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 Judge: Rita Banfather

Tracklayers: Graham Brumpton, Steve Banfather, Paul

Search Stewards: John Phillips, Jim Sewell

C/A Steward: Steve Banfather

I would like to thank East Anglia WTS for asking me to judge CD and UD, my first judging appointment. Also many thanks to all who helped make the trial run so smoothly; Paul, who stepped in as trial manager when Sandra had an operation on her knee, made sure we were very well looked after; Diane in the kitchen kept us so well fed and watered - nothing was too much trouble for her, thank you; Jan, who manned the desk, for making sure that I had all I needed and that the competitors were on time and knew where to go. Sandra and Keith have a great venue for holding a working trial, and letting us stay there in the grounds in our caravan made it so easy to have our dogs with us. The fully fenced paddock was alive with rabbits and dog toys - what more could my dogs have asked for?

Graham Brumpton and Steve laid the UD tracks on the Friday, with search steward John Phillips, then Paul and Steve on the Sunday with search steward Jim Sewell. Steve, my husband, was my control steward throughout. You all did a great job and it was a pleasure to have your company out on the field.



There were only 3 competitors.

1st Jeny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, GSD x BC, Q, 92. So well handled; it was a joy to watch you working such a lovely dog - a team to watch.

2nd Gill Martin, GUELLA QUICKSILVER, Golden Retriever, NQ, 69.5. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone shake so much as you, Gill, you put your heart and soul into working your dog. Don’t give up, keep going.

3rd Angela Moslin, GREAT ARAMIS OF DARK BRIGHTNESS OVER WILDFIRE, Belgian Shepherd, NQ, 60. Well done, a really good try. Just a shame that it didn’t all come together on the day - better luck next time.


1st Sheren Perez, MY BOY KAI, CDEx, WSD, Q, 185.5. Lovely smooth round; you and Kai worked really well as a team giving you a well-deserved first place. Well done.

2nd Jeny Miller, FOXFOLD UNEXPECTED EDITION, GSD x BC, Q, 185. Chello was a joy to watch work; a cracking little dog so focused on her job. The dog I most wanted to take home.

3rd Vick Snook, WOOLSHAM INKSPOT, CDEx, GSD, Q, 182. Lovely work. You and Filo are a good team - it shone through in the way he worked for you. Very well done.

4th Donna Walker, ASTRA JAY, CDEx, Q, 170.5. A good steady round, giving you a well-deserved 4th place. Well done.

It was the jumps that seemed to give the dog the most problems; such a shame to see them go out on them after doing so well in the other exercises. Maybe next time. Please keep going




Tracklayers: Jim Sewell, Graham Brumpton and Paul Morling

Steward: Jim Sewell

A huge thank you to East Anglia for inviting me to judge the WD Stake. I had a very enjoyable couple of days, even though it was a bit cold and wet - particularly the 2nd day. May I say thank you to Paul Morling for a very well run trial, and for his hospitality in putting me up. We had a good evening remembering numerous trialists from days gone by. Thanks also to Sandra and Keith for the use of their premises, and the farmers for their land, without whom, there would be no trial. To Jan, Diane and Pete for making sure I didn’t go hungry, and a special thanks to my track layers, Jim Sewell, Graham Brumpton and Paul Morling, all of whom did a first class job. Thank you for giving up your spare time. Jim also acted as search and control steward. To be honest, he did most of the work. I just had to stand there and try to look important. I thoroughly enjoyed your company.

We had a really nice bunch of competitors, and some lovely dogs. After a few scratches, 8 teams competed. I set a simple and uncomplicated test, with no gimmicks, which I hope you all enjoyed. I certainly enjoyed watching and judging you all, and thank you for accepting my decisions.

The nosework conditions are always pretty tough in East Anglia, particularly at that time of year, but most of you handled it really well, and I saw a good standard of tracking and searching. Although 2 handlers did manage to lose an article from the square on the journey back to the judge - I bet that never happens to them again. Some good quality control rounds, with perhaps a bit more practise on the heel work needed, in a couple of cases. I was impressed with the standard of the sendaways and the stays. Well done to everyone who qualified, and if you didn’t do it this time, you will soon. Good luck to you all.

