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This was a challenging trial - trials manager with chicken pox (although not infectious by the time of the trial) and Di, who is the EAWTTS secretary, was rushed into intensive care on the Sunday.  Di is now making a good recovery but they still don’t know what was wrong.

Conditions weren’t great and ranged from heavy rain on the Friday to gale force winds on the Sunday, so well done to all the qualifiers.

A big thank you to the farmers and all the helpers - judges, tracklayers, square and control stewards, escorts, Di in the kitchen and Sandra, who took over the kitchen on Sunday, Keith and Sandra for the use of their kennels and Rita and Hazel for all the homemade cakes.





Steward: Hazel Marraner

I would like to thank East Anglia Working trial for asking me to judge CD and Introductory stake at their first Championship trial.  Once again Keith and Sandra made us very welcome at the kennels.  With plenty of room to park our caravan and walk our dogs, we were well looked after.  Thank you.

Diane fed us well even though she was feeling so poorly.  Hope by the time this is printed she is fully recovered.  My steward, Hazel Marraner, did a fantastic job - a good steward makes judging so much easier.  Thanks, Hazel, I’ll be booking you again, better sort out the baby sitters.  Good luck working your own dog, you are putting so much into trials you deserve to do so well.


On Friday the weather was awful, windy and very wet, but four competitors braved the weather.  The jumps were the problem, apart from Christine with Meg; once that’s sorted I hope they all go on to great things in trials.

1st Christine Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, 93.5.  Great team; well done, worked very nicely

2nd Heather Shaw with DESERT PRINCE, GSD, 85.5, NQ.  Heather and Blades first time at a trial - get the scale sorted and away you go.

3rd Gill Martin with SNOWIECOTT GREAT AND GOOD, Goldie, 81.5, NQ.  What can I say Gill?  Apart from "Keep it up."

4th Sarah Connatty with WRENNALLA JUST A BIT MORE, Whippet, 56.5, NQ.  How lovely to see a whippet in working trials - lovely search square.


We had seven CD competitors work, but all but one were caught out by the jumps.  I am not sure if they were just not ready, although that is what it looked like to me on the day.

Some of the handling was not what I would expect or want to see in Working Trials.  I call it harsh handling when at the start of heelwork the left hand is used to grab the dog on the scruff, and the right hand placed under the chin to force the nose skywards.  The handler then seems to find the need to tell the poor dog "HEELWORK, HEELWORK", while lifting its front paws off the ground.  Yes, I did say something and yes, I did mark it accordingly.

Sadly this was not the only rough handling I had to deal with.  One competitor grabbed their dog so hard it squealed out twice. I do hope it’s been stopped - I will be watching very closely.

Now the moan is over I enjoyed judging the rest and thank you for competing under me.

1st Sandra Lewindon with QUORIES KAI AT BROCOKELLI, BC, 92, Q.  First timeout for Sandra and her little Wally, and what a team!  Very well, done a pleasure to watch you work.

2nd Sally Tornbee with HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, Weimaraner, 87, Q.  Well done, Sally and Merry.  Great down stay, even with interference - hope it’s not put her off?

3rd Christine Brooksby with RAVENSBROOK CHRIS, BC, 76.5, NQ.  The jumps need to be sorted, Christine, and you will be ok; the rest was nice.

4th EP Boyd with TUMBLE TRAIL, X-breed, 74, NQ.  Lovely work, the jumps catching you out.  Better luck next time, keep at it.




Tracklayers: Vana Moody and Dave Self (Friday), Caroline Martin and Gary Martin (Saturday)

Search stewards: Vana Moody and Dave Self (Friday), Caroline Martin and Gary Martin (Saturday)

Control Stewards: Dave Self (Friday), Caroline Martin (Saturday)

Many thanks to East Anglia Working Trials Training Society for asking me to judge the UD stake at their first championship trial when Penny Bann, (the scheduled judge) was admitted to hospital for a knee replacement operation.  I do hope you are making a speedy recovery, Penny, and will soon be ‘back on track’.  My thanks to Diane and Sandra in the kitchen who did a superb job of providing a delicious range of food that just kept coming.  Thanks also to Paul Morling and Karen Warner for keeping everything in order and special thanks to Paul for putting me up.  Fantastic – many thanks.  My tracklayers were brilliant!  Not only did they lay tracks but also the squares; I am sure there were some aching legs at the end of it all.  Your devotion to duty was impeccable.  Thank you one and all.  And as if that were not enough, Dave on the Friday and Caroline on the Saturday went on to steward the C/A for me in the afternoon.  A sterling effort from both - many thanks.

The weather was not kind: it rained constantly on the Friday and the wind picked up on the Saturday to make one feel rather battered by the end of the day – although the rain had stopped, except for a thorough soaking whilst the first dog tracked.

I was impressed by the standard of the dogs I saw working.  There are some exciting young dogs on their way up through the stakes.  There were however some disappointments, but it will not be long before those dogs gain their qualifications.  Thank you all for allowing me the privilege of watching your dogs work.

