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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 13 April 2008

Trials Manager’s Report

It was 20 years since we started this trial, and Club Member Shirley Simpson has collated all the reports going back to our first trial in 1989 and created a History of the Banbury Trial which makes fascinating reading. Some people who are now well known trialists were just starting out with their first dog and it records other  "ol’ timers" competing with their young dogs, some of whom went on to become Working Trials Champions.  Big thank you to Shirley for putting it all together, you did a great job.

We had a good entry again this year: TD 40, UD 24 and CD 6.  The UD Stake had quite a few newcomers and some competitors in the TD stake had not been in trials long, which may have accounted for the low number of qualifiers compared to previous years.  The weather conditions on the Friday were less than ideal, changing every half hour from hail to sunshine (only 1 qualifier) but on the Saturday and Sunday the weather was better than forecast and we saw more qualifiers, ending up with 4 in each of the Nosework Stakes.

Our judges were great and had all judged for us before, one of them (Tony) at our very first trial.  They were: Tony Orchard (TD), Peter Jones (UD), Jennifer Speake (CD) and Ray Lea (C/A). Thank you all for your company and making the trial run so smoothly.  We managed to do the presentation earlier than ever before.

Big Thank You to all the Working Trials Members of Banbury Dog Club – you are a great team and without you this trial would not still be going after 20 years. There are too many to mention all by name, but I would just like to make a few special thank you’s again to: Sue Lawrie and Jo Jennings for creating a super meal for all the helpers on the Friday, Steph Gordon and Colin Bricknell for organising the kitchen and the helpers’ rota over the 3 days, John Simpson for organising the Calor Gaz, Pat Sunderland for once more escorting the TD competitors for the 3 days and Lynne Griffiths for being the very efficient Base Steward again for all 3 days, in spite of having a major distraction next to the desk sitting in a cage! 

Last but not least, big thank you to our photographers, Jo Jennings, Ian Watts and Heather Donnelly for taking some super shots and Jo for putting them on our website so quickly and efficiently.  Anybody interested, visit us on and click on Hinton Open Trial and scroll down to Photo Gallery. Thank you Jo, they sum our trial up rather well.

Finally thank you to all the competitors for entering our trial – you were a very cheery bunch and quite a few of you have not been in trials for very long, giving us all hope that perhaps our sport is not yet dying after all.

Carla Nieuwenhuizen


Stake: CD


Steward: John Simpson

My thanks to the B and DDTS committee for asking me to judge, to Carla for once again running a very successful trial (the 20th - many congratulations!), and to the blue-aproned squad in the kitchen. Many thanks too to my excellent steward, John, who worked hard to help the handlers conquer their nerves. Five teams ran. We had 100% success rate in the square; the dogs were all well motivated and made short work of it. Control was generally well done but agility was a different story, with none of the dogs yet confident enough on the jumps. No overall qualifiers, though the winner gained qualifying marks in each section.

1st BUTTECSH’S BEST TO PELE, Sam Rawson. Keep going, you’re nearly there. 78.5

2nd WAGGERLAND WITCH, Veronica Hourihane.  A good performance, only the scale stood between you and success. 83.5

3rd MY GIRL HEIDI, Eva Carter.  A promising performance by a very new team. 78.5

4th BANJO PATTERSON, Judith Perrin.  Another promising team, let down by the jumps. 71.5


Stake: UD and TD C/A


Steward: Shirley Simpson

Many thanks to the committee of Banbury  for the invitation to judge the C/A at the recent open trial.  It was a great pleasure to be back at Banbury again and to be part of this lovely trial. To all the kitchen staff for keeping Shirley and myself fed and watered for all three days (overfed!), a very big thank you - and you all looked fantastic in your new Banbury uniforms.  To Sue Lawrie, thank you for a fantastic meal on Friday night, and to Jo for the fab deserts, made to make your mouth water.  To Lynne and Jane in base, always a tough job, thank you. To Carla and Jeremy, a MASSIVE thank you for the hospitality you showed in opening your beautiful home to us for the three nights. To Shirley, my steward for all three days, who gave clear instructions to everyone and put everyone at their ease; and also for playing mum out in the field, making the tea and making sure I had some thing to eat - very many thanks.  You were  a pleasure to work with and great company. To the members of Banbury, you should give yourselves a big pat on the back for the way you make every one welcome, and for making me feel like a part of your big family - thank you.  And to the land owners for allowing us to use their land, thank you; without you we cannot carry out our hobby.  And to all who took part, thank you for entering and allowing me to judge you and your dogs.

