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Steward: Juliet Maskell

 Many thanks to Karen and Paul for the invitation to judge at this very friendly trial - I always enjoy coming to Waterlow Farm Kennels, it’s a great base. It was very odd to have so few people at the base this year, I can’t think why there was such a small entry. Thanks for looking after Juliet and me so well, it was a very relaxed day and much fun.

Thank you, Juliet, for making such a fine job of stewarding at your first attempt. Your calm and kind demeanour put the competitors at ease, enabled them to enjoy their work and bring out the best in their dogs.

I had one entry in the Introductory Stake; this handler also handled her dog in CD, giving me a grand total of two dogs to judge in this stake. We might have been small in number, but the relaxed atmosphere allowed these handlers to show me just what their dogs were capable of.



1st LITTLE ISABELLA, Shepherd x Collie, B, handled by Anita De Klerk, and within qualifying marks with 90.5. I was more than pleased to give this certificate to the lovely Bella and Anita, not least because Bella is my Tom’s sister, but also because Anita has worked so very hard to overcome many hurdles in order to compete with her girl. Search square: 17/20. Retrieve: 9.5/10. HOL: 4.5/5. HF: 9.5/10. Recall: 5/5. Sendaway: 10/10. Jumps: Bella just dropped 5 on her scale as she slipped on the return and didn’t quite make it. Stays: Full marks. Well done, Bella and Anita!



1st TIA MALLY MARIA, GSD B, handled by Cheryl Joseph, 83.5, Q. Tia worked well in all exercises, in spite of Cheryl’s nerves. You need to believe in your dog, Cheryl - you have put the work in and she knows her job! Search square: 17.5/20. Retrieve: 9.5/10. HOL: 2.5/5. Recall: 5/5. Sendaway: 9/10. Tia didn’t manage the long jump, but her clear jump and the scale were perfect and stays were full marks. Very well done to you both, I look forward to seeing you competing again.

 2nd LITTLE ISABELLA, Shepherd x Collie B, handled by Anita De Klerk, unfortunately not qualifying with 75 marks. I know that you were extremely pleased with Bella’s work today and so you should be. Bella’s attitude to her work has improved by miles and I am sure that she will carry on improving under your capable hands, Anita. Search square: 18.5/20. Retrieve: 9.5/10. HOL 4/5. HF: 9.5/10. Recall 5/5. Sendaway: 9/10. After failing the long jump, Bella so very nearly qualified the agility but for a failed return on the scale - we were holding our breath for you. Bella was naughty in the sit stay, but did the down ok.

Many thanks to my two competitors who worked their dogs so happily and cheerfully accepted my decisions.




Search and Control Steward: Dave Olley

Track Layers: Karen Warner and Jim Sewell


Thank you to the society for the judging appointment, to Paul Morling and Karen Warner for the management and organisation at the trial, and Jan Sewell in the base, sorting the food and the paperwork.

I had two experienced and helpful track layers in Karen and Jim, and Dave did a super job of laying the squares and control stewarding - thank you all.

Out of 9 entries 7 ran. What a great bunch of handlers and dogs they were, I really enjoyed watching you work your dogs; there was some excellent teamwork out there.

Tracking was on stubble with green growing through. Five teams went in to the control qualifying; the standard of the control was very good, but unfortunately we lost 2 on the jumps.


1st ARO Joan Snowden, with STARDELL MERCURY, BC, D, 192.5, Q. What a stunning full point track, followed by an efficient square. Nice C/A round, then pulling out all the stops in the run off with some lovely heelwork. An excellent win, Joan and Moss - congratulations.

2nd ARO Sue Cunningham, with NOSE TO TAIL JAX, Cross, D, 192.5, Q. Excellent nosework, just losing 1 overall. Good C/A round, a well-earned qualification and place. Well done, Sue and Gismo.

3rd Diane Ellis, with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, B, 190.5, Q. First to track and set a high standard, good C/A - excellent control stopping your dog at the end of the sendaway when the rabbit took off! Well done, Di and Hattie.

4th Juliet Maskell, with KAMARDA JULIETS DREAM, BC, B, 181.5, NQ. Super tracking dog, beautifully handled. Just missed out on the jumps today, but I was pleased to see you qualified the next week. Lovely teamwork.


Thank you all for your hard work and letting me judge your dogs, it was a real privilege. I had a lovely day.


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