q.  Also getting best track rosette, well done, Lindsey.  Stunning track from this dog, drive and accuracy followed by a good square, looks a very fit athletic bitch, good luck.  89, 20. 30.

4th Mrs Janette Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, 189, Q.  More used to seeing this handler with her pointer but is obviously adapting to this breed very well - lovely track and excellent square. 88.5, 20, 34.

Also Qualified:

Mr Maurice Millington, GLENALPINE PERDI, BC, 185.5.  Another handler who served his apprenticeship with another breed!  Lovely track - have faith, well done.

Mrs Pat Sunderland, MORDONVALE MISTY MORNING, BC, 176.5.  First dog on first day - Della gave us a good start to our weekend.

Mrs Lorna East, PENDRE IOLO, WSD. 171.5.  I think Lorna was quite surprised by her qualification; well done, don’t retire him yet!   

Mrs Jane Lewis, CLERAFORA VARZIELA, Estrella, 167.  Not the breed one would expect to see in trials, Pi did a carful and accurate track but unfortunately overshot the last corner and couldn’t recover.  Full point square done in her own style: sincere congratulations, I hope you continue with this three year old bitch.




Tracklayers: Jane Webb, Penny Bellis and Jennifer Speake

Square Steward: John Simpson

My thanks to Carla Nieuwenhuizen on behalf of Banbury DTS for the invitation to judge the TD Nosework, judging being something I haven’t done for 5 - 6 years!

Jane Webb laid all the early tracks, Penny Bellis did the middle slot, both did all 3 days, and Jennifer Speake (unfortunately only needed for the one day) did the last 3.  Knowing that I was to have these 3 experienced tracklayers gave me, the judge, the added confidence, not only from the start, but throughout the three days.  Thank you, girls.  Not forgetting John Simpson, my square steward, who by the end of the 3 days became a wind direction expert, ensuring that every competitor was given the same test.   Also my thanks to Chris Gregory, who was a welcome sight when  she appeared with the food bag and also to the folk in the kitchen, especially Steph and Judith, who handed me a much needed cup of tea as soon as I entered the base.

I set a straight forward track pattern, with fair sized articles, but with a couple of TD challenges which unfortunately did catch some competitors out.  The first article, 15 paces from the pole, was indicated by nearly all of the dogs but I was surprised how many handlers ignored this and pushed their dogs on.  This actually cost one team to fail the whole test.  The square, again had four fair sized articles, but was laid according to the wind direction and where I thought the handler would stand to work their dog.  The 3 competitors who got all 4 articles worked three sides of the square whilst others, who only found 1 or 2, stayed rooted to the downwind base line. 

Most memorable moments were:

Marie Dixon with HYPERBOLIC ORBIT and Rosie Robson with CORBY CRAGS KIZZY (Lab x Poodle) for sensitive handling and excellent teamwork,  Val Upton with GLENALPINE RAFFERTY, Julie Atkins with GLENALPINE REG and Karen Tiffany with BRICKER BRACKEN for accurate tracking with near all perfect corners, and Suzanne Jaffa with OB CH AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER for perfect retrieving in the square.

1st Mary Prentice and MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD, 92.5, 30, 4/34.  The first team on the Friday, they worked in the field with the sparser growth.  I was really impressed by Mary’s quiet, calm and relaxed manner when she entered the field and how she supported her young dog when it was needed.  After their very exact performance, somehow I knew we had just witnessed the winner, although this was only the first day.  Well done.

2nd Suzanne Jaffa and OBCh AMBERSLADE BUCKANEER, 97, 30, 3/28.  I was looking forward to watching this team and wasn’t disappointed.  Suzanne knows how to get the best out of her dogs by making them feel so good.  Buck’s article recovery on both the track and in the square was superb.  I liked the confidence boosting games Suzanne played  in-between the exercises.  One for the beginner handlers to watch - and I mean the handler!

3rd Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS DULCIMER, 96, 20, 4/33.  I liked Toffee’s very methodical approach to her tracking. Most impressive was that on the second day, in the fields with the longer growth, Gill expertly worked the square which gave Toffee every opportunity to get all 4 articles.  Well done and good luck in ticket.

4th Val Upton and GLENALPINE RAFFERTY (Best Track), 97.5, 20, 4/33.  I loved this dog’s accurate tracking style; I just couldn’t steal many points of him.

5th Wendy Donaldson’s SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK, handled by Suzanne Jaffa, 97, 20, 4/35.  I loved the bunny hops when this little bitch found the line of track.

6th Ann Clarke and STYPERSON QUINCEY, 95, 30, 2/20.  This dog really goes out on a mission to find the articles. The most article focused dog we had during the three days.

7th Dave Marchant and MISTER BEAMISH, 96, 30, 2/20.  I liked this young dog; I think there is a lot more to come from him.

8th Gill Lawrence and BEKKIS BEKWEY MERRIDOWN, 95.5, 20, 2/20.  A very accurate tracking dog reminded me so much of my own boy (half brothers).  Tigger coped well with the hot weather but struggled during the square in the afternoon heat.  Just unlucky really

9th Elizabeth Unger and STYPERSON ROYCE, 95.5, 20, 2/20.  A very accurate tracking Labrador, showing a completely different style from the other Labradors we saw.  Difficult to steal points from him.

PS. The thank you pressie from the trials manager was great, much healthier than a bottle of wine; will be put to good use.

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