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I would like to apologise to everybody who was looking forward to our UD, WD and TD stakes.  These had to be cancelled due to the amount of water lying on the fields; as set-aside no longer exists we had nothing to fall back on.  But, to all our judges, farmers and helpers who helped us to run successful PD and CD stakes, thanks for everything.

Keith Dearing



Judge and Steward: PAUL MORLING

1st Sandra Dearing, CINDALLY DAZZLER AT PROFORM, BC, D, 89.5, Q.  A dog with plenty of promise, well handled.

2nd Mark Overland, MICKALI BRONN DRAGON, Lab, D, 83, Q.  A new face to trials with a very enthusiastic dog.  Well done.

3rd Angela Moslin, VALENTINO Z KOVARNY WILDFIRE, BSD, D, 65.5, NQ.

4th Mr P Herrmann, BONHEUR VOODOO, BSD (Terv), D, 61, NQ.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Sat – Pete Carroll and Jim (no, no, no, no, yesssss) Sewell, Sun – Karen Warner and Jim (no, no, no, no, yesssss) Sewell

Square and Control Stewards: Paula Jaques (Sat and Sun) and Jim Sewell (Sat)

Thank you to the Trials Manager Paul Morling and the EAWTTS committee for the invitation to judge the UD Nosework and Control at this friendly and well run trial.  Thank you to Jan at the base for keeping the competitors coming and to Diane and Sandra in the kitchen for keeping us well fed.  Special thanks to Sandra for putting me up – being able to just walk out of the door and be at the base was excellent!!  Thank you to my tracklayers Pete, Jim and Karen for laying the tracks and special thanks to Paula for laying the squares and acting as control steward (hopefully you’ve warmed up now!!); thanks also to Jim for helping with the squares and control when needed.

16 teams entered and 15 competed.  The weather on the Saturday was better than on the Sunday and this showed in the tracking marks – it was still cold and windy, but on the Sunday the wind was a little a bit stronger.   Overall the standard of the tracking was really good; only 3 failed the track (but all went home with the soft toy that was the last article!!), and most of the dogs got at least 3 articles from the square.   In the control round the agility took its toll with only 3 out of the 15 dogs getting full marks on the long jump.

After the C/A there were only four qualifiers:

1st           Jan Beverley with TRAJAN JAFFA, (Jaffa), WSD, D, 195, Q.  Jaffa did an excellent nosework and control round, losing 1 point off the track with 4 articles in the square.  Super control round, only losing 3 points.  Well done Jan.

2nd         Sandra Lewindon with BRACOKELI DELIVERANCE, (Banjo), GSD, B, 179.5, Q.  Banjo did a lovely track, only losing 2 points, with 3 out of the square.  The control round suffered slightly from Banjo’s exuberance but I’m sure she will settle down with time. 

3rd          Manda McLellan with ASTRA STORM, (Storm), BC, D, 177.5, Q.  Storm did a superb track, not putting a foot wrong, with 2 out off the square.   The control round was nice and tidy with Storm’s inexperience showing round the jumps – he was the only dog to get 10 for his sendaway.

4th          Gail Edmonds with GRAYCORN HIGH AND MIGHTY, (Gil), GSD, D, 175, Q.  Gil was the last dog on the last day.  He did a super track, only losing 4 points on the track, with 3 from the square.  A nice and tidy control round.

Well done to all the qualifiers, and thank you to all the competitors who competed for accepting my decisions.  I hope you enjoyed the test as much as I did watching you all.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Ron Jaques, John Phillips, Karen Warner

Steward: Penny Bellis

Thanks to East Anglia for inviting me back to judge again.  I thoroughly enjoyed judging WD, and saw some lovely dogs.  Thanks to Ron, John and Karen for tracklaying, and thanks to Penny for a superb job of stewarding the squares and the C/A.  Thanks to Paul for putting Ron and me up again.

A lovely trial in super surroundings, thanks to the generosity of the farmers, and Keith and Sandra Dearing, and Diane Goulden.