The weather at Banbury was very mixed; this year we had rain, sun, hail and cold winds.

UD Stake

The UD round started with the retrieve and then on to the heelwork, with 20 paces at normal, right turn still in normal for a further 20 paces, then left turn into fast pace for 20 paces, left turn for 20 paces, then left turn into slow pace for 20 paces, about turn for 20 paces to the sendaway point, which was 60yds to a post in the hedge.  This was followed by walking with the dog under control to the jumps.  Not a big round, but I wanted to see it done in a smart and tidy way.  The jumps and the stays took a big toll with only four qualifiers.

1st Ms R Elliot with WINDMILLS MISTER SOFTEE, WSD, 194.5.  Very nice steady round, best UD C/A trophy.  Well done

2nd Mr L Newman with SALLY BELL, WSD, 191.   A very nice round by an experienced handler.  Well done.

3rd Mrs I Seymour with OAKENHEART JUST AN ILLUSION, GSD, 182.  Good steady round.  Well done .

4th Miss A Collen with RAMBAUDS ORTIE, Pyrenean Sheepdog, 169.  A little dog with a big heart.

TD Stake

The TD round started with the speak followed by the heelwork, the same as in the UD stake to the sendaway point.  The sendaway was quite short for a TD, just 98yards to a pole (most dogs found this a problem) and then the redirect 90yds to a big pile of straw; only four dogs did the distance.

1st Miss M McClellan with ASTRA STORM, BC, 201.  Quality round by this team, as the points show.  Well done

2nd Mrs J Holt with HULLATER BROCK, WSD, 193.5.  Well done, Jenny, good luck in ticket.

3rd Mr P Adams with GLENALPINE MEG, BC, 182.  Nice round in the worst of the weather.  Well done

4th Ms R Cahill with VOMKYNA BORUSS, GSD, 176.5.  Nice round from this team, winning the best TD C/A trophy.

Good luck to every one in the future


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Anne Shepherd, Clive Griffiths

Square Steward: Diana Stephens

It is always my pleasure to attend at B&DDTS, whether it’s competing, judging, helping or attending at their clubs progress tests. This is a very active society with a great atmosphere and Carla at the helm holding it all together.

Tracking was on lush arable land and although the weather forecast was not looking good we managed to complete tracking both days before the heavy showers came.

We had 24 entries and 18 worked with 15 obtaining qualifying marks in the nosework section.

Maggie Moran, ALTRICIA TODDIE, BC, 90/20/35, 145.  Best Track & Best Nosework Trophies.

Richard Cornwell, LAKATAMIA NORTON, GSD, 89.5/20/35, 144.5

Rosemary Elliott, WINDMILLS IRON WILL, WSD, 89/20/34, 143

Angela Higgins, LAETARE SWEET CHARIOT, BC, 88/20/35, 143

Rosemary Elliott, WINDMILLS MISTER SOFTEE, WSD, 88/20/33, 141

Len Newman, SALLY BELL, WSD, 87/20/34, 141

Megan Jones, PRINCESS MILLIE MOO, WSD, 88/20/31, 139

Irene Seymour, OAKENHEART JUST AN ILLUSION, GSD, 90/20/26, 136

Samantha Rawson, BUTTECSCH’S BEST TO PELE (NAF), WSD, 89/20/25, 134

Dianne Assheton-Bowtle, ASHBOW KRAZY KIA, GSD, 87/20/23, 130

Barry Gilbert, IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Std Poodle, 90/20/17, 127

Angela Sanders, STARSHOT BUCCANEER AT SZIKRAS, HWHV, 89/20/18, 127

Ann Collen, RAMBAUDS ORTIE, P.SD, 84/10/27, 121

Heather Donnelly, MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, BC, 88/10/17, 115

Penny Bellis, VOMKYNA CHRISTA, GSD, 70/10/26, 106

The standard of tracking was very good; the only criticism I would have is that some handlers interfered with their dogs whilst working the square. I will leave the C/A Judge to list the final placing and qualifiers.

