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Thanks to everyone who helps at this trial - and we were blessed with decent weather for a change!  Thanks to Keith and Sandra for putting up the judges and letting us use the kennels as a base, Di in the kitchen, the farmers, Paul Morling for judging PD, Diane Ling on her first judging appointment for UD and Margo Brothwell for her first judging appointment for CD and Intro.  Thanks also to Brian, who makes sure everyone gets to their tracks on time.

Well done to all the competitors, especially those who qualified.





Steward: Rita Banfather

Thank you to EAWTTS for inviting me to judge at their open trial and giving me my first judging appointment.  My thanks also to Rita Banfather - excellent steward and very good company.  The hospitality at this Trial was excellent and much appreciated.


5 Entries, 3 Ran

Handler nerves and inexperience caused several errors in this stake, but all teams presented some work to be proud of.

1st Jackie Pywell with CHELVESTON KHIZZ WHIZZ, Cocker Spaniel, B, 93, C of M.  Very well handled to keep this aptly named little dog focused and controlled.  Stunning full point square and very smart control round.  Apart from needing a 2nd attempt at the clear, the jumps were very well executed.  Congratulations on your well-deserved win.

2nd George Davis with JESROX ARROW, GSD, D, NQ.  Kaiser is a very enthusiastic dog which George struggles to contain.  He manages to keep him working well, but the dog’s verbal accompaniment tends to get louder as the round goes on!  Mega speed getting the articles from the square!  At the end of the day it was just failing the down stay which stopped them qualifying.  Good luck for future trials.

3rd Esther Preston with ASHLINDT MALACHITE, GSD, B, NQ.  Really lovely Shepherd bitch with all elements shaping up very well.  Esther was extremely nervous which caused her to throw away a few marks, but this team did the only full point sendaway, which gave them enough marks in the control section, in spite of breaking the down stay.  The clear and long jumps were well performed, but nerves dictated and caused a failure on the scale. Good luck for future trials.


8 Entries, 4 Ran

Handler nerves also played their part in this stake, but this will hopefully improve as the handlers gain more experience.

1st Jill Kevis with MEADOWDALE SPIDER, ESS, D, 91.5, C of M.  Nice team, with Ollie showing great attitude.  A 2nd attempt on the long jump caused the highest loss of points with just "bits and pieces" to be marked elsewhere - apart from the wonderful full point sendaway.  All three articles retrieved from the square.  Congratulations on your well-deserved win.

2nd Barbara Wesley with BORDERTRIX ENTREPRENEY, BC, D, NQ.  Oscar gave a creditable performance in the control round; all the elements are there, just needs a bit more tidying up.  Ran out of time before finding the third article in the square.  The jumps were his downfall today.  Good luck for future trials.

3rd Juliet Maskell with KAMARDA JULIET’S DREAM, BC, B, NQ.  A creditable control round; again, all the elements are there, just needing a bit of tidying up, but this little dog also did an excellent full point sendaway and brought all three articles from the square.  Sadly Dream decided to lie down in the sit stay and had a "must scratch" itch in the down stay!  Good luck for future trials.

4th Carol Robertson with WICONMAGIG DAZZLE, ESS, B, NQ.  Fern was very active in the square, but only managed to produce one article.  The sendaway was a bit expensive, but the rest of her control round was very creditable.  Good luck for future trials.




Tracklayers: Steve Banfather and Emma Baker

Search Square Steward and C/A Steward: Andy Baker

Many thanks to Karen and Paul for the invitation to judge at this very friendly trial and for entrusting their entries to me on my first judging appointment!  I was looked after so well from start to finish - nothing was too much trouble!  Many thanks to Sandra for her hospitality and the comfy bed.  Thanks must also go to Diane in the kitchen for the lovely food and looking after us so well.  It was just all so much fun!

Thanks also go to Steve, Emma and Andy; with such an experienced team behind me, how could I fail?  I must say though, they nearly gave me heart failure- when I arrived to judge my first track, they had placed a walk-in pole and a start pole on a field with the roughest plough imaginable and seriously told me that was my first track!!  Many thanks for your hard work and cheerful company.

As always the biggest thanks must go to the farmers who generously allowed us to use their land.  The weather was unbelievable, warm and sunny with just enough breeze to keep us cool.  The conditions were exactly the same for the dogs on both days.  We had a mixture of experienced handlers and those new to trials.  We saw some good work from promising teams; most mistakes were caused by handler inexperience - get some miles under your belt and you will all do well in the future.  Thank you for entering under me and accepting my decisions.

1st CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, Golden Retriever, B, handled by Angela Clarke, 187.5, Q.  Even though it was only the second trial for these two, Saffie worked confidently and skilfully through-out the entire test.  That tail just didn’t stop.  Well done, a worthy winner.

2nd GARTONHAUS BORA of ASHLINDT, GSD, B, handled by Manda McLellan, 186, Q.  Bailey floated around the track and put in a near perfect control/agility round.  Bailey will do well with this experienced handler.  An added bonus for Manda was beating Lee and Matrix!

3rd ASHLINDT METEOR, GSD, D, handled by Lee Payne, 184, Q.  Matrix worked the track with careful precision and recovered well after a small hiccup on the 7th leg.  Another experienced handler, Lee brought out the best in his young dog through-out the test, focusing and channelling Matrix’s huge enthusiasm.

4th DAISYHAYAT DOLU, WSD, B, handled by Claire Norton, 182.5, NQ.  Daisy-dog wowed us with a near perfect track and square; the best nosework of the stake.  She gave a good account of herself in the control round but then failed the jumps.  She has a lot of potential Claire, it won’t be long before you qualify.




Tracklayers: Andy and Emma Baker

PD steward: Karen Warner

Tracking and control steward: Hazel Marraner

PD helpers: Andy and Emma Baker, Margo Brothwell, Diane Ling

First I would like to thank all the people who made this trial possible - trials manager Karen, Keith and Sandra for providing the base, Diane for cooking great food,  the committee of EAWTS and the farmers who let us use their land, also everyone who helps in any way to make this trial a success.  Thanks to all my helpers for doing such a great job - where would we be without you?

The tracking was on broken plough with last year’s rape growing through and was tough going underfoot.  2 out of the 7 contestants failed the nosework section and the control round then knocked out one more.  This left me with 4 qualifiers going in to the PD round.                              

My round started with a basic recall on one man, with the dog recalling about 25 paces from the criminal.  As the dog turned back towards the handler after recalling, the helper ran on to a bush and took cover, where I joined him as a criminal for the first part of the quarter.  As this was a very basic hide there were no points for a dog that did not speak.  On the handler joining the dog they took control of the situation and searched the other hide criminal.

The second part of the quarter then took place, sending the dogs around the field to a wind-break, where three ladies were sitting in chairs behind it; they were then escorted back towards the spectators, during which an attack on handler took place.  The chase was next and was followed by the test of courage, which was a criminal going forward shouting towards the dog and handler; he then ran back to join three others, two of whom stood on the sides and threw light plastic balls at the dog as it came in .

1st Manda McClellan and LITTLE TIGER, BC x GSD, 293.5, Q.  Tiger certainly earned his stripes today.  A storming PD round, only losing 5.  Well done.

2nd Andy Laws and LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, X-Breed, 276, Q.  Glad you decided to make the trip.  A well-earned qualification.

3rd Rita Banfather and NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, 201.5, NQ.  Well done first time out; a glitch on your chase cost you your recall marks, so things were far closer than they appear.

4th V Snook and LITTLE MICA, X-Breed, 193, NQ.  Not your day today, Vic, but I am sure there are good ones to come.

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