1st Lee Payne with DIESEL, GSD x Collie. What a super round from this experienced handler, and in the worst weather conditions. Dropped only 3 in the nosework and 0.5 in the control. Really well handled and a well deserved win. 196.5, Q

2nd Liz de Unger with SOHRAB, Lab. Lovely nosework, very focused, and a very competent control round. A pleasure to watch. 185, Q

3rd Keith Rowley with DAISY, Lab. Another lovely little Lab, sympathetically handled. Deserved their Qualification. 171.5, Q

4th Marie Dixon with TUI, X-breed. The only 100% track mark. Unfortunately, missed the 1st article. A good control round. Unfortunately Tui just didn’t fancy the scale on the day, and it was only this that cost her the qualification. Good luck at future trials. 173, NQ




Tracklayer: Paul Morling

Stewards: Squares and C/A, Jim Sewell; Manwork, Karen Warner

Criminals: Jim Sewell, Penny Bellis, Graham Brumpton and Dan Jackson (Karen’s young son).

Firstly many thanks to East Anglia for the invitation to judge the PD open at their trial, to my stewards and tracklayer, Jan Sewell at the base and the nice lady in the kitchen. Many thanks for all your hard work. Also to Paul Morling for accommodating me on the Friday night, and taking me out with Rita and Steve for our evening meal, albeit via the sex shop across the road from the pub – shame on you Paul!! Tee Hee!! I did enjoy it!! To my four criminals, who put everything into their performance, you’re a great bunch. Karen, my manwork steward - good to see you, mate, and many thanks. Karen’s young son, Dan, who gave up his day to be criminal, did a sterling job, and all this on his 16th birthday!

We started off with the nosework which was on rape. I met the handler as they walked down to their tracks to do the speak, then once at the tracking pole we did the gun test, which was fired twice with a slight pause in between shots. Only one dog barked through this and was penalised accordingly. The dogs didn’t exactly find the rape that easy to track on but they stuck at it and all bar one got round. Then we went straight onto the C/A in a fab field with the left side just the field with a boundary and the right side had trees, bushes, and a bit of set-aside adjacent to the lush grass we were on. Needless to say, I found the right side more appealing and just couldn’t resist using it. We started with heelwork round some lovely bushes then down to the sendaway pole. Sendaway was across the lush grass and onto a little mole hill on the set aside, then a left redirect to a big metal gate. The sendaway point and metal gate were not in line with each other and I wanted to see how the handlers got their dogs from one point to the other. I have seen better sendaways. Then onto more heelwork heading towards the jumps. Down stays were the last exercise and all dogs completed this.

The manwork incorporated the fir trees, bushes etc. We started with the test of courage. The dog was left at a pole and the handler walked back to the steward who was approx. 30 yards away, keeping their back to the dog. Four criminals then ran silently from behind the fir trees at the dog, and I wanted to see the dog which had the courage to take the initiative. Once the handler joined the dog they then escorted two of these criminals back to the start pole, and the other two criminals went back behind the fir trees for a chase that was slightly out of sight. The handler then joined their dog and we about turned to start the quarter, which was to the first hide, the second hide, along the boundary to the gate; then the dog was pulled across the open field to hopefully go down behind the line of fir trees where four criminals where hiding on opposite sides of trees. Then two of these were escorted between the trees and bushes where the attack on handler took place, before carrying on with the escort back to the start pole. We then finished off with the recall which was exactly the same as the chase.

I have to give a mention to Rita Banfather and Finnegan who did the run-through for me - many thanks, Rita, I have never laughed so much in my life. Rita on the attack on handler waves her hands in the air and runs screaming; she had us all in stitches but I love it, Rita, and I think you should make that part of your manwork every time you compete.

1st Mrs Lynne Davies and MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, XB, D, Q, 292. Lynne and Zeke gave a good account of themselves in every section, only the test of courage being slightly weak. It’s been over a year since I last saw you compete and there is a terrific improvement. Good luck for the future.

2nd Mrs Chris Gregory and CASSOP DANNY, GSD, D, Q, 275.5. Chris, you and Freddy completed every exercise no bother at all, the only thing I would say that lets you down is the lack of control in between exercises, especially on the manwork. Perhaps do some work with criminals around but not actually do any manwork. Well done anyway, Chris.

3rd Mr Dave Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, XB, D, Q, 272.5. Dave, you and Ray have never let me down every time I have judged you, and you didn’t on this occasion either. Every exercise is executed by you and your dog extremely well and I have no hesitation in saying you are destined for the top. Only the recall stood between you and first place today. Well done, pal.

4th Mr Bob Cook and VIVAX D RUH FROM STEINMETZ, Holland Herder, D, NQ, 174.5. Just wasn’t your day today, Bob, but you’re a great character. The louder you were in the manwork, the more hyper your dog got.

Many thanks to you all for allowing me the pleasure of judging your dogs in my favourite stake. I had a great couple of days.

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