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Open Trial
Venue : Hinton in the Hedges
Trial Held: 17 April 2016


Trials Manager’s Report.

This trial will be remembered for the mud.  When the sun was shining on the Thursday whilst we set up the Cricket Club ready for the Friday, I thought perhaps the forecast for rain and snow was wrong.  But on the Friday morning the snow had started to fall in Birmingham and it was not long before it reached Hinton.  By the end of the Friday the car park had turned into a quagmire and we were all covered in mud.  This continued through the Saturday and we did not see the sun again until the Sunday morning.  However, the dogs obviously loved the weather and we had lots of qualifications on the wet days, which was great.  It made it running the trial worthwhile.

We had another good entry, although slightly down on last year: there were 31 entries in the TD, 20 in the UD, 8 in the CD and 7 in the Intro Stake.  However, cancellations were high: 6 in the TD and 6 in the UD stake so we could have run the trial over the 2 days.  As it was we started on the Friday with the TD stake and the UD stake on the Saturday.  At least the crops were nice and lush this year and we ended up with lots of qualifiers.

So a very big thank you to, first of all, the judges: Kate Peyton (C/A), Anne Shepherd (TD Nosework), John Turtill (UD Nosework) and Judy Meekings (CD and Intro) for being such great company and setting nice straight forward tests.  The weather did not seem to dampen anybody’s spirit and we saw lots of happy faces.

Although this was our 28th trial, it was our 25th year at Hinton in the Hedges, so we invited the farmers, who had supported us from the very beginning, to a Fish and Chips meal at the Cricket Club and gave them all a special memento and a goodie bag to thank them for their support.  We are very lucky to have such wonderful farmers who are happy to have us on their land, regardless of the weather we have been having over the years.  We even ran our trial during the year of the floods in 1998, when handlers ended up camping in the local police station overnight as the roads were blocked out of Banbury!  The interesting thing about that particular trial was that we had more qualifiers than any other year, before or since.

Our trial is always a pleasure to run, thanks to our super team of club members who always come up trumps and pull out all the stops for the weekend.  One of the reasons they all come back year after year is our fantastic Catering team, who look after the helpers as well as after all the competitors, serving all day breakfasts from 7.30am.  They provide a very warm welcome from the moment you arrive at the Cricket Club.  So a huge thank you to Steph Gordon, Colin and Lynn Bricknell, and Sue Lawrie for organising all the food and also all the other club members who came over to help out during the weekend, too many to mention all by name.

Jane Webb ran the base for us again for all 3 days, doing all the registrations and scoring, and made sure everybody got to their tracks on time.  Thank you, Jane.  Another special mention must go to Penny Bellis, who drew the short straw this year and laid all the early morning TD tracks in the pouring rain and sleet!  However, she was well prepared and brought her ‘body bag’ full of extra coats and boots with her.  Thank you, Penny, at least your efforts were not wasted.

Congratulations to the winners: Tony Lockyer (TD), Sally Rose (UD), Kaye Littlehales (CD), Pam Clarke (Intro) and all the other qualifiers.  Thank you to all the competitors for entering our trial and we hope to see you all back again next year.

Last but not least, a very big thank you to all those who baked and donated those beautiful cakes, and in particular Michelle Jones for baking the special 25th Anniversary cake.  It won’t be long before people will be coming over just to try one of our members’ cakes.  Somebody did do just that on the Friday and got her car stuck in the mud.  Hope it was worth it, Marie!

Carla Nieuenhuizen


Stakes: Introductory and CD


Steward: Diana Stephens

Thank you Carla and Banbury and District DTS for the invitation to judge CD and Intro.  This completed a “full house” of judging at one of my favourite trials, both as a judge and competitor.  The organisation is second to none, with nothing left to chance, thanks to Carla and her dedicated team of helpers.  Thank you to Jane at the base, and to the catering team, who produced a seemingly endless stream of refreshments, and to all the other helpers, putting up jumps, organising competitors, and doing all the other jobs which usually go unnoticed, but which contribute to the smooth running of the trial.

