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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 16 April 2006

Trial’s Manager’s Report

Our 18th Trial ran again like clockwork thanks to our hardworking band of club members who all did a sterling job.  I always feel guilty at the end of each trial when I seem to get all the credit whereas I know that without the back up of our fantastic team this trial would not have the good reputation that it has.

How lucky we are to have people who are willing to give up 3 days in a row, taking time off work and who are prepared to ‘neglect’ their own dogs for this time in order to help others succeed. This means that we can provide a judge with the same team for 3 days which is every Trial’s Manager’s dream! We had some new helpers this year who were shown the ropes by the more experienced members and they all did a great job.

So an extremely big thank you to:

The UD Nosework Team: Chris Gregory and Clive Griffiths for laying 28 tracks between them and Anne Shepherd for doing all the search squares. Only 7 teams failed the nosework!

The TD Nosework Team: Penny Bellis for laying all the early morning tracks, Tony Orchard for laying all the ‘hilly’ tracks and John Simpson all 22 search squares.

Our ‘resident’ C & A steward: Shirley Simpson who is now called Sheila!   Out of a total of 61 (UD & TD) competitors entered 50 actually showed up.

Our Base Team: Jane Webb & Lynne Griffiths who ensured that we never lost a track and they got everything ready in time to do an early presentation on the Sunday.  Pat Sunderland who did all the escorting and all the field catering preventing all the helpers from keeling over.

Our KitchenTeam: Sue Lawrie who did all the preparation and organising and also cooked us all a super meal on the Friday night with help from Pat Sunderland. Mark Riley who did the majority of early morning breakfasts with Sue also assisted by Jo Jennings. Not forgetting all the other members who kept popping in and out to help out, too many to mention all by name. And last but not least Diana Stephens who had the worst job of all: taking care of all the pooh bags left hanging on the gate. Hope your dustmen won’t stop collecting from your house!

A very big thank you also to all the judges: Judy Meekings (TD), Raymond Lea (UD), Richard Cornwell (C & A) and Deb Williams (CD). You were all great to have around, so undemanding and so non-expecting that you nearly did not get your breakfast two days in a row! The total of 18 qualifiers, slightly higher than the national average showed you set your tests just right.

Finally thank you to all the competitors who supported our trial. You were a very cheerful lot and very uncomplaining. If you did not qualify this year we hope you will come and try again next year. Meanwhile we wish you all success at your next trial.

Carla Nieuwenhuizen


CD Stake


Steward:  Diana Stephens

Thank you Banbury for inviting me to judge the CD stake. To all the helpers at the base, Jane, Pat and Lynne, and the excellent catering from Sue, Mark and others a very big thank you.

My steward for the nosework and the control work was Diana who ensured all competitors were put at ease and commands easily heard. Thank you for your company and work.

There were 5 competitors in the stake and following the retrieve and search square, all of them were qualifying.  The articles for the search were a piece of carpet, a length of hose and a piece of wood.  4 dogs recovered all articles and 1 dog two articles.

The control work was of a good standard.  The sendaway was performed extremely well by two dogs, Tia a cocker spaniel and Leo a GSD. 3 out of 5 were qualifying after the control, unfortunately we lost 2 of them in the agility section.

In the stays, all 5 dogs obtained full marks for the sit and 3 dogs for the down.

1st           Mike Powell with Blod, BC on 85 marks and qualifying.  She has a lovely attitude, winning the stake for the first time of working a dog is great.  Good luck.

2nd         Kelly Sear with Tia, Cocker Spaniel on 80 marks, Non qualifier.  Once you have the jumps sorted out you will do well.

3rd          Chris Johnston with Leo, GSD on 75.5 marks, Non qualifier.

Hopefully you will be able to overcome the jump problem.

4th          Dot Levin with Dax, Weim on 70 marks, Non qualifier.

Stays and sendaway let you down today.

My best wishes to all the competitors and their dogs for competing in future working trials and thank you for accepting my decisions.

Lastly, but not least, Carla (Trials Manager) you and your helpers have a wonderful and friendly trial at Hinton in the Hedges, may it continue on for another 18 years!


Stake: UD and TD Control and Agility

Judge: Richard Cornwell

C & A Steward: Shirley Simpson

Thanks to the Banbury & District DTS committee for inviting me to judge the Control and Agility and for all the teams who entered under me. Sorry for turning you down last year.

Special thanks to Carla and Jeremy for putting me up in the 5 star Aynho “Hilton” truly splendid and it made my life with 2 dogs in the van to look after so much easier. Your company and that of everyone else staying there was great and we got to talk about dogs and trials in the evenings and didn’t bore anyone stupid.

