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Stakes: Intro and CD


Steward: Caroline Martin

Thank you to EAWTTS and Paul Morling for the invitation to judge at this friendly Championship Working Trial, and thanks also to Keith and Sandra at Waterlow Farm for the use of