Special thanks go to Diana, who stewarded the squares and the C/A for both stakes with efficiency and consistency, giving every competitor an equal opportunity to show me their capabilities.  And thanks to Alex, who came for the day to put out the search poles, and to learn about Working Trials; I hope you enjoyed the experience and will go on to compete with your dog.

Introductory Stake:

The nosework for the Intro stake was of a very high standard, with 5 of the 7 dogs competing successfully recovering 3 articles from the search square with enthusiasm.  The control and agility was also, on the whole, very impressive, which hopefully points to successful careers ahead for these young dogs and their handlers.

1st           Pam Clarke and LONGHALVES SUMMER SURPRISE, WSD, B, 96.5, Q.  Pam and Quest worked superbly throughout, and should go on to great things in the higher stakes.  Very well done on your first foray into Working Trials, Pam.

2nd         Pam Clarke with SMYLIE MYLIE, WSD, B, 88.5, Q.  Well, what can I say?  First time out and first and second places!  Mylie also worked happily and accurately, with just a couple of minor blips separating her from Quest.

3rd          Sue Robertson and JESSIE DEW DROP, Cocker spaniel, B, 86, Q.  What a cracking little dog Jess is, tackling every exercise with enthusiasm, including a full mark search square.  Well done, Sue.

4th          Michelle Mahoney with MINI MYNA OF SHALOON, ESS, B, 83, Q.  Michelle and Myah also showed great promise, with only a blip on the sit stay and long jump preventing a much higher mark.  Excellent work, Michelle.

CD Stake:

Unfortunately, there were no qualifiers in the CD stake, with the jumps taking their toll today.  But the standard of work in the other exercises was, on the whole, very impressive, again pointing to promise of successful trials in the future.

1st           Kaye Littlehales and MELANITTA AMBROSE, NSDTR, B.  Apart from the agility and the sit stay, Dora’s work was faultless.  Very well done, Kaye – I’m sure you and Dora will go far once you get the jumps sorted.

2nd         Sharon Lord and QUINCEBOIS LEYRENNE, Hovawart, B.  Inka’s nosework was first class and her control round was very tidy.  Well done, Sharon – another team showing great promise.

3rd          Vivienne Green and ANNACOURT INKA, GSD, B.  Another cracking nosework round from Inka; I’m sure the rest of her work will soon improve and she’ll be qualifying in the near future.

4th          Judith Owen and TAZAEOS EUCALYPTUS, BC, D.   Scoot was not confident in the stays and agility, but worked very nicely in the nosework and control rounds, showing promise for the future.  I’m sure that, as he gains in confidence, he will succeed before too long.


Stakes: UD and TD Control and Agility

Judge: Kate Peyton

Steward: Shirley Simpson

Many thanks to the Society and to Carla and her team for the invitation to judge C/A at this friendly and well run trial.  The organisation from Carla, the processing of marks and running of the base from Jane Webb, the plentiful supply of delicious food from the kitchen and some lovely work from competitors and their dogs, all made for an excellent weekend.    Special thanks go to Shirley Simpson, my steward for the three days, who was great company, efficient, thoughtful, with a good sense of humour -  we put the world to rights a few times while waiting for the next competitor!!   I enjoyed working with you – thank you.   Also thanks to John Simpson for sorting out the jumps. 

UD Stake:

Running Saturday and Sunday, the work was of a good standard and it was lovely to see some first timers.  One observation I might make is to slow down, take time and make sure your dog knows what exercise he/she is about to do.  The set-up is really important, especially for a young dog.  

1st           Sally Rose with RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Lab, B, 193, Q.  Tidy control round with good sendaway.  Very well done.     

2nd         Ann Trodd with HIGHGLADE THE LAST WALTZ FOR CHELSASA, CDEx, Beardie, D, 190, Q.  Mattie produced some very happy and enthusiastic work.  Well-deserved COM.

3rd          Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, CDEx, Lab, D, 189, Q.  This team worked well together, demonstrating good rapport with each other and accurate willing work from Quincy.  Awarded trophy for best control round.