A big thank-you to Shirley (DON’T CALL ME SHELIA) for stewarding a consistent round over all three days, as they say I couldn’t have done it without you. Apologies for my dyslexia and calling you Shelia all the time, made everyone else laugh though, especially when I got a good thump for my mistake.

The weather was consistent over all three days with cloud cover and periods of sunshine, the rain held off until leaving the base on the last day.

Jane and her understudy Lynne were very efficient at getting the scores sorted out even with Jane’s breaks for cigarettes outside. We would have finished even earlier on Sunday, but had a tie for first place in UD, I blame this on Ray Lea the UD Nosework Judge and I’ll bet he’ll blame me in his report. Lucky you only live round the corner Jane and was able to go and get your young dog.

Sue, Mark, Jo and all the rest of you who helped out with teas, coffees, cakes and making my enormous breakfasts, thanks. Always polite and nothing was too much trouble, not just for me, but all the other helpers and competitors alike. May be it is just part of the Banbury espri de corps that Banbury has because everyone who helps genuinely does so willingly and with such a passion. The “dirty meal” at the base on Friday was great thanks again Sue and also Pat for the sweets. The meal out on Saturday evening was also superb.

The UD and TD rounds were both totally different. TD commenced with a straight forward speak, then normal pace heelwork which was in a curved pattern from top to bottom around the jumps, followed by fast and slow pace. The heelwork was mostly of a high standard, but we did have a few dogs breaking towards the jumps or handlers trying to wander off. However, the biggest two faults were handlers talking to their dogs and dogs lagging behind. Next was the sendaway and redirect. From the run out I wanted the dogs recalled and re-directed across open land to the end of a hedge. This was either done very well or the handlers stopped themselves knowing they had not yet trained for this. UD commenced with retrieve, which was performed in most cases very well. This was followed by a simple heelwork pattern, again generally this was performed well. The sendaway was from a pole in the middle of the field towards the region of a plastic bag in the hedge. There would have been even more full mark sendaways, but some dogs lacked control and ran back towards their handlers.

The dogs generally performed well over the jumps and not many were lost as a result of failing to gain sufficient marks.

For the stays I asked the handlers to walk out of sight behind a trailer and the time was completed with the handlers out of sight. I had no headaches with this exercise, but we did have dogs sitting up or moving towards their handlers on all the stays that were carried out.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions. Congratulations to all those who qualified, well done. For those who are now able to compete in ticket good luck for the future. Most of the rest of you were knocking on the door with respect to the C & A part of your test, but a small number of you really were not ready or maybe you just had a “bad hair day” like most of us do from time to time. I really did enjoy the number of new entrants to trials with some different breeds to those that are normally at trials.


1st           June Reid and ESSEX GIRL (GSD). Q 194 After a run off.

2nd         Jane Webb and INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA (WSD). Q 194 Another Champ in the making.

3rd          Bob Shropshire and STYPERSON OLIVER (Lab). Q191.5

4th          Jackie Weaver and LENWORTH BRYONY (Lab). Q 191

Also Qualifying;

Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART CASEY (GSD). Q 183

Carol Brooke and THEALEFARM BROOKE (Lab). Q 181.5

Francis Stoneley and SPARKY OF WESSEX (WSD). Q 177.5

Kate Payton and JHAVA RUFINA CDex (Rott). Q 169


1st           Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL CDex, UDex, WDex (WSD). Q 210.5 Another good performance from Gyp.

2nd         Angela Porter and CARIS TYLER WOOD CDex, UDex, WDex (Golden Ret). Q 206 Super C & A round.

3rd          Lesley Jones and LIVELY CLIVE CDex, UDex, WDex (ESS). Q 205.5 Not easy to perform with such a large audience.

4th          Hazel Burton and HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR CDex, UDex, WDex (BC). Q 204.5

Also Qualifying:

Alan Ballinger’s DUSTER’S RAGAMUFFIN CDex, UDex, WDex. Q 203

Yvonne Fearon’s LAETARE BREAK DANCER (BC). Q 203

Shelia Williams’ WAGGERLAND BRIG (BC). Q 189

Fran Atkin’s BRONFYNNON BRECON CDex, UDex, WDex (WSD). Q 179.5


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Chris Gregory and Clive Griffiths

