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Tracklayers: Karen Warner and Steve Banfather

Steward: Rita Banfather

Thank you very much to EAWTS for asking me to judge the CD and UD stakes. I am so pleased and grateful that my first judging appointment was here at this well run and yet relaxed and friendly trial. Special thanks to the team headed by Paul Morling and supported by Di in the kitchen and Jan as base steward. Thank you to Sandra and Keith for the use of their home. It is a fantastic venue to have as a base and there is always a warm welcome and the feeling that nothing is too much trouble.

A huge thank you to Karen. Her experience and good company made my job a lot easier. She also took Steve under her wing for his first go at competitive track laying. Both laid perfect tracks and gave the dogs the best chance they could. Rita was also great to have around and worked conscientiously throughout. Thank you all so much.

To the competitors, I would like to say a big thank you for giving me the chance to judge you. I enjoyed every minute and can honestly say that all of the dogs were a pleasure to watch work, and I was really impressed with the standard of commitment and work that was shown. The conditions were really quite tough and tested the dogs, but they all showed that they have incredible nosework skills and the handlers should be pleased with all of their efforts.


1st Ms Jayne Lewis with RUSHBOTTOM RHYNSTONEBROWS, Aussie Shep, Q, 90. This young dog gave a very stylish performance. Very well handled and a pleasure to watch. Well done.

2nd Gill Martin with GUELLA QUICKSILVER, Golden Retriever, NQ, 63.5. Brumas worked a good control round but unfortunately the square and down stay proved to be a problem for this team.


1st Mr Keith Rowley with WINSCOMBE JAZZ, Lab, Q, 194.5. This team really showed us how it’s done, only losing 2 marks in the nosework round. In difficult conditions they made it look easy. A superb control round gave a much deserved 1st place.

2nd Mr. Steve Smith with ALBESA A PERFECT REASON, CDEx, GSD, NQ, 154.5. This dog tracked well until the last 2 legs, so unfortunately didn’t get the 2nd article, but went on to get all of his articles out of the square. Worked a very good control round with just the scale proving difficult. Well done.

3rd Mrs Jacky Lloyd with LITTLETHORN ROLLS ROYCE AT BROOKSBID, Border Collie, NQ, 153. This dog tracked brilliantly right up until the last couple of legs when I think the tough conditions took their toll. Full marks on the jumps and a good control round. A very impressive team and one to watch out for.

4th Mrs Jan Sewell with BRYN of HARWOOD DALE, WSD, NQ, 149.5. Tracking went well until the last couple of legs when again the tough conditions took their toll. Really nice control and agility, with this young dog taking it all in his stride.




Tracklayers: Pete Carroll, Jim Sewell, Karen Warner

Search and C/A Steward: Penny Bellis

Criminals: Pete Carroll, Jim Sewell, Paul Morling, Penny Bellis

Patrol Steward: Karen Warner

Many thanks to East Anglian WTTS for the invitation to judge the PD stake. Paul Morling runs a fantastic trial, in a quiet and efficient manner that made my task all the more easy. He really is tireless in his efforts to ensure all his trials are a success. Thanks, Paul. Jan Sewell kept the base ticking over with her trademark efficiency and prepared the judges packs - thanks Jan.

Di in the kitchen kept us well supplied with refreshments and was tireless in making sure we were well catered for. Sandra and Keith were our hosts and made us so welcome. You are fantastic people - thanks for your hospitality.

My tracklayers were first class and gave all the competitors the very best chance of getting round. Penny stewarded the squares and laid them just as I wanted. You were all excellent company and I am very thankful to you all. Penny also stewarded the C/A and again did the job to perfection. She put all the competitors at ease and gave them the best opportunity to show off their dogs.

My criminals were superb and gave a first class display of decoy work. Every exercise was the same for each dog. Anyone wanting to help out at trials in a Patrol round should watch this motley crew - you’ll see exactly how it should be done. Karen was my patrol steward and she does it so well. There were some very nervous competitors and Karen put them at ease, ensuring that they all understood the test and ‘gently’ guided them through their nerves in her own inimitable way. All of my helpers were such good company and a pleasure to work with. Thank you all.

We started with the nosework. The tracking was on stubble that had been sown with rapeseed. The ground was exceptionally dry and the weather hot, so I set my test with this in mind. The first article was a 2”x 1” piece of rubber matting, the second a 3” piece of green garden hose. For what we humans thought was going to be hard going the reverse proved to be true. Most dogs sailed round and the marks are testimony to this. We saw some exceptional tracking and very good handling.

