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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 17 April 2005

Trial's Manager's Report

Our 17th Trial at one time looked like it might have to be cancelled as 2 of our main stay farms have been sold off which resulted in us losing nearly 800 acres of land. We managed to find some alternative fields and waited for the dreaded 'Sprayers' to arrive. Luckily our regular farmers are extremely accommodating and left us some fields to work with. I was pleased to see that we ended up with more qualifiers in the TD Stake than ever before. Mind you, I realise now that it was not just the fantastic conditions of the lush fields and the perfect tracking weather, it was the fact that people can keep entering this stake until they qualify their dogs TDX, which makes for more experienced teams competing. The UD Stake by contrast did not have any qualifiers for the first time in spite of having the same conditions.

We had some new members helping out at this trial adding to our regular band of helpers who now know the ropes so well that they could run this trial without me! I am only there to make sure they don't get too relaxed! So as always I was spoilt for choice and I would like to thank all those who offered help and if I was not able to use you this year, please offer again next year as each year the situation changes.

We had Sue Lawrie in charge of catering this year, not an easy task in a kitchen powered only by Calorgaz. Sue also produced a lovely dinner for us on the Friday evening which included 4 vegetarians. A Big Thank You Sue and beware: I think you're going to have a permanent job! Thank you also to Mark Riley, Jo Jennings and Lynne & Colin Bicknell for helping do the early morning breakfasts on the different days and all the other club members who came and helped, too many to mention all by name.

Steve Liney once again did all the early morning tracks and was rewarded by seeing the majority of his teams succeed. Jane Webb ran the base for the full 3 days for the first time, making sure we did not lose any tracks and also keeping perfect scores. Pat Sunderland did the field catering also for the first time which was great as it kept the pressure off the kitchen. She also did the majority of escorting, assisted by Diana Stephens on the Saturday and Mark Riley also on the Sunday.  So a big thank you to all the above and also all other members who helped out with cleaning, cooking and baking cakes, preparing and cleaning up. There are too many of you to mention you all by name but please know you are all appreciated.

Thank you also to all the judges, Penny Bellis (TD), Maureen Regan (C & A), Marney Wells (UD) and Alison Davidson (CD). You were all great judges to work with and set very sensible tests giving all competitors a chance to qualify.

Finally thank you to all the competitors for entering our trial. There were a lot of you: 39 in the TD and 21 in the UD and 11 in the CD with very few cancellations this time.

Looking at all the smiling faces it was difficult to tell who had qualified or not, which means you have all got your priorities right. There were no dogs left at the trial!

Last but not least thank you to Patrick Donnelly for putting our scores on the Internet for everybody's perusal.



C. D. Stake


Steward: Diana Stephens

Many thanks for the invitation to judge at Banbury Trial. This year we had the usual good weather that we have come to expect at this lovely venue. Carla ensures everything runs smoothly and Jane did a wonderful job as Base Steward. My thanks also to all in the kitchen (especially the cake makers).

Diana Stephens was my Steward and a brilliant job she did too. I enrolled a few extras to help steward the stays as I had been warned by the competitors that their dogs would probably break, so thanks also to Lyn and Steve Liney and Eleanor Mestraud. These were much needed to guide each dog to a safe place. As all six dogs at various intervals left the down stay one remained with of course four stewards and myself watching over him!

Everyone I feel got something positive from the day and went away knowing which exercise needs more work. Lots of potential from dogs and handlers. I look forward to seeing them again as they progress through the stakes.

1st           87/100 Q Miss N Simper with BARKING MAD BARNEY WHWT. A super little dog. Very well handled, they were a joy to watch. Also winning Best Nosework

2nd         701/2/100 NQ Mrs T Whorwood GSD. Well done Tanya nearly there.

3rd          561/2/100 NQ Mrs M Dixon Xbreed. Only dog to get full marks for the jumps. Keep going you will get there soon.

4th          55/100 NQ Lab Ms W Harpur. Excellent retrieve. Just needs a bit more motivation to do the square.


UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Ann Shepherd (two days) Alison Davidson (Saturday) Jennifer Speake (Sunday)

Square steward - John Simpson

Thank you, Banbury and Carla for asking me to judge the UD Nosework. I have so many happy memories of competing at Hinton in the Hedges it was lovely to be back there judging. Carla seems to be getting the hang of managing a really efficient trial after so many years of practice and it meant that I could relax knowing that everything was taken care of - my tracklayers were brilliant, I just handed over the instructions and they got on with it, ensuring that all competitors had the best possible chance of success. John was a super steward, laying all the squares just as I wanted them. All of the UD team were great company for the two days. The escorts, Pat Sunderland, Mark Riley and Jenny Robinson made sure that the competitors all arrived when and where we wanted them and Mark doubled as Deliverer of Judge's Coffee Flask - Carla knows how to keep me happy, that coffee was lovely!