1st           Kate Peyton and Lottie, (Rott), JHAVA RUFINA, 169, Q.  Well done, Lottie really shone today.

2nd         Marie Dixon with Orbit, HYPERBOLIC ORBIT, 160.5, Q.  Very well done.  You must have really put in some hard work since I last saw you.  Super boy!

3rd          Rita Banfather with Finn, STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSLAY, 154.5, NQ.  Finn did a super track, and didn’t let a group of dogs running up to on the track put him off.  Unfortunately, he didn’t qualify C/A, but will soon be there.  Well done.

4th          Meg O’Kelly with Zac, WACCY ZACCY, 143.5, NQ.  Well done.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers:  Karen Warner, John Phillips

Steward:  Penny Bellis

Many thanks to Paul Morling and the committee of EAWTS for the opportunity to judge the TD stake.  Paul runs a lovely trial, and it is a pleasure to go there – even the weather was good.  Thanks to Karen and John for laying tracks on the newly acquired grass.  Penny, my steward, was wonderful company, and the time just flew by – thanks Penny.  Finally, my thanks go to Jan, Diane and Sandra at base.

Tracking was on rough grass, with a fair sprinkling of rabbits, and those handlers who trusted their dogs on the day got round.  My thanks to the competitors for entering under me.  Congratulations to the two qualifiers, and to everybody else.  Keep up the good work – your time will come.

1st           Lynne Davies with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, Q, 190.5.  Zak did a lovely track – well done.

2nd         Sue Jones with DURSTONE MELODY, Q, 187.5.  Meg had trouble early on the track, but recovered to go on, hardly putting a paw wrong.

3rd          Fran Atkins with BRONFYNNON BRECON, NQ, 202.  Best nosework mark, but it was not your day for control.

4th          Joan Watkins with DURSTONE O’RILEY, NQ, 196.  Well done for not giving up on the track.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Ron Jaques, Lee Payne, Manda McLellan

Steward: Paul Beasley (Squares, C/A and Patrol)

Criminals: Ron Jaques, Lee Payne, Manda McLellan

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with EAWTTS.  I had great land, dry weather, good food and fantastic help, so my job was made very easy.  In addition to this I saw some really good dogs and handlers, and was thoroughly entertained.

Tracking was on set-aside, which presented no difficulty, and all dogs completed the track with both articles.  I had a theme running through my test of a mugged woman, and two attackers, who snatched a handbag, and so the track articles consisted of an identity card and a glove, and in the square there was a key, an emery board, a bag of coins and some rolled up notes.  These certainly caused some amusement, but only one team managed to find all the square articles.

All dogs qualified both nosework and control, leaving us with a full compliment going in to the patrol round.  The same theme ran through this part of the test, with a confused and dazed woman to find, mistaken identity resulting in a recall, and then a chase and detain of one of the attackers, followed by a ferocious attack from the other.  I was impressed with the standard of all the teams, with only inexperience causing the odd problem, but there was no doubting commitment, and, for the most part, control was good.  Ron threw himself into his part with enthusiasm, causing much amusement, and some of the handlers’ questioning of the criminals was truly inspired.

1st           Anne Bussey, WTCh ROMENO IF SIX WAS NINE, WSD, D, 285.5, Q.  With all six articles, Anne and Grad went into the lead, and hung on through solid control and patrol rounds.  Well done on your second qualification.

2nd         Malcolm Snowden, FLYNNTASTIC JUST JAY, BC, D, 282, Q.  A good all round performance from this pair, and the best patrol round, giving them a first qualification.

3rd          Chris Gregory, VOMHAUSNYE QUANTUM, GSD, B, 261, Q.  Chris worked very hard for this qualification with Buffy, who is by no means easy, but her efforts paid off, and her role-play was admirable!

4th          Bill Richardson, CAPER KALI, BSD (Mal), B, NQ.  A failed recall prevented this very capable dog from qualifying, but other than this, she performed well throughout.

A great bunch of competitors, and a pleasure to judge.

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