The square articles were half a shotgun cartridge, a 3” piece of grey flex, a 3” piece of door draught excluder, and a 1” piece of garden hose. All were laid 7 paces from each corner on the diagonal. The vast majority got all four articles.

The C/A started with heelwork around the jumps. Next was the speak, with the competitors leaving the dog in any position and standing with me 10 paces away. I asked for 10 barks, quiet for 3 seconds and then 5 barks.

Sendaway was out to a conifer hedge 120m and redirect right 70m to the corner of the field. We then went to the jumps which were clear/long/scale in sequence. I was impressed with the standard in this section where we witnessed very good work.

The patrol round I set was simple but testing. We started with the quarter, where the dogs were sent out 100m to a hide and then 120m to a second along the boundary and then to the final hide, where the criminal was located. The handler was about 150m away and then joined their dogs and took control of the situation. This allowed me to test the dog’s attention/commitment to the decoy. The decoy and the hide were searched - a hammer was secreted in the hide - this was followed by the escort and attack on handler. The escort was about 50m in length with a single turn.

We then went onto the recall. The criminal entered the field and engaged the handlers in conversation. Once the decoy touched a pole in the centre of the field they ran directly away from the handler and the dog was released. When the dog was halfway I gave the recall signal. I had a marker on the field as a general marker but gauged when the dogs were at the required distance so as to be fair to those dogs that covered the ground quicker. This ensures that if a dog is ‘cued’ or does not chase with conviction it will be ‘run out’. The chase followed and was a carbon copy of the recall.

Lastly we had the test of courage where two rather aggressive rough looking louts entered the field from behind a hedge and after being challenged ran towards the dog and handler, at which point the dog was released.

1st Bill Richardson with KAPER KALI, BSD, B. Everything came right for Bill and this is testimony to all the hard work he’s put in. I know it’s not been easy but this result shows its all there in abundance. Nosework was accurate and very fast - I was shattered watching you! Superb C/A and Patrol. Honing that commitment is always going to be tough with such a high drive dog but you handle her very well. Well done, it was a pleasure to judge you. Nosework 58/20/33, C/A 32, Patrol 144, COM

2nd Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, D. Rita, you have done a fantastic job with Finnegan. He is now showing the fruits of all that hard work and your attention to detail. He is a real credit to your handling. Steady accurate track but that last article! Bet you won’t do that again - but then we all have at some time! Steady C/A - with Finnegan thinking that he’d start the patrol round early and performing a lovely hold and bark on me during the speak! Great patrol round - that is how it should be done. You’ll go from strength to strength now - well done. Nosework 59/10/32, C/A 30.5, Patrol 146, COM

3rd Bob Cook with VIXAX D.RUH FROM STEINMETZ, Hollands Herder, D. Spock has always had bags of potential and through Bob’s excellent handling it’s starting to show through. He can be a handful (Spock, not Bob) but with your experience you’re going to go far with him. This dog has such athleticism and drive, he is great to watch. Good nosework and superb C/A. Patrol round just had bits and bobs to sort out but you’re getting there. Well done. Nosework 57/20/34, C/A 34.5, Patrol 118, COM

4th Cath Phillips with TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, GSD, B. Pepper had a bit of a torrid start to the competition with her track when she took mum on a detour. But with a lovely square and a nice control round Cath could start to breath again! Pepper has such go in her and a lovely attitude which you harness well. Patrol was nice to watch with just a couple of small glitches that I know you will easily remedy. Well handled and a lovely rapport between you both. Well done. Nosework 42/10/34.5, C/A 31, Patrol 142, COM

Also qualified:

Prof. Mike Robinson with FLINT OF GLEN MEL, BC, D. Flint had a steady nosework round but what a control round, dropping just half a mark. Patrol round showed it’s all there, Mike, but just needs a bit of tidying up. You have a nice dog who will hold his own in the future. Good luck and well done

Quick mention of Cath Phillips and her Malinois bitch, Morgan. What a lovely dog you have. Nice nosework and a patrol round that will make others sit up and watch. I know you get exasperated with her sometimes but you handle her very well, and I know she can be naughty but what a character she is! Keep at it, Cath, from what I have seen it’s all there.

Thank you to all the competitors for allowing me to judge your rounds - I thoroughly enjoyed it. There are some real quality teams here - those in `ticket` beware!!! Those that were not successful - there is genuine potential there. Good luck to you all in the future.

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