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Open Trial
Venue: Hockley
Trial Held: 28 November 2015

Trials Manager’s Report

This year we held both Intro and CD open stakes.  It was a shame that 3 dogs had to pull out due to prior injuries, but numbers were still good.  The nosework for the Intro took place on a local farm, and we are grateful for the farmer’s generosity.  Control and Agility took place at base after a quick refreshment break.  

My thanks go to my helpers, Melissa and Debbie, for the lovely early breakfast for us all on arrival, and John and Simon for being my marshals at the two venues.  Most importantly, this could not take place without our judges, Les Theobald and Chris his steward for the Intro, Sandra Lewindon and Mark, her steward, for the CD.  My thanks go to them on behalf of the Club.

Kay Abbey



Stake Judged - Introductory

Judge - Les Theobald
Steward - Chris Theobald

I would like to thank the committee of the society for the invitation to judge at the trial. It is very nice to see the name of an old Society once again running trials (although small to start with), I competed in my first ever trial run by Benfleet in 1973.

Many thanks to Kay Abbey and her enthusiastic band of helpers to organize this trial. My thanks also to Chris for stewarding the search squares and scribing for the C & A. We were lucky with the weather, it being cold but with no rain.

We had 8 entries, with just one scratch.

The squares were worked on rough thick grass using suitable articles and only one dog failed to find 2 or more articles.


1st ASTRA LYNX (BC) handled by Jane Davey 100

Fantastic dog very well handled by Jane who is now looking to compete further in trials. Did not lose a mark

Congratulations and best luck in future trials.

2nd CLEYNEHAGE POLAR NETTLE (GOT RET) handled by PeterMoore 85 ½

A Goldie that just did not stop bouncing around.

Well handled by Peter (a complete novice) to direct the dogs energy to what he wanted the dog to do.

3rd TAZAEOUS EUCALYPTUS (BC) handled by Judith Owen 80 ½

Another very nice dog that should do well in Trials in the future, just losing odd marks here and there.

4th SAMSTAG URI (GSD) handled by Pam Stare NQ

The only GSD entered. A very energetic GSD well handled by Pam to get the best from him. The only marks lost were for failing the scale. If you can get him to do the scale Pam, then he will do well.

Once again many thanks to the society and competitors for a very enjoyable day, none of you disgraced yourselves and it was a pleasure to judge you all.




CD Stake


 My thanks to Benfleet WTS for the invitation to judge their CD open at this well run, friendly trial. Kay Abbey was the trial manager and had everything organised like a military campaign, leaving absolutely nothing to chance. The result was a very smooth day with handlers knowing exactly where they should be and when, with an atmosphere of camaraderie amongst the competitors who were all rooting for each other. Well done Kay and the team of helpers who assisted before, during and after this trial.

Thanks also to my steward, husband Mark and to John Mayes for his work in the background.

The day was bright and dry, square was tested on shortish grass, articles were piece of green rubber mesh (approx. 3”x3”), a wooden plant label (approx. 6”x1”) and a small pink cloth hippo toy!

Three entered and unfortunately, due sickness of one dog in one team and one handler in another, only one team ran. (hope the dog and handler recover swiftly)

1st Wolfhart Taquil, GSD, D. Q on 77.5

This is a really “drivey” dog which Caroline handled in a calm and controlled manner, managing to keep Quil focussed. Well done, good luck in championship.

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