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Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Jim Sewell and Karen Warner

Control and Square Steward: Heather Cook

Patrol Steward: Karen Warner

Criminals: Jim Sewell, Pete Carroll, Paul Morling and John Phillips

Many thanks to EAWTT Society for the invitation to judge and to the ladies in the kitchen who kept us fed and watered throughout the day. Also, to my tracklayers - Jim and Karen, control and square steward - Heather, Patrol Steward - Karen, and criminals - Jim, Pete, Paul and John. You all did grand jobs, just how I wanted it - thanks everyone. Lastly, thank you to the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.   Hope you all enjoyed working the round as I did judging you. It has restored my faith in judging at trials. Congratulations to the qualifiers and good luck to those who didn't this time.

1st         Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK, BC, Q, 283.5 . Got lost on the last leg of the track resulting in only 1 article, but finished off with a lovely full point square. The Patrol round was good, although needs more polish on quartering. Good overall performance. Well done Dean and Abby.

2nd        Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI, Mali, Q, 276. Best nosework, with all 6 articles recovered. Good round from Bill and Kali, unfortunately Kali didn't want to locate the criminal today but still had enough to qualify. Well done.

3rd         Malcolm Snowden with FLYNTASTIC JUST JAY, BC, NQ, 251.5. Unlucky Malcolm and Jay, not completing the track resulted in no qualification today. Good Luck next time.

4th,        Lynne Davies with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, Cross, NQ, 237. Zeke did well to finish the track after a sticky moment on the last corner - well recovered, Lynne. Unfortunately, no recall today prevented this team from qualifying. Good Luck.

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