Back in the Base, Jane Webb was scary enough to keep all in order! She did a brilliant job of organising people and score sheets, which has got to be one of the most stressful at any trial. The food was brilliant, starting with breakfast at the base, lunch delivered to the fields and the excellent meal produced on Friday evening (rounded off with Pat's Pudding). Sue Lawrie and her catering gang were so good, they will probably never be allowed out of the kitchen.

Having seen some really lovely nosework, it was disappointing to all of us involved in UD that we did not have one qualifier overall. So many of you are more than capable of qualifying - keep on training and keep enjoying your dogs and trials.

1st           Carla Morris with AZI AZA KITE, WSD (D). Kite has an attitude to die for. He did panic us on the third leg of the track when he decided that the track layer had been airlifted off but Carla stayed calm (well, she appeared to!), let him work it out and did the rest of the track brilliantly. He followed that with a super square. Sorry you did not qualify, you certainly are more than capable of doing so.

2nd         & Best Track. Jane Hedges with TREVORSILK INDIAN QUEEN, FCR (B). I believe this was Jane and Maya's first trial, which must give Jane great confidence for the future. What a track! It was an absolute joy to watch. Get that scale sorted and there will be no stopping you.

3rd          Brian Wooton with BLERIO REFLECTION, GSD (D). Brian did not think that Beano would do a very good track - well he was very wrong! It was smashing! He even found an extra 'article', an old piece of rubber band that a TD dog would have been proud of. Well done.

4th          Sue Drake with TIMBA OF HARDY VICTORY, XBREED (D). Sue was in two minds as to whether or not to compete, so I think she must have been very pleased with Timba's nosework. He tracked very well until he lost his way on the last corner. He then did one of the best squares of the stake. Only two other dogs managed to retrieve all four articles, although no article in particular caused a problem. Timba certainly had no difficulty, with no mouthing and only one drop.

The Best Nosework award went to Lynne Liney with HORNAGE COPSE LAD. Lynne, you do not need to be so nervous, Boss will get you round those tracks and sort out the squares with no problems! He's lovely.

Thanks to all the competitors who entered under me, I hope you and your dogs enjoyed the test. Thank you Carla and Jeremy for making me feel so welcome in your beautiful home and thank you Banbury DTS, for the gift, I am sure it will be well used.


Stake: TD


Steward: Margaret Jones

Tracklayers: Steve Liney, Jennifer Speake, Tony Orchard

Thank you very much to Banbury and District Dog Training Society for the appointment to judge the Tracking Dog Stake at your annual open trial at Hinton in the Hedges. Thank you Carla and Jeremy for having Rosie and me to stay at your home.

Thank you very much to the helpers assigned to my stake. I had top class tracklayers, Steve Liney, Jennifer Speake, Tony Orchard. Thanks Margaret too for laying every square giving each competitor the best chance - in case they needed it! Thanks to Sue Lawrie and team for creating the Friday night meal at the base, and Sue, Mark Riley and Pat Sunderland and team for looking after us during the day.

The trial is very special to me, as I have always had a good time here. This year I had some insight into the reasons. Carla is intensively organised but hides it well creating a minimum of stress. The pleasant atmosphere reverberates throughout the helpers creating the friendliness associated with Banbury. No doubt this had some effect on the huge entry this year.

The test that I set, I believed to be commensurate with the open TD stake and to the conditions; which were fairly thick winter wheat grown to 12" high. The very high numbers of qualifiers in this stake, therefore, speaks for the excellent ground and weather conditions at the trial and to the very able competitors. The standard of the work for the most part was top rate. Almost all dogs entered in the stake made a good job of the track. In view of the unusually high number of qualifiers I will describe my test in detail.

I enclose my track pattern, which was 16 legs and included 5 acute angles. Track articles were 1) sash cord half centimetre in diameter 5" long then tied in a single knot. 2) Piece of thin towelling 3" x 0.5" 4) Piece of hose 2" long. All three track articles were track coloured.

Search articles were 1) Blue plastic packing tape 1cm x 4" 2) Half a normal wooden clothes peg 3)Piece of green scourer 1.5" x 1" 4) Green plastic garden tie 13cm x 0.5cm.

As to the qualifiers:

1st           BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY handled by Mrs E. de Unger, Lab D. Marks 211.5/220. Track 97 Art 30 Sq 33. COM. Lovely bouncy Labrador which is accurate too. This team also won the best nosework trophy.

2nd         ALICE ON SPRINGS CDX, UDX, WDX. handled by Mrs F. Ball. Lab B. marks 210/220. Track 97 Art 30 Sq 31.5 COM. Up the Labradors!

3rd          OUR DUG CDX, UDX, WDX. handled by Mrs J Atkins BC D. Marks 207/220 Track 98 Art 30 Sq 27.5 COM. Very accurate and businesslike nosework.

4th          TONAYIA RUNNING WILD handled by Mr R Lea. WSD B. Marks 206.25/220. Track 98.25 Art 20 Sq 35 COM . lovely corners on the track and full mark square. Unfortunately missed the last article.

