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Thanks to all those involved in the trial - we appreciate your time and effort.  I’ll let the judges thank their own helpers for each stake but I also need to thank the judges - Dave Olley (PD), Belinda Spensley (UD) and Penny Bann (CD and Introductory), the farmers, Di in the kitchen and Sandra and Keith for the base and putting everyone up.  Special thanks to Paul for organising everything.

Well done to all the competitors, especially those who qualified.





Square and Control Stewards: Paul Morling (Sat), Hazel Marraner (Sun)

Thank you to the EAWTTS committee for the invitation to judge the Intro and CD stakes.  To Sandra and Keith for putting me up in their home and LS in the Kennels - it was very much appreciated. 

I love coming to this trial; it’s very friendly and well run by Paul and his helpers.  Thanks to Diane in the kitchen for all the lovely food and to Paul for washing my meat for me!!

My C/A and Square stewards for the two days were Paul Morling (Sat) and Hazel Marraner (Sun).  Thank you for your company over the weekend and for stewarding the test exactly as I asked - it was great fun.

9 entered and 7 ran in both the Intro and CD stakes.


1st Angela Clarke and CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, G/R, 94.5, Q.  Congratulations, Angela; Saffie did a super round and deserved the win – the only dog to get full marks on the jumps.

2nd Rachel Carroll and GLAN RYHD SERAPHIM, C/S, 88.5, Q.  Marley did super nosework without losing a point.  What a lovely attitude she has – good luck in the future.

3rd Jackie Pywell and CHELVESTON KHIZZ WHIZZ, C/S, 83.5, Q.  Khizzi Whizz certainly lives up to her name! Once again a lovely nosework round; just the jumps let you down today, otherwise a super round.

4th Carol Burgess and WYNMALLEN KITEMARK, B/C, 80.5, NQ.  Baylee did a lovely round full mark control round; just the jumps let you down today.


1st Jill Kevis and MEADOWDALE SPIDER, ESS, 80.5, NQ.  Ollie did a super round; he has a lovely attitude with a tail that doesn’t stop wagging!  The sendaway and jumps were costly today, but I am sure you will do well in the future.

2nd Gill Martin and SNOWIECOTT GREAT AND GOOD, G/R, 71.5, NQ.  Yogi certainly makes Gill work her socks off – well done in coming second.  Unfortunately the jumps let you down today.

3rd Carol Burgess and WYNMALLEN KITEMARK, B/C, 68.5, NQ.  Baylee did a lovely control round and square; unfortunately the crop "scarers" went off in the distance and upset Baylee, and sadly the jumps suffered because of the bangs.

4th Barry Sheppard and MEGAN SHERINGHAM, X-Breed, 64, NQ.  Megan has a lovely attitude but unfortunately the jumps cost you today.  Good luck in the future.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered under me, especially those who chose me to be their first judge; I’m very honoured.  Can I just say one thing?  I know this is the first trial for some of you and I know you are nervous, but can you please remember to thank your stewards for laying the squares etc.  You spend 5 minutes out there, they spend all day!!




Steward: Karen Warner

Tracklayers: Jim Sewell, Karen Warner, Andy Baker, Emma Baker

Ferrier: Brian Pole

Everything else: Paul Morling and Jan Sewell

Thank you to EAWTTS for asking me to judge UD Open at this small friendly trial, the farmers, Dianne in the kitchen and to Sandra and Keith Deering, who own the kennels and spoilt us with accommodation and home cooked meals.

The weather was fine, dry and sunny and the venues ideal for our sport.  Tracking was on stubble, which at first glance seemed a bit tricky; however, with the expertise of my tracklayers, good dogs and good weather only a few struggled and the tracking marks for those who got round were good.

I saw enthusiasm and joy from both handlers and dogs, even those who didn’t qualify, who, although disappointed, appeared to be happy with their efforts and enjoying their own personal achievements.  This, for me, is the whole point of competing.

Qualifying is of course the aim, but it’s the icing on the cake of a good day out!

My tracklayers, all good friends, were professional, great company and all willing each competitor to do well and giving every team the best chance to succeed.  Karen is a brilliant steward.  She gave confidence to those who were nervous, and was consistent and clear with her explanation of the exercises, enabling me to stand back and watch the teams work.

My intention was to set a sensible, simple test using good sized articles and to judge them fairly and appropriately for the stake.  I feel quite passionately that the onward progression between Open and Championship competition through the stakes should be defined by a gradual scale of difficulty in all the areas.  I believe that this will give encouragement to handlers and dogs to progress.  Hopefully this was reflected in my judgement in not penalising silly mistakes by dog and handler which they will no doubt have to iron out when they move up to the next level.

Thank you for accepting my decisions and good luck in the future.

1st John Currie with MY BOY JIM (Jim), Working Sheepdog, 184, Q.  An experienced handler with an enthusiastic and precise dog who I fully expect to see moving on up the stakes in the coming year.  Search square 34.5 completed in 1 min 48 sec!  Good luck for the future.

