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Thank you to EAWTTS for the last minute invitation to judge and to Paul for all his organisation and hospitality.  Thanks to Sandra and Di for the food and to the competitors for being good company.

The squares were a little disappointing, with none of the dogs getting all three articles despite them being rather large.  Personally, I think this was more to do with the dogs not covering the area where the articles were, rather than the steward being a smoker.

The control rounds were very good but unfortunately the jumps took the usual toll.

1st Mrs E Carter and MY GIRL HEIDI, WSD, 86.5.  A good team - the only qualifier and well deserved.

2nd Miss B Collier and SARASALS BLUE CASCADE OF PEPPERBOX, Cocker Spaniel, NQ, 63.5.  Storm has lovely control and was well handled by Becky.  Just a bit more work on the sendaway and jumps.

3rd Mrs G Martin and QUELLA QUICKSILVER, Golden Retriever, NQ, 63.  A shame about the scale but he’s more than capable.  Good luck with your next one.

4th Mrs A Wright and CARISHILL ROSE Golden Retriever, NQ, 60.5.  Unlucky with the scale this time.




Tracklayers: Paul Morling and Graham Brumpton.

Steward: Carole Hall

Thanks to East Anglia WTS for the invitation to judge the UD stake at this well run trial.  Paul Morling, as the efficient trials manager and expert ‘Ten pin Bowler’, did a great job in organising the trial and helpers.  He also kindly put Carole and me up at his home for the weekend. Pete Carroll manned the base and Brian Pole made sure all the competitors got to their tracks in plenty of time.  Di served some excellent food in the base throughout the weekend and sent us out with a bag of food so huge we struggled to carry it!  Sandra kindly lets the society use her Boarding Kennels as the base, with a lovely field full of toys to walk our dogs in!

Thanks to Carole who laid squares for me and stewarded the control - done brilliantly as usual.  Tracking was on stubble, which the dogs seemed to cope with very well. We were fortunate that it was quite foggy and damp when the nosework was done and then the sun shone for control.

9 Dogs entered, 7 worked

1st Andrea Lynd, REBARK BUBBLY PEG. Labrador, B. 187.5, COM.  Wow, Andrea!  You and Peg are doing so well.  Fantastic to watch and judge.  Brilliant nosework and lovely control, with a slight blip on the jumps!  A well deserved qualification. N/W 141.5,  Control 31,  Agility 15.

2nd Dave Self, TREGONHAY THORN, English Springer Spaniel, D, 183.5, COM.  Thorn did a lovely track on a difficult piece of land.  Close shave on the square, but kept working and got out the four articles! Came onto control very nervous, but with no need as you both gave a good performance.  Good luck with him.  N/W 134,  Control 30,  Agility 19.5.  

3rd Les Allen, ANTILLI BAZKO, GSD, D, 182.5, COM.  What a lovely Shepherd!  A lot of drive, but well controlled by Les.  Flew the track, but sadly missed the last article.  Excellent control and agility to finish.  Good luck for the future.  N/W 130.5, Control 33, Agility 19.

4th Anne Wright, CARISHILL ROSE, Golden Retriever, B, 176.5, COM.  Mabel did a lovely track, but was a little distracted in the square.  Control was good, with perhaps ‘hunting mode’ taking over on the sendaway!  She is lovely, well done.  N/W 130, Control 28, Agility 18.5.

Congratulations to Carole and DARCEY (Labrador) on being the only qualifier in WD stake. WOW!  Watch these gundogs, folks!




Steward: Karen Warner

Tracklayers: Julia Findeisen and Karen Warner

Thanks to East Anglia for the opportunity to judge the WD stake at such a nice trial.  Thank you to Paul Morling for doing such a great job organising the trial, for putting me up at his home and for the bowling lessons.  Pete Carroll and Brian Pole manned the base and ensured that competitors were on time for their tracks.  Di did a valiant job in the kitchen serving up some lovely food.  Thank you to my tracklayers who did a wonderful job; Karen multi-tasked and put down the squares as well and then stewarded the control for me.  Thanks to the farmers for the use of their land and to Sandra for providing the base at the kennels and for the use of the field to exercise our dogs in. 

Tracking was on stubble and the weather was warm and sunny, so the stubble was dry, but the dogs coped with it really well; but sadly the jumps took their toll and we finished with only one qualifier.  Thanks to all of you who entered, we saw some really nice work from you all.  Good luck to you all in your future trials.

1st Carole Hall and PENRITH NELL, Q, 184.5.  Darcy gave us a few scares on the nosework, speed being the problem, not the conditions!!  Recovered both articles and then did a lovely square.  Managed to slow down slightly for the control and produced some nice work.  Track 80/20, Sq 32, Control 32.5,  Agility 20.  Congratulations

2nd Penny Bann and JENNALINE QUACKINUP WISUKY, NQ, 174.5.  Best track and nice control, but then a slight blip on the agility cost a qualification this time.  Track 88/20, Sq 25, Control 32.5, Agility 9.5.  Well done.

3rd Clive Griffiths and WAGGERLAND CHILE, NQ, 172.  Chile did a lovely track and brilliant control round but sadly another one not managing the jumps. Track 86/20, Control 34, Agility 5.  Good luck for your future outings.

4th Dave Craven and DISCO MISCHIEF MAKER, NQ, 100.  Disco was making easy work of the track until 2 legs to go, then got distracted and couldn’t get his concentration back for the square.  I’m sure it was just an off day, Dave, and hopefully he’ll be back on form for the next outing.





Tracklayers: Paul and Graham

Criminals: Paul, Graham, John, Pete and Karen

Stewards: Squares, C/A and Patrol round scribe – Kate; Patrol round - Linda

Firstly, please accept my apologies for the lateness of this report.

I would like to say a big thank you to the society (I think) for giving me my first PD appointment; after the initial, "what have I let myself in for?" I actually quite enjoyed it, though it definitely helped having an experienced team, as it meant that everybody had a fair crack of the whip, and all got the same test.  I approached the appointment the same way as any other open appointment, that is, let’s see if the dogs are capable of doing the exercises, i.e. a two hour old track, a sendaway and redirect, a speak, and a set of exercises that make up the patrol round.  I wanted to give the dogs and handlers every opportunity to prove to me they are ready to take the next step up the ladder without blowing their minds.  I hope they all enjoyed the test and went away either extremely pleased or knowing what they needed to do in order to improve and move on.

1st JAQ IN A BOX, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, Handler Mr Ron Jaques.  A good all round performance from this pair gave them the red rosette today.  Well done and good luck in the future.  Q, 257.5

2nd VOMKYNA BORUSS, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, GSD, D, Handler Ms Ruth Cahill.  Another good performance from this pair, unlucky to come up against the winner today but gave them a run for their money, but the important thing is you qualified.  Q, 257

3rd CAPER KALI, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BSD/Mali, B, Handler Mr Bill Richardson.  Unfortunately Kali decided not to bother with the articles on the track today, otherwise a very nice round.  NQ, 253.5

4th MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, X, D, Handler Mrs Lynne Davis.  Bits and pieces throughout the test cost this pair today.  NQ, 229.5

To those who qualified well done, to those who didn’t, keep trying and working hard at it and you’ll get there in the end.

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