Other qualifiers:

TRKINDALE CODA CDX UDX WDX handled by Mrs L. Baker WSD B. Marks 205.5/220 Track 98.5 Art 30 Sq 28 COM. Very steady and accurate track. This team won the Best Track Trophy.

PHARM PHRESH PHOEBE CDX UDX WDX Cross B Marks 204.5/220 Track 97 Art 30 Sq 27 COM Another very accurate dog with a waggy tail. This dog won the best crossbreed dog trophy.

WAGGERLAND JASPER AT BRYNBOURNE handled by Mrs M Bryan. WSD D. Marks 203/220 Track 95 Art 30 Sq 34 COM nice work.

CONNEYWARREN TUCKER BOX CDX UDX handled by Colin Ball Lab D Marks 201/220 Track 96.5 art 25 sq 26.5. COM. The track was good teamwork, Colin finding as many articles as TUCKER! Vast control round too I understand.

RUNFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERAN handled by Mr G Mayes. WSD D. Marks 198.5/220 Track 97 Art 20 Sq 34. COM. Another nice steady positive track.

MAESTRO THE POCKET ROCKET handled by Mrs D Stephens Cross D. Marks 198/220 Track 95.5 art 30 sq 28 COM enthusiastic and great fun to watch.

WINDSTOCK HERCULES CDX UDX WDX handled by Mrs P Hodgkins. FCR D. Marks 192/220 Track 94.25 Art 20 Sq 32.5 COM. Well done.

SLIEVE CLINKER CDX UDX WDX handled by Miss P Middleton-Smith. BC B. Marks 191.25 Track 95.75 Art 20 Sq 27.25 COM. Daintily enthusiastic dog.

CHEYENNE JANE CDX UDX WDX handled by Stella Parr. GSD B Marks 193.73 Track 96.75 Art 20 Sq 28 COM KENDRA won the best GSD Trophy.

THE ECHO CDX UDX handled by Mrs S Ashby. WSD B Marks 187/220 Track 94.5 Art 30 Sq 19 COM Second square article just in time!

SZIKRAS HEIGHT OF FORTUNE CDX UDX WDX handled by Mrs A Saunders. Cross D. Marks 185.5/220 Track 94 art 20 Sq 25 COM Well done.

Great trial. Brilliant nosework and super company. I hope my competitors enjoyed it as much.


Control & Agility


Steward: Shirley Simpson

 Thank you Banbury for the invitation to judge the control.   Carla and her team run a super trial.  Thank you Carla and Jeremy for sharing your home with Penny, Marney and myself.  No mean feat to be the trials manager and come home to a house full of buzzing judges.  My thanks to the team in the kitchen, even going to the trouble of catering for my Wheat/Dairy free diet - very much appreciated - thank you.    A big thank you to Shirley for stewarding for me.    It was Shirley's first time stewarding a Working Trial Control, she is a very experienced obedience competitor/steward, and your experience showed. Thank you Shirley, you were great, and such good company too.

TD  Stake

 1st          Liz de Unger   BARNSTHORN STRIKE IT LUCKY.  Lab   D   211.5

Well done    Full mark heel work and jumps    Lovely to watch.  good luck for ticket.  Also winner of Best Nosework

2nd         Francis Ball  ALICE ON SPRINGS   Lab   B   210

A Lovely round.  Alice loved every minute of it.   Good luck for ticket

3rd          Julie Atkins   OUR DUG   B C   D   207

Boy has this team flown through the stakes.  Full mark send away, a pleasure to see you work.  Good luck in Ticket.

4th          Ray Leah   TONAYIA RUNNING WILD   W S D  B  206 1/4      Only lost 2 marks in the control round super to watch.   Again good luck for ticket.

Also qualifying TD Open

L Baker TRKINDALE CODA  W S D  B  on 2051/2



C Ball  Conneywarren TUCKER BOX  Lab  D  201   Also winner of the best Control Round

G Mayes Runfold TEMPEST OF OBERAN  WSD  D  1981/2

D Stephens Maestro THE POCKET ROCKET  Cross  D  198

S  Parr  CHEYENNE JANE  G S D  B  193 3/4  Also winner of Best GSD

Pat Hodgkins    WINDSTOCK HERCULES  FCR  D  192

P Middleton-Smith  SLIEVE CLINKER  B C  B   191 1/4

Sue Ashby   THE ECHO  WSD  B  187


Well done every one

UD Stake

Unfortunately there were no qualifiers in the UD Stake, but I'm sure it won't be long until you do.

1st           C Morris   AZI AZA KITE  WSD  D  173 1/2

2nd         J Hedges  TREVORSILK INDIAN QUEEN  FCR  B  171. 1/2

3rd          B Wooton  BLERIO REFLECTION  GSD  D   163.1/2

4th          S Zaccheim  TIMBA OF HARDY VICTORY  Cross  D  163 1/2   

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