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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 11 April 2004

Trial's Manager's Report

We almost lost our base this year as the Cricket Club grounds had been re-seeded and we could not reach the club house without trampling all over them. However thanks to club member Lesley Jones we got hold of some good matting and managed to create a walkway giving competitors the red carpet treatment!

The conditions in the fields were just as good and once again we had many qualifiers in both stakes. Thanks to a lot of hard work from lots of club members our trial ran again like clockwork and there were no complaints. Special thank you to Mark Riley and Sue Lawrie who slaved over the hot (calorgaz) stove from 6.30am every morning cooking 5 star breakfasts for all the helpers if they arrived on time!

Steve Liney laid again the early morning TD Tracks and we managed to find him some flat fields this year! We dragged Debbie Guy out of retirement, as she is brilliant at running the base. We'll get ourselves better organised next year, we promise, Debbie!   Pat Sunderland did most of the escorting again, as she knows all the fields and farmers better than any of us. She also managed to find us another set of fields this year, thank you Pat.

So a big thank you to all the above and also all other members who helped out with cleaning, cooking and baking cakes, preparing and cleaning up and escorting. There are too many of you to mention you all by name but please know you are all appreciated.

Thank you also to all the judges, Sue Jones (TD), Carol Lennon (C & A), Jane Webb (UD) and Marney Wells (CD). You were all great company and made sure everybody had a chance to qualify. (Banbury Trial will soon get banned for having too many qualifiers!)

Finally thank you to all the competitors for entering our trial. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves regardless if your dog qualified or not. We wish you all good luck at your next trial.



CD Stake


Steward:  Hazell Burton

I have many happy memories of being a competitor at Banbury trials so it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to judge at one - thanks, Carla and the Banbury committee.

Hazell did a grand job stewarding both squares and C&A.  She really wanted to get it right, so she did!  She was jolly good company throughout the day as well - thanks Hazell, I would recommend you to anyone.  The base was ably 'manned' by Debbie and the kitchen staff were great - thanks one and all.

As seems to be the general trend at open trials, there was not a huge entry in CD (six with one scratch) but it made my day to have five different breeds compete and all with lovely handlers.

On the day, not one dog managed to qualify on the jumps (even with second attempts) and none of the little blighters did both stays!! I set a sendaway of forty paces to a bollard that I thought was a giveaway - but who knows what dogs see? Having said that, all of the dogs have the potential to succeed when they get it all together. 

1st           Liz McIntosh with WAGGERLAND FAIRLIE BC.(B)  Fairlie will easily qualify soon. She just missed out by moving on the sit stay and recalling rather rapidly over the scale - but what a lovely happy attitude to have!  Good sendaway. Lovely search with no mouthing of articles, just watch how close you are to the square, Liz!  Well done on coming first today!

2nd         & Best Nosework Trophy. Jackie Jarman with PEPSANNER PRINCE PALATINE. G.Ret.(D). It's always a delight to see Josh work, he's such a gentleman and at nine years old can certainly teach those young dogs a thing or two!  Jackie handles him so well and with full marks on the nosework and control she must be really proud of him. 

3rd          Diana Stephens with MEASTRO THE POCKET ROCKET. X.(D).  I have written 'Happy' and 'Lovely' on my judging sheet and that about sums up Maestro.  His main mistakes were due to over enthusiasm, and with Diana in control, I am sure that that will be steered in the desired direction! My only full mark sendaway - what an aptly named dog.

4th.         Jean Walker with SUPETA'S LYIN EYES FOR SIZLIN JW. Dobe (B). I did not realise that Dandy had been so successful in the show ring until I saw the catalogue - well done, Jean, to have a beauty with brains.  I wish more people believed it possible in ALL breeds.  Her control round was very good even if she did not like my sendaway! And Jean's delighted reaction to Dandy's recall over the scale was lovely, it's just a shame you did not wait to be told to recall her - but, what the hell, she enjoyed it!  Well done.

My fifth competitor was Michelle Bouchard with Arco (Filo z Breziny vom Bestmate) a GSD who proved he is quite able to retrieve search articles very well when he's thinking about them.  His control is fine apart from the miserable judge setting a beast of a sendaway (sorry!) and Michelle's attitude to his jumps was lovely.  You can do it!

What a lovely bunch of competitors. No one can pretend it is easy to train a dog for trials but how the dogs love it and how rewarding it is when it all goes well, as I am sure it will for all of you in the near future.


TD & UD Control & Agility


Steward: Mrs Yvonne Fearon

My thanks go to Banbury for inviting me to judge. I would also like to thank everyone in the kitchen who looked after us so well and Steve Liney for stay stewarding. To all the competitors, you were friendly and polite which made the weekend especially enjoyable - Thank you.

However my special thanks goes to Yvonne for not only being my steward but also for bailing me out when, at 6.OOam on Friday morning, my car broke down - a true friend!!

The weather was variable - we needed sun block on Friday, thermal vests on Saturday, Sunday was non-descript.