2nd Gill Martin with SNOWIECOTT GREAT AND GOOD (Yogi), Golden Retriever, 178.5, Q.  A very capable but strong willed dog and I would use the same description for the handler.  Excellent track, 87 and both articles.  Well done.

3rd David Paul with ALBADHU PAWS FOR A REST (Stan), Large Munsterlander, 170.5, Q.  Striking dog - very confident, capable dog handled very well by David.  Marks lost due to a few minor blips which will easily be ironed out.  I look forward to seeing Stan in the future.  Well done.

4th Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER (Toby), Working Sheepdog, 178.5, NQ.  An excellent day for Toby apart from the down stay which we know to be just a glitch on the day!  Full mark square, excellent track, both articles and a good control round…. Well done.




Track layers: Andy and Emma Baker

Square, control and patrol steward: Karen Bexon

Control and patrol scribe: Tracey-Lee Sinfield

Criminals: Alan Bexon, Chris Trevor, Bernie Martens and Nicky Martens.

Thank you to EAWTS for asking me to judge their PD Open.  Thanks to the trials manager, Karen Warner, assisted by Paul Morling, for all their help and for running a very friendly trial.  A big thank you to all the helpers named above and also to Keith and Sandra for their fantastic hospitality, to Di for all the hard work in the kitchen, and to Jan Sewell for collating the marks.

With 13 entries we ran over 2 days; 11 ran.  We started with the nosework; tracking was on dry stubble so I set a pattern and articles accordingly.  On the whole the nosework was a good standard, with all the dogs showing a commitment to track.  The speak was on the tracking ground, walking diagonally across the square from pole to pole with the dog at heel.

Once the nosework had finished we moved to the control field, which doubled up as the patrol field, a large fenced area of short well cared for mown grass.  The short grass and level ground made it ideal for the dogs to show a good standard of heelwork, followed by the sendaway, a diagonal 90 yards to a pole in the corner of the field, then a 45 degree right along the fence, 120 yards to crossed poles.  We finished off with the agility.

The Patrol briefing - the competitors were told their task was to check the area of land for trespassers; on finding, any persons were to be detained, then escorted off the land.  They were notified there had been some sightings, and a disturbance was taking place in the bushes on the perimeter of the designated area.

Search and escort - dog and handler at a pole 20 yards from an area of large bushes in front of a wall of 25 feet plus conifer trees.  They were told about a couple who had been in that area shouting hysterically for help; the handler challenged for the couple to come out and show themselves, whilst keeping their dog under control.  At this point a young couple came from the bushes, speaking mainly Spanish with a spattering of English; they were speaking enough English to give a message, and ask for help because a man had been chasing them with a knife.  The young couple gestured in panic, this greatly excited all the dogs, but the handlers were told these innocent people were not to be bitten.  The escort started through the bushes and along the trees, to safely accompany the people off the land.  In the middle of the bushes and halfway down the line of trees, the knife-wielding attacker ran at the handler.  Once the dog had dealt with the attack, it was called off and the man was searched.  A further short escort towards the perimeter of the land led to the start of the quarter.

The quarter - the handler was told to send the dog across the field 70 yards to a farm gate, then along the fence to the bottom right hand corner of the field, to hide 1, then across the top of the field to hide 2.  The dog then needed to be brought towards the handler and sent left across the field to a fence where a hide was set up, using a camouflage net; concealed in here was the hide criminal.  Once the dog had found the criminal and given voice the handler was told to join the dog, and deal with the situation.

The chase - as the last exercise was finishing, the chase criminal walked out into the middle of the field, waiting for the handler and dog to take up their place on the edge of the field; once this had happened the handler challenged and after a short conversation the criminal ran.  The dog was immediately sent and once the dog had detained the criminal, the handler followed on, dealt with the situation and escorted the criminal to the top end of the field.

The recall was the next exercise and it took place from here.  Once the dog had been sent and recalled successfully, the dog, handler and steward could walk back down the field giving them breathing space before the final exercise.

Test of courage – approximately 25 yards from the handler and dog was a man with a string of 10 empty, large plastic milk bottles; the criminal was told to scream and shout, shaking the bottles for maximum rumble, but not to block the sleeve in any way, or to hit the dog with the bottles.    I wanted to see committed dogs clearly going in for a bite, and for the most part that’s what happened.

After all sections the following teams qualified.

1st  Moira Rogerson with THREENINES KATIE, Malinois, B, 298.5.  Powerful dog, in very capable hands.  Congratulations, good to see you back in PD, Moira.

2nd Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, GSD x BC, D, 296.5.  ,Well done, Di, Tom’s a credit to you.  He is a star in TD and looks like he will be one in PD too.

3rd Bill Richardson with KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Malinois, D, 273.  Another good round - you’ve got a great relationship.  Good luck in Ticket.

4th David Waite with EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rottweiller, D, 268.5.   Well done, Dave.  You have done a lot of work with Rula, and it’s paid off.

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