Thanks to my tracklayers and square steward who did a super job and were great company for the two days. Thanks to the catering ladies and all the other gofer’s who helped to make this a very successful trial, and lastly a special mention to Lynne Griffiths who ran base registration and scores even though she had only just picked up a super puppy - best wishes for the future with it.


Stake: TD Nosework

Judge: Tony Orchard

Steward: Patty Hunter and Jenny Orchard

Tracklayers: Penny Bellis, Chris Gregory, Jennifer Speak and Jane Webb

40 Entered, 33 Ran

I would like to thank Carla and Banbury and District DTS committee for inviting me to judge the Tracking Dog nosework.  Banbury DTS runs one of the best open trials in the country, it is well organised with numerous friendly, willing and experienced helpers.

The tracking conditions are normally very good with tracking on large lush cereal fields.  However, this year although conditions looked good the dogs knew otherwise - the tracking proved very difficult.  I think it was mainly due to the weather, which was very showery, and in the showers the temperature really dropped away, then the sun shone and up went the temperatures.  The Friday was the worst day, being cold with high winds accompanying heavy squally showers of rain and hail.  The earlier tracks proved better, probably because it was only later on in the morning that conditions became so changeable.

The  long diagonal first leg tested the competitors belief in their dogs, with some very hesitant handling; most dogs that started did not find tracking across the drill difficult.   12 dogs finished the track, 19 did not get further than the fourth leg, the other two managed to get to within the last two legs.

None of the articles, an emery board, a 1.5 inch square carpet, and a 2 inch piece of green wellington boot, proved too difficult, with most of these twelve dogs finding them.  The searches were generally poor, with dogs showing a lack of  motivation and not searching the square  thoroughly.  Only 7 dogs retrieved four articles and 12 retrieved three - when you remember that 19 dogs did not exactly exhaust  themselves tracking, it was not impressive.  The articles were a cartridge, a 3 inch wire cable, a 2 inch piece of broom handle, and a knotted 3 inch piece of string.

1st201, Miss M McLellan, ASTRA STORM, CDEx, UDEx, WDEX, BC, D.      A brilliant track, 94 with all track articles, great line handling and an ability to read Storms every move.  A good search after a fast track, missing the wire.  Storm did not get down wind of it. Awarded Best Nosework. An experienced handler with a motivated dog, a very worthy winner. Congratulations.

2nd193.5, Mrs J Holt, HULLATER BROCK, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx,  WSD, D.      Brock had to work hard on the track, losing 11 marks, but was extremely well handled and found all three articles.  With a lot of assistance from the handler four articles were recovered from the square. A well earned second place, well done.

3rd182, Mr P Adams, GLENALPINE MEG, CDEx, UDEx,  BC, B.  Another brilliant track, only losing 5 marks. Really well handled - very good eyesight from Paul finding the first article, with Meg finding the other two.  The search proved a little difficult with only two articles.  The only dog to qualify on the Friday, the third track of the day completed in a very gusty wind.  A very well handled round. Congratulations.         

4th176.5 Ms R Cahill, VOMKYNA BORUSS, CDEx, UDEx, WDEX, GSD, D.

An excellently worked track in a hollow with a very gusty wind and sparse patches of growth.  A demonstration of team work, a real shame more competitors were not watching.  It did of course really  tire the dog for the square but two articles earned you a qualification - congratulations.

Best Track: NQ, Mr D Barker, MORROW AMAROO, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, B.                     Cool, calm and collected described David’s handling - lovely to watch.

Best Crossbreed: NQ, Mrs A Shepherd, LITTLE MISS LOTTIE.  A confident track, making the conditions look easy.

Now to the thanks: - to my track layers listed at the start of the report - they were brilliant and very fortunately experienced at finding articles.  They were also very good company. My search stewards did an excellent job - every competitor faced exactly the same test.  The base was efficiently run by Lynne Griffith, the escorts delivered competitors so there were no delays.  Throughout the trial the catering was top class, with the resident chefs Sue Lawrie and Jo Jennings producing a really appetising meal on Friday evening.

The social evening in the Rose and Crown was very much appreciated, organised by Carla who as always makes trials management look so easy.

Finally thank you to the competitors for entering under me and coping with some very difficult conditions; good luck for your next trial.

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