4th          Liz de Unger with FLINTFIELD FAITHFUL FELLA, Lab, D, 188.5, Q.  First time out for Bahram, who worked well and shows lots of promise.   Good start to what I am sure will be a great trials career.

Also gaining COM:

Nicola Durrant with PENDANTRY CHEEK TO CHEEK, GSP, B, 179.  Well done.

Thank you to the competitors for your entries and for accepting my decisions.


TD Stake:

Running over three days, and again the standard was good and I saw some lovely work.

1st           Tony Lockyer with ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, B, 214.5, Q.  Tony and Abbi produced their usual very creditable round, gaining Best Control Round in TD, and best overall GSD trophies, plus very well deserved COM.

2nd         Jayne Lewis with RHYNSTON RHYS, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, D, 212, Q.  Another beautiful control round, just need to watch out for extra body signals on the speak. 

3rd          Hayley Woodcock with SAMDAIS LITTLE STAR, CDEx – WDEx, BC, B, 211, Q.  Star worked well, just needed a second attempt on the long jump, but gained her COM - well done.

4th          Andrew Fox with STARDELL MUSCIDA, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D, 207, Q.   Willing, well-controlled work and well-deserved COM

Also gaining COM:

Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, CDEx – UDEx, G. Ret, B, 198


Di Assheton-Bowtle with HAUSBAILEY LOKI, CDEx – WDEx, GSD, D, 194.5

Jenny Orchard with TADMARTON EASTER LILY, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, B, 191

Dean Woodcock with CORIES TEX, CDEx – WDEx, Kelpie, D, 189.5

Ray Lea with GOOD GOLLIE MISS MOLLY, CDEx – WDEx, Cross, B, 183 - plus trophy for Best Crossbreed

Many thanks to all competitors for your participation and acceptance.


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Colin Bricknell (both days), Chris Gregory (Sat) and Jennifer Speake (Sun)

Square steward: Pip Nason

I would like to thank Carla Nieuwenhuizen and the committee of Banbury and DDTS for the invitation to judge at this very friendly trial.  Thanks also to Jane Webb for the organisation in the base, and the Banbury Catering Team, headed by Steph, for providing food and hot drinks ‘a plenty’.

Colin, Chris and Jennifer laid the tracks, giving every competitor an equal opportunity, and Pip very capably looked after the squares.  Many thanks to you all for your help and great company.  Colin and Pip are now full members of the Banbury TAG (Trials Assistants Group) – a job for life!

The weather was mixed. Saturday, cold rain, snow, more rain and a little sun; and Sunday, frost at first then sun, with most competitors getting round. The articles, perhaps a little generous, were to suit the crop which was very well grown winter wheat.

Track – 5” wood dowel and a shotgun cartridge. Square – 3” x 3” green waxed cloth, 4” x 0.75” carpet, 3.5” x 0.5” plastic conduit, and a thin 5” strip of green bamboo.

1st           Sally Rose with RETSWERB HOT SPICE, Lab, B, 193, Q.  A powerful, keen dog; Bonnie was very positive in telling mum ‘it goes this way – follow me’.  Congratulations, and well done on this win.

2nd         Ann Trodd with HIGHGLADE THE LAST WALTZ FOR CHELSASA, Bearded Collie, B, 190, Q.  A steady, careful track, finishing off with the fastest square.  Well done.

3rd          Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, Lab, D, 189, Q.  A good accurate track; another 5 seconds of time in the square could have made a difference, but well done.

4th          Liz de Unger with FLINTFIELD FAITHFULL FELLA. Lab, D, 188.5, Q.  Another very keen, eager young dog, being carefully handled.  Well done.

Also qualified:

Nicola Durrant with PENDANTRY CHEEK TO CHEEK, GSP, B, 179.  Good handling, but oh for another article, or two, Nicola!  Well done.

Special Club Awards:

Best Track: Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY (Lab)

Best Nosework: Mary Drewitt with Rosemary Turner’s KHAMYSKER ROULETTE (GSD)

Best C/A: Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY (Lab)

There were twenty entries and fifteen ran, with ten qualifying the nosework.  Competitors, I hope you enjoyed my test, and thank you for letting me judge you.  Good luck at your next trial.


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