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Square and Control Steward: Sat: Karen Warner / Sun: Hazel Marraner

 Thank you to the EAWTTS committee for the invitation to judge the Intro and CD stakes. To Sandra and Keith for putting me up in their home and LS and EV in the kennels - it was very much appreciated.

I love coming to this trial; it’s very friendly and well run by Karen and her helpers. Thanks to Diane in the kitchen for all the lovely food.

My C/A and Square stewards for the two days were Karen Warner (Sat) and Hazel Marraner (Sun). Thank you for your company over the weekend it was great fun, and for stewarding the test exactly as I asked.


3 Entered

1st Jacky Lloyd and LITTLETHORN COOPER AT BROOKSBID, BC, 88.5, Q. Congratulations, Jacky. Cooper did a super round and deserved the win.

2nd Christine Wolstenholme and BOWERHINTON BELLINO AT DEKRIS, Nor Elk, 81, Q. The nosework cost Cracker his points today – good luck in your next trial.

3rd Emily Mayer and VONLUCIANHAN ANUBIS, Mali, 79, NQ. The stays let Mouser down today; she did a lovely round and would have qualified easily. You should be proud of her, Emily; for the first time out for both of you she did you proud. 


1st Les Allen and TADMARTON ENZO, Lab, D, 98.5, Q. Enzo did a super round. He has a lovely attitude, with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging! You had a good weekend, qualifying and winning both the CD and the UD stakes – well done.

2nd Jean-Pierre Felicien and VONLUCIANHAN ARMAGEDDON, Pe, Mali, D, 93.5, Q. Beautiful round by Junior, only a few points lost here and there. Congratulation on qualifying.

3rd Juliet Maskell and KAMARDA JULIET’S DREAM, BC, B, 92, Q. Dream looked like she was falling asleep in the sit stay with her head nodding as her eyes closed! She did a lovely round and was nicely handled by Juliet.

 Thank you all for entering under me and good luck to you all in your future trials.




Tracklayers: Karen Warner, Andy and Emma Baker

Stewards: Karen Warner, Hazel Marraner


I would like to thank East Anglian WTTS for asking me to judge the UD stake at their Championship trial in January 2014. This is a friendly, old-fashioned style trial, with everyone involved with the club doing their bit (and more!) The UD competitors seemed to enjoy the day and the atmosphere was relaxed and happy. After a lovely meal in a local pub, spending time talking about old times, and generally catching up, I stayed in a lovely annexe off the main house owned by Sandra and Keith Dearing, and was guarded through the night by two huge Dobermanns posted outside the door! Thank you for your hospitality, and to Dianne and Sandra for all those chips!! With only three dogs on the second day, Dianne sent up a bag of food, crisps, chocolate and hot drinks!

Thank you to all the competitors for entering the trial and accepting my decisions. In my opinion, the standard of the dogs was very good overall, and for most the lack of a qualification was due to a small glitch, which will undoubtedly be ironed out in the future.

 1st TADMANTON ENZO, Lab, handled by Les Allen, 195.5, Q. Losing only half on the control and four on the track, Les’s experience showed in his sympathetic and calm handling of this very lively dog, particularly on the track. This contributed to Enzo locating one elusive corner and going on to finish the track perfectly. It showed that tracking really is team work. Well done and good luck in the future.

2nd GARRETHALL REBUS, Lab, handled by Colin Ball, 194.5, Q. Only 1 mark between 1st and 2nd places. Losing only one mark on the track, Rebus clearly loves working, and was incredibly busy completing his search square in 1 min 42 seconds. Again, the experience and calm nature of Colin’s handling is probably what keeps all four paws of Rebus on the ground. It’s great to watch happy and confident dogs working. Best of luck for the next rung of the ladder.

3rd LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, BC, handled by Barrie James, 188.5, Q. Gus is another young dog with a great future, whose ultimate excitement cost some marks. But he appeared mature for his age and committed to his work, which was very tidy. Barrie is again an experienced and calm handler, culminating in a confident and competent team. Good luck for the future.

4th DAISY HAYAT DOLU, WSD, handled by Claire Norton, 168, Q. Daisydog performed a lovely steady track, just overshooting on the wind and missing the first article. The second was found by Claire, which impacted hugely on the nosework marks, but a full mark square and a good control round resulted in a qualification. With a little more confidence in herself Daisydog will make her mark in the future. The cheer that went up when she came back over the scale indicates that she in improving all the time.


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