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Thanks to Keith Dearing, Paul Morling and the committee of East Anglia Working Trials Training Society for the invitation to judge the CD and UD stakes at their September Open Trial.  Also, my thanks go to Keith and Sandra Dearing, and Paul Morling, for their hospitality, particularly Keith and Sandra who let us pitch our caravan at the back of the kennels.  The weekend was very enjoyable for the company and entertainment.  I am also extremely grateful to Jan Sewell and Rita Banfather in the kitchen, who kept me well fed and watered throughout.  


Square and Control Steward: Jim Sewell

Two competitors worked on Saturday and three on Sunday.  The round started with the retrieve and search squares, undertaken in a grass paddock.  The articles were a wooden clothes peg, a piece of soft leather and a piece on nylon webbing.  All five competitors recovered the articles with varying levels of competence.  The control round was executed in the same paddock.  Four of the teams achieved sufficient marks in the nosework section and, of these, three achieved sufficient marks in the C/A to qualify.  Overall I was very impressed with the standard, particularly the deserving winner, Stevie Boyall, who did not put a foot wrong in any of the exercises.

1st Stevie Boyall with Aston, VANQUISH ULTIMATE EDITION, Labrador, 100, Q.  A faultless round by an experienced handler with her new dog.

2nd Mike Williams with Marina, MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, 96.5, Q.  Mike’s experience showed through in his handling of this young dog.  I look forward to seeing Mike going forward through the stakes.

3rd Angela Clarke with Monty, CHACKMORETON RACER, Golden Retriever, 86.5, Q.  Angela did extremely well with this enthusiastic Goldie.  Absolutely no trouble with jumps to the extent that he tried to return over the long and scale after he had been released at the end of the exercises.  Good luck in the higher stakes!

4th Paul Bryan with Whispa, KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, BC, 63, NQ.  Paul has worked hard to bring this bitch up to the standard.   Unfortunately the weather was less kind on the Sunday and it probably affected her performance.


Tracklayers: Andy and Emma Baker

Square and Control Steward: Jim Sewell

Weather for the East Anglia September trial can be variable.  This year saw strong winds and driving rain on the Friday, with Saturday a bit drier but with the same wind.  Tracking was on stubble with a strong showing of grass coming through.  Surprisingly, the teams that worked Friday fared better in the nosework with only one dog not getting round the track.  Of the 12 dogs that competed, four qualified.

1st Mike Williams with Marina, MARINA BEN’S PAL, XB, 194, Q.  This win completed a good weekend for Mike, adding to his 2nd in CD.   Once again experience in his handling of the dog on the nosework and control field showed through.  Track 88, Articles 2/20 and square 33: Control and Agility 53.

2nd Rachel Abbott with Fen, SQWUFEE FENSTER, WSD, 188.5, Q.   A perfect track with both articles and a 34 square provided a very good nosework round.  This was followed by a competently executed control and agility round, gaining 44.5.

3rd Kate Peyton with Jedd, JEDI KNIGHT, BC, 182.5, Q.  Track 85, both articles, 32 square and control and agility round 45.5 - well done, Kate.

4th Carole Brooke with Remy, TADMARTEN DARK REMY, Lab, 173.5, Q.  Only one article off the track and three out of the square left it all for Carole to do on the control field, but she rose to the occasion by attaining a worthy 54.5.  Track 88, Article 1/5, Square 26.

I was fortunate to have a good strong team with me on the field.   Jim Sewell, with his experience as a judge and helper proved invaluable.  Andy Baker is a well proven track layer and Emma, on her first outing in the field, laid her tracks to perfection.  They were all good company, put the competitors at ease, and made my job very easy.  My thanks go out to you all.




Tracklayers: Paul Morling and Karen Warner

Stewards: Mark Lewindon and Penny Bellis

My thanks to EAWTS for extending me the privilege of judging the WD Open Stake at Waterlow Kennels.  Thanks also to Sandra and Keith Dearing for allowing us the use of their kennels for the trial and making us welcome, and the farmers for the use of their land.

I had a smashing support team out in the field; tracklayers were Paul Morling and Karen Warner both days, square/control steward on the first day, Mark Lewindon (who managed to do everything I requested – a first!!) and the second day Penny Bellis.  Thank you all for your hard work, giving the competitors the best chance possible and being such good company.  My thanks also to Jan Sewell (who seemed to be doing everything at base), and Rita Banfather for kitchen duties on the second day. 

There were 15 entries of which 11 ran.  Tracking was on stubble with a fair amount of green growth mixed in; track articles were a pen and piece of vet bed (1.5"x 3").  Square articles were a wooden teaspoon, section of scourer (sponge and green), green rubber mesh (1.5" x 3") and a cork.

The weather could have been kinder and the early tracks benefited from less inclement weather, whereas the later tracks suffered from driving wind and rain - this was reflected in the tracking results.  The trial ended with 4 qualifiers and for those non qualifiers....  I watched dogs which I knew to be extremely competent tracking dogs struggle.  Please don’t be despondent; it really was due to weather conditions.  Better luck next time.

1st Sue Hough with Hattie, STARDELL ALYA, Border Collie, 191, Q.  The only team to obtain both articles off the track and 4 out of the square.  This, combined with a very polished control round from this experienced handler and young dog, gained them a well deserved first place.

2nd Pat Golding with Max, ST PETES JETTA, CDEx, UDEx, Labrador, 189, Q.  A very nice performance from this happy lab.  You look like a team and it was a pleasure to watch.

3rd Jim Sewell with Thai, STARDELL TYL, CDEx, Border Collie, 182, Q.  This is a cracking young dog Jim; enjoy him, you will go far.  Very nice round.

4th Tricia Harding with Otter, RUSHBOTTOM RIVEROTTER, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 176.5, Q.  A lovely GSD who had a little bit of a naughty head on during the control round, but you held it together to qualify.  Well done.

Good luck to you all in WD Champ.




Tracklayers: Karen Warner and Steve Banfather

Square/Control/Patrol Steward: Paul Beasley

Criminals: Karen Warner, Steve Banfather, Emma and Andy Baker

We were lucky with the weather on the first day, which was fine and dry, but it was not so good for the second, with cold, windy and wet conditions.  Tracking was on stubble and Control and Patrol on a beautiful open grass field with a copse in the middle.  All dogs qualified the nosework on the first day, but sadly we lost all three on this section on the second.  All dogs jumped well and only one dog went out in control with a failed stay.  The patrol round was straightforward and all dogs gave it a good try, with some just lacking experience.

1st Lynn Davies with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, CDEx - TDEx, X-Breed, Q, 302.5.  Although already qualified and working championship PD, on this showing the Opens have helped boost Zeke’s confidence and he hardly put a paw wrong from start to finish. A well deserved win.

2nd. Linda Newbold with COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, Q, 277.  A very impressive young dog that only lacks experience, which in Linda’s hands will not be long coming.

3rd Julia Findeison with TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, NQ, 250.5.  Plenty of enthusiasm from Zico and a sendaway and redirect to be proud of.  Both seemed to enjoy themselves.

4th  Heather Donnelly with MOBELLA CARELESS WHISPER FOR WOOLRAM, WDEx, BC, NQ, 234.5.  Although fast and enthusiastic, Puds seemed a little over faced in the Patrol round and needs a bit more experience.

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