15 entries, 13 ran, 4 qualifiers

1st Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART CRY HAVOC, GSD, 191, Q UDEx.  Purdy did the best track and a very nice search square and then secured this place with a tidy C/A.   A worthy winner.  Many congratulations Eleanor.

2nd Moira Rogerson and THREENINES KATIE, Mali, 190, Q UDEx.  I was expecting to see a good performance from Moira’s young bitch and I was not disappointed.  Vito is very young and exciting to watch.  Good luck for the future, Moira.

3rd Dave Clark and LAKATAMIA TITO, GSD, 190, Q UDEx.  The only team to qualify in the rain on Friday.  Many congratulations, Dave.  Ash was committed to the track and was not going to be beaten by the rain; 4 out of the square and a tidy control round, were followed by full mark jumps.  Very well done, Dave.

4th Tom Davis and JOTUMHEIM ALMA, Mali, 166.5, Q UDEx.  With only 2 out of the square, Tom, you needed marks in the C/A if you were to qualify - and Ruby pulled it out of the bag.  Well done, Tom, her control was impressive, a joy to watch.




Tracklayers: Graham Brumpton, Steve Banfather, Andy Baker

Search Stewards: Karen Warner, Emma Baker

C/A and Patrol Steward: Karen Warner

PD criminals: Andy Baker, Gary Martin, Paul Morling, Emma Baker and Caroline Martin.

13 entries, 12 ran

First of all, congratulations to Paul Morling for getting this Trial to Championship level, helped by Sandra and Keith Dearing, who provide the base, land for exercise and CD control, and Di Wall (Sandra,s sister), for the paperwork and catering.  Thanks too, to the farmers for good land for nosework, and an amazing lawned 5 acres for control and patrol. (Dave, the farmer, even mows the land for us, before the trial, so it’s as good as it can be.)

Thanks to the committee for the invitation to judge their first Ticket; I really enjoyed the weekend, and hope the competitors did too.

The first day’s nosework, on winter wheat, was windy and rainy, but at the end of the C/A there were 5 qualifiers on good scores; Saturday brought stronger winds, no rain, but conditions affected the dogs, so we went into the PD round with 7 qualifiers.

Patrol. An electrical store had been burgled, and the store keeper had gone looking for the equipment.  She needed to be found, as well as the burglars.

1st Quarter: dogs to search 3 sides of the perimeter of the field and a hide to find Emma sitting in a dry ditch; search and escort her to the hide where some of the stolen equipment was found.  She stayed there, to wait for the Police.  Two criminals came out from a line of conifers, challenged the handler and dog whilst walking from the hide, then sent on the first chase. One criminal dropped a DVD machine, and the second criminal stopped to retrieve it, the dog to continue chasing to stop the running criminal.  The criminal who stopped then challenged, and ran in the opposite direction.  Dog sent, and handlers expected to get both criminals and equipment together; searched and escorted, with an attack on handler. 

2nd Quarter: to search a small area of the field, part of it out of sight, to the  hide, and after an unheated conversation with Emma, dog was sent on the recall, same set up as the first chase.

Finally, the test of courage.  Gary came out from the conifers and challenged, with all others behind him making a lot of  noise.  All criminals ran away, then dog released, and criminals  turned and ran at the dog, stopping at point of contact for dog’s safety, although continued with  noise and threat.

Thank you Paul, for helping out with timing and distances, and for doing the run through, and Karen for an excellent job stewarding, one of the key roles in a patrol round.

Many thanks to the criminal team, who did exactly as asked, particularly Gary and Andy, who took all the bites, (even those on the recall once or twice!)  Their timing was superb, and it was so good to work with such experienced trials people.

1st WTCh STARDELL ALULA and Dave Olley, 288/320, Q.   A very good performance from Nell, a good quarter and firm chase; one mistake on second chase was costly, but Dave supported her at the right time, and took control, getting criminals together and completing the round well.  Patrol round 124. A worthy winner - congratulations.

2nd WTCh TARNEDGE ROUGH  DIAMOND and Graham Reaney, 274/320, Q.  Another  good  performance  from  this capable dog.  Patrol round 112.  Well done.

3rd LITTLE RAYMOND and Dave Olley, 272.5, Q.  A really good round, and it could well have been his Ticket, but no recall today; certainly the strongest bite, and an excellent quarter ensured a qualification.  His day will come. (Soon, I hope). Patrol 108

4th VOMKYNA DEIKA and Ruth Cahill, 268.5, Q.  First time in PD Championship, and a very impressive round.  Ruth is a good handler, and really gets the best out of Minky.  Best Patrol round with 126. Well done, one to watch.

It may seem that I have commented mainly on the patrol work in this report, which is where the bulk of the marks are in this stake, and it reminds me of the answer to the question "What makes a good PD dog?".  The correct answer, I believe, is: 2 and 4 and good control.

Thank you all who contributed to make it such an enjoyable weekend.

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