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A big thank you to all those involved in the trial.  I’ll let the judges thank their own helpers for each stake but I particularly want to mention Sandra and Keith, who allow us to use the kennels as a base and also do a lot behind the scenes, Di in the kitchen and Rita for the homemade cakes, Brian for getting everyone to their tracks on time (I was going to put ‘for escorting’ but that just sounds wrong), to the farmers and of course to Paul.

The competitors were a great bunch - well done to you all.  And finally thank you to the judges.  I particularly want to thank Dave Self who judged the introductory and CD stake.  This was Dave’s first judging appointment and he did a great job, with lots of feedback from the competitors who he had put at ease.

The Introductory stake proved to be very popular and they all came from pet dog training clubs, where the instructors have shared their love of trials and encouraged them to participate.  Great to see, well done.





Steward: Rita Banfather

Many thanks to the committee of EAWTTS for inviting me to judge the Introductory and CD Stakes at their Open Trial.  Thank you to Karen and Paul for making my first judging appointment less daunting than anticipated; I had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Big thanks to Masterchef, Diane, in the kitchen (the best Chilli and Chips I’ve had for a long time).  I’m especially grateful to Rita, who not only stewarded and laid squares for both stakes but was great company and extremely skilled at putting all the competitors (and judge) at ease.

My thanks to the competitors, it was a pleasure to judge you. Hopefully all the teams (whether they qualified or not) went home having enjoyed the experience and looking forward to doing it again.


8 entered and all 8 ran.

The standard of control was very good with the majority of the handlers taking full advantage of being able to use extra commands/encouragement.  All dogs brought 3 articles out of the square but the style varied from clean, gentle holds to "It’s Playtime!!"  Articles were a 4"x3" green/white pan cleaner, a white plastic toothbrush, 4"x3" light brown carpet, 4"x3" green breathable groundsheet.  Sendaway was 30 paces to crossed white poles.

1st Jo Johns and NEELIX TALAXIAN, Crossbreed, D, 89.5, Q.  Neelix was the only dog to get full marks on the jumps.  A good consistent performance.  Congratulations on a well deserved win.

2nd Roger Smith and MISKA ICENI ZEPHYR, Border Collie, B, 82.5, Q.  Even though Miska decided that 20 secs was long enough for the sit stay today, she still put it all together enough to qualify.   Lovely team work - good luck in future trials.

3rd Ross McCarthy and HANBAR KARLO, Rottweiler, D, 86.5, NQ.  Full mark Retrieve and Square and only dropped 1 on Control.  The Scale was Utz’s downfall today.  A young dog with a great future.  Well done.

4th Vicky Laws and CARAKRIS BILLY, GSD, D, 82.5, NQ.  A great performance from this team, especially in the heelwork; unfortunately the jumps let you down.  Riley is a lovely Shepherd and will soon put it all together.  Good luck.


3 entered and all 3 ran.

All 3 teams had competed in the Introductory Stake in the morning and showed great stamina.  Unfortunately, there were no qualifiers, the jumps being everybody’s downfall.  Articles were 5" green hose, a 3.5" diameter orange rubber sealing ring, 3"x3" brown fur fabric.  Sendaway was 60 paces to crossed white poles.

1st Ross McCarthy and HANBAR KARLO, Rottweiler, D, 76.5, NQ.  Being unable to use extra commands on the heelwork took their toll, but it was another faultless Retrieve and Square from Utz.  Congratulations.

2nd Vicky Laws and CARAKRIS BILLY, GSD, D, 72.5, NQ.  Riley wasn’t happy with the Sendaway but another great heelwork performance from this team.  Well done.

3rd Gill Martin and SNOWIECOTT GREAT AND GOOD, Golden Retriever, D, 51, NQ.  I never realised how far you could stretch a rubber sealing ring until Yogi demonstrated in the centre of the Search square, but he did bring it out to Gill once he’d snapped it.  Gill, as you work to channel that enthusiasm, try not to lose any of it (remember that he did an excellent Recall).  Good luck.




Tracklayers: Steve Banfather, Andy Baker and Graham Brumpton

Steward: Rita Banfather

Many thanks to the society for asking me to judge at their trial.  Special thanks to my tracklayers, who did a brilliant job.  Rita, who stewarded both the squares and the control, did a very efficient job for me – many, many thanks.

On the first day it was frosty first off with a slight breeze, by the time we tracked it was just thawing.  We saw some very impressive tracking and all search squares were good.  On the second day the temperature rose and we had some rain, making conditions sticky; a lot of dogs tracked very well, but a few had owners who knew best.  Squares also of a very good standard, except for one who thought he had to chew the articles up before he brought them back.

We started off with stays and went onto the control and agility; most dogs on the first day made easy work of it.  On the second day we had a few failures.

I would like to thank Sandra and Keith Dearing for allowing their Kennels to be used as base, Diane for the wonderful work in the kitchen, and Karen and Paul for running and organising the trial.

1st Diane Ling with DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 199, Q.  This pair did a stunning track, only losing 1 point, and a control round to die for - absolutely perfect.

2nd Sharon Brown with TARNEDGE DAPHNE, 191, Q.  Another brilliant track and square, just the long jump letting you down.

3rd Vick Snook with LITTLE MICA.  Another brilliant track and square, but unfortunately got a bit excited in the control, wich proved costly.  I’m sure you will soon sort it.

4th Caroline Martin with CARISHILL FREYA,  Yet another good track, but missing the first article was costly; a good control round.

5th P. Bryan with KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME.  This little dog worked very well but unfortunately she missed the last leg, proving very costly.  She did a very good control round.

To all competitors - I hope you all enjoyed your day.  Good luck in the future. 




Tracklayers: Karen Warner and Andy Baker

Steward: Bill Richardson

Criminals: Rachael, Graham Brumpton, Karen Warner and Andy Baker

7 Entries, 5 Ran.

Thank you for the invitation to judge and to Paul Morling and Karen Warner for a well run trial.  We were accommodated in the house at the kennels owned by Sandra and Keith Dearing, which was also the base.  This was ideal for us with our dogs, as we were able to exercise them in the adjoining paddock.  Thanks to Sandra, Keith and sister Diane for their kind hospitality and lovely food over the week end.

Thanks to Bill for stewarding, and criminals Rachael, Graham Brumpton, Karen Warner and Andy Baker, who also tracklaid over the two days.  Tracking was on rape and all dogs performed well.    We lost one dog on the square, one on the jumps and two on the manwork, leaving one qualifier.

1st Graham Reaney TARNEDGE ROUGH DIAMOND, CDEx – TDEx, Lab, Dog, 302, Q.  A well deserved qualification and I’m sure Graham and Charlie have a great future in PD Champ.  Well done.

2nd Paul Morling, VONGRAF KAGUL, GSD, Dog, 267.5, NQ.  No scale jump, other than that a good over all performance.

3rd Julia Findeison, GSD, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, Dog, 264.5.  Only one square article prevented a qualification.  Hard lines, Julz.

4th Linda Newbold, COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, Dog, 250.5.  Over exuberance and no recall cost Dylan the qualification.

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