The overall standard of control in both UD and TD was superb. Unfortunately the agility section was the main downfall in the UD section. The best UD control round was done by Mr D Waite and Dunnslayne Blue Omen. The best TD control round was done by:-Mrs W Beasley and Glenalpine Phoebe of Stardell.


I will leave the nosework judges to provide the individual results.

A final note - thank you to my husband for his support behind the scenes enabling me to have three days free from home commitments.


U.D. Nosework


Tracklayers: Heather & Patrick Donnelly

Steward: Anne Sheppard

Many thanks to B&DDTS for inviting me to judge at the Banbury trial. I thouroughly enjoyed my two days and it was extra special being my home trial and where it all began for me! Thankyou to Carla for all your hard work as trials manager, I don't think many peple realise quite how much work goes into organising a trial. My team were wonderful

great company & expertise. Thank you to Heather & Patrick for laying all the tracks just as I asked , the majority of teams got round which shows how well they were laid. Patrick was a new recruit to track laying & took the whole experience in his stride ( he has a great teacher!). His expertise includes avoiding large holes & keeping the judge in order!

Anne my steward you were great, I knew you would be. All squares laid beautifully & timed to perfection but I hold you responsible for all the laughter! It was great for me having an experienced team who did the job leaving me to concentrate on judging. Mark & Sue taking on the kitchen gave me the chance to venture onto pastures new I can't thankyou enough. We were fed so well and the kitchen ran so smoothly well done. Thanks too for a lovely meal in the pub on Saturday night.

Tracking was on lush corn & the weather was good to us, sometimes too good with very little wind making the searches more difficult. We saw some lovely dogs & handling, the competitors were without exception a pleasure to judge. Thankyou for excepting my decisions & competing under me.

1st           Mrs M Robinson, TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, B.C. (B).Exellent performance only losing 1 mark on the nosework. Well done.CoM 194. 

2nd         Mrs E de Unger, BARNSTHORN SRIKE IT LUCKY, Lab.  (D). Another lovely nosework performance, Well done,CoM 193

3rd          Mrs S Williams, WAGGERLAND BRIG, B.C. (D). A slightly sticky start but tracked beautifully once into it, full mark square well done.CoM 190.5. 

4th            Mrs L Newman, BAYRIVER ANTICS, GSD, (B}. Well done Le also winning the Rocky Mountain Trophy for best GSD. CoM 189.5

Also Qualified:

Mrs S Ashby, THE ECHO, WSD,  (B) I think Sue said she hasn't competed for 7 years well she's back with avengance winning best track on 89.5! Well done.CoM 188

Ms D Stephens, MAESTRO THE POCKET ROCKET,  X,  (D). Another competitor back after a long break only losing 1 on the track. This dog lives up to his name you have to see it to believe it! Well done Diana. CoM 187

Mrs S Bergh-Roose, TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY,  GSD,  (D).CoM  186.5 


Hard luck story of the stake, Mr D Waite & Dunnslayne Blue Omen, WSD,  D.  Lovely track unfortunately only one from the square but winning best control. I believe you've made up for it since, well done.


T.D. Stake Nosework


Search Steward: Lynne Lmey

Tracklayers: Steve Liney, Tony Orchard, Chris Gregory & Jennifer Speake.

Thanks to the Society for the invite to judge at this well run & organised trial, with a special recognition to Carla who once again did a fine job as Trials Manager. She was ably assisted by a great band of helpers. Carla also included in my judging pack a list of all her helpers, times for starting and finishing and details of social activities which all went as planned.

My tracklayers and Square Steward were great company and made the three days very enjoyable and gave all competitors a fair chance with the test that I had set. Steve laid the first tracks on the Friday in thick fog, which was a bit of a test, but he must be commended on job well done.

Mark Riley & Sue Lawne were in charge of the catering and provided excellent butties and sandwiches and also super homemade cakes provided by various members of the society.

Tracking was on winter wheat with a very nice growth and all dogs that worked applied themselves very well to the task at hand and we were able to watched some excellent tracks and squares.

1st           Mrs M Jones MERRYSTEP SKIP BC (D) 164 Only lost one mark on the track and a full point square, which was completed

in S5sec. Well done to you both.

2nd         Mrs P Sunderland GRELGANNA BEWITCHED WSD (B) 163 This was Jelly's last trial and what a way to finish lost only two marks. Have a happy retirement.

3rd          Mr P Bryan WAGGERLAND WANNABEE of BRYNBOURNE BC (D) 160 A super dog and well read by Paul when on the second leg of track.

4th          Mrs W Beasley GLENALPINE PHOEBE of STARDELL BC (B) 152 Nice track, missed first article & full mark square.










Mr A Buchanan GLENALP1NE SOCKS BC (B) 139

We had 19 teams qualifying out of 25 that worked the nose-work section. which was very good, I think that this was down to the excellent conditions and also experienced handlers with new dogs. I would like to say thanks to all who took part and for accepting my decisions.

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