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Open Trial
Venue: Hockley
Trial Held: 29 November 2014


After days of rain and worrying about conditions of the field, and having to make a late decision of where to do the scent work, the day for our Intro Stake dawned bright, like a spring day.  There should have been 4 dogs taking part, however 1 dog was ill and another’s owner was unwell.  It was an intimate affair, but enjoyable just the same whether there were 2 or 15, like last year.  The club’s thanks go to Dave Self, who judged our 2 entrants.





Steward: John Mayes

My thanks to the Benfleet WTS committee for the invitation to judge the Introductory Stake at their open trial and also to Kay Abbey for running such a friendly trial.  Thank you to Melissa Bown in the kitchen and to John Mayes, my Search and C/A Steward.

Benfleet had four entries for the stake but, due to illness, 50% had to scratch.  So, on the day, only 2 teams worked but both had dogs full of enthusiasm.

We started with individual sit stays followed by the control and agility.  We then moved straight on to the nosework and retrieve, ending with both competitors together for the 5 minute out-of-sight down stay.

The search squares were laid in a stubble field and the dumb-bell retrieve exercise was carried out after each competitor had completed the nosework.

Search articles: 3" foam pipe lagging, 4" x 3" dark grey carpet, 4" x 3" green breathable groundsheet and a 7 cm yellow plastic duck. (Both teams retrieved the required three articles.)

Sendaway: 30 paces to 2 crossed white poles against the hedge.

1st Debbie Moore and REDSTUBBLE LADY GEM RIOJA, Lab, B, 87.5, Q.  The majority of the marks that this team lost on the control section were down to lack of "sits".  I agree with Amber, the grass was completely saturated and I wouldn’t have wanted to put my backside on it either!  A full mark clear and long jump combined with 5 marks for the scale was enough to give Debbie and Amber the qualification they deserved.  Congratulations.

2nd Colin Dobinson and MIGHTIUS PERCIUS THE SECOND, Working Cocker, D, 51, NQ.  The stays and the scale were Percy’s downfall today but this dog has motivation by the bucket load.  He’ll soon put it all together, Colin - good luck.

Thank you to both competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work.  Hopefully you both went home having enjoyed the experience and looking forward to entering future trials.

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