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UD, WD, PD stakes



Our thanks to East Anglia WTTS for the invitation to judge, and to the helpers, whose names, you’ll notice, pop up all over the place - a real team effort, thank you all. Thanks for 2 great evenings out, too.

We must say a special thank you to Diane in the kitchen, for keeping the cold at bay by supplying lots of delicious calories.

Tracking was on short stubble with good re-growth. The weather was as you might expect - wet, freezing, and windy.


Steward: Caroline Martin

Tracklayers: Paul Morling, Ron Jaques, John Phillips, Graham Brumpton

Thank you, Caroline, for an excellent job of stewarding, I’m glad we made it to the PD field in time to see Gary’s win.

1st Lee Payne with LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, BC x GSD, D, 192.5, Q. Despite his obvious youth, Diesel worked well throughout, as the marks show. Congratulations.

2nd Ian Brown with TRI ONE AT JETRIL, WSD, B, 192. Q. An excellent result for a team that is new to trials, Brecon only losing 1.5 marks on nosework. Very well done.

3rd Chris Trevor with DESMOND DINGO, Cross, D, 182.5. Missing a track article was costly; the rest of Desmond’s work was very nice. Well done to another newcomer.

4th Shirley Frankcom with VAPRESTO DISCOVERY, CDEx, BSD (Terv), B, 178, NQ. Very nice nosework and control by Myla, but she found the agility too challenging today.



Steward (squares, control and PD): Karen Warner

Tracklayers: Pete Carroll, Karen Warner

Helpers: Paul Morling, John Phillips, Graham Brumpton, Pete Carrol

1st Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY, CDEx - TDEx, BC, D, 290.5, Q. Congratulations and good luck in Championship.

2nd Lynne Davis with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, X-Breed, D, 287, Q. Congratulations; good performance all round, only losing 1 mark on C/A.

3rd Ron Jaques with JAQ IN A BOX, BC, D, 250.5, NQ.

4th Mark Lewindon with SORUMOUR LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI, CDEx – TDEx, 206, NQ.




Tracklayers: Pete Carroll, Lee Payne, Paul Morling, Graham Brumpton and Gary Martin

Stewards: Karen Warner, Lee Payne

Thanks to EAWTTS for the invite. I enjoyed the judging and seeing the various dogs work but can’t say the same for the weather! Probably better to judge here in September! Thanks to Di for keeping us all going with that great chilli and chips, etc.

The track and square layers all did a great job - thank you Pete Carroll, Lee Payne, and Paul Morling for tracks and squares on Friday in the sleet, and Graham Brumpton and Gary Martin for tracks on Saturday, (slightly better weather, cold but no sleet) and Lee Payne for the squares that day. Thanks also to Karen Warner for her competent stewarding and company on Friday and Lee Payne again for the same on Saturday. In between doing all the WD tasks Lee also managed to qualify Diesel in the UD!

I set a straightforward track and round, knowing the conditions were likely to be cold and hard without a lot of growth, and the dogs generally did better than I expected. The tracking fell into three categories. Four dogs tracked well until they were caught out on the corner of the first diagonal leg, some didn’t make it beyond the third leg and the others completed the track in style. Unfortunately I lost a good tracking dog on the jumps, hard luck, Alan and Morgan.

1st Penny Bann with JENNALINE QUACKINUP WISUKY, GSP, Best Track with 87.5 marks plus 20 for both articles and 31.5 for all 4 out of the square. N/w 139, Control 30, Agility 19.5, Total 188.5, Q. Good all round so a well deserved win. Well done.

2nd Liz Price with KESTENBAR PARIS, GSD. Not much between the first two dogs, with Grace producing another very good track with both articles gaining 87 + 20. She also got all 4 articles out of the square for 31 marks. 138, 33.5, 15.5, Total 187, Q.

3rd Les Allen with ANTILLI BAZKO, GSD. Worked on Friday in the more difficult weather conditions but certainly didn’t lack determination. 126, 32 14.5, Total 172.5, Q

4th David Waite with EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott. Had the worst weather of the 4 qualifiers. Tracked well until the diagonal leg where she struggled, but then recovered to complete the track with 77 marks and one article; a square mark of 27 gave a nosework total of 114. An excellent C/A round of 33 +20 ensured the qualification. The only dog to obtain full point jumps. Total 167, Q. Well done.

To the other competitors I wish you better luck at your next Trials.

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