Many many thanks to Banbury &D.D.T.S. for the invitation to judge U.D. stake at their open trial in April 2006. Banbury is a trial I have always loved to enter but to judge here was a great thrill, everyone here is so friendly and the atmosphere was fantastic. My biggest thanks must go to Carla for inviting me into her beautiful home and looking after me for three days. To my track layers Chris and Clive who was laying competition tracks for the first time you were both brilliant thank you so much. And to my search steward the lovely Anne Shepherd who made every square exactly the same you were such good company and did a fantastic job thank you. To Sue Lawrie thank you for a lovely meal on the Friday night, and Pat Sunderland for getting everyone to their tracks on time and the mouth-watering cheese cake thank you both. To the base staff and every one else who helped to run this trial thank you. Tracking was on 6”-9” of wheat and the weather was perfect as the qualification on nose work shows 33 entered 28 ran and 21 qualified the standard was good, the track articles were a 3” x 0.5 piece of white tape and a blue aerosol cap the search articles were a red plastic cap, 2” x 2” piece black rubber, a green gun cartridge and a 5” lollie type stick. After three days we ended with a run off for 1st place with a brand new set of articles and it was quite tense right up to the end well done every one and thank you for excepting my decisions.

1st           J L Reed with ESSEX GIRL G.S.D. 194 pts. Well done June that’s a nice young rescue you did well in the run off

2nd         J. Webb with INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA W.S.D. 194 pts. Well-done Jane looks like you have got another good dog on the way.

3rd          R. Shropshire with STYPERSON OLIVER. Lab. 191.5pts another good round from Robert.

4th          J. Weaver with LENWORTH BRYONY Lab. 191pts well done Jackie you were so thrilled at the end of your nose work

5th          V.Wilford with RIACAUD ULRIC DE PICORS Pyenean Sheepdog 189.5pts now this team deserve a mention first time on a U.D trial not sure what to do but ho boy did this lovely little dog do the business getting the best nose work trophy well done

6th          E.Mestraud with WOLFHART FAIRLIE G.S.D. 183pts

7th C.Brooke with THEALEFARM BROOKE Lab. 181.5pts

8th          L. K. Stoneley with SPARKY OF WESSEX WSD 177.5pts

9th          K. Peyton with JHAVA RUFINA Rott. 169pts


TD nosework


Tracklayers: Penny Bellis, Tony Orchard

Steward: John Simpson

My thanks to Banbury DTS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework, and to all the helpers who made the trial run so smoothly.  Carla leaves nothing to chance, and every aspect of the event was superbly managed.  The team at the base were quietly efficient, the food was excellent, and even the weather was kind.  Thank you all very much, especially Sue for the Friday night meal, and Carla for the wonderful accommodation.

Penny and Tony laid all the tracks accurately, and every competitor had an equal chance, on well grown corn.  John was extremely conscientious with the squares, and most dogs found at least two articles.  Many thanks to you all for your hard work.

28 entered, 22 ran.

The standard of tracking was mixed, with a few dogs not yet ready for this level, but many of the tracks were really first class, both accurate and enthusiastic, with great article recovery.  Squares were, on the whole, less good, and a number of dogs seemed to lack motivation; mouthing and dropping were somewhat in evidence, with a few notable exceptions, and only 3 dogs got all 4 articles.

Well done to all the qualifiers, and good luck in the future.

1st           Tony Lockyer and DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL, WSD dog.  A very impressive youngster. Gyp tracked very accurately, and with huge enjoyment, and was the only dog to get full marks for the square.  I'm sure he'll go far, in Tony's capable hands. 

N/w 97.5 / 30 / 35 Total 210.5 Q

2nd         Angela Porter with CARIS TYLER WOOD, Golden Retriever dog.  Charlie tracked very well and enthusiastically, with style and panache, a joy to watch.   A missed article in the square cost first place, but I'm sure he also has a sparkling future. 

N/w 97.5 / 30 / 25 Total 206  Q

3rd          Lesley Jones and LIVELY CLIVE, English Springer Spaniel dog.  Clive is a stunning tracking dog, working with great style and motivation, which gave him the best track award.  It'll be great to see another Springer working in Ticket - I hope you get your TDEx soon, Lesley.

N/w 97.5 / 30 / 28 Total 205.5 Q

4th          Hazel Burton with HAZTONS BRIGHT STAR, Border Collie dog,.  Star is well named, with a very nice track, and then setting the fastest time for the square - all four out in 1 min 20 seconds! 

N/w 90 / 30 / 34 Total 204.5 Q

Also Qualified

Alan Ballinger with DUSTER'S RAGAMUFFIN, WSD, B.N/w 98.5 / 30 / 29          Total      203

Yvonne Fearon and LAETARE BREAK DANCER, BC, D.

N/w 94 / 30 / 29   Total      203

Sheila Williams and WAGGERLAND BRIG, BC,D.

N/w 96 / 20 / 28   Total      189

Fran Atkin with BRONFYNNON BRECON, WSD, D.  N/w 94 / 20 / 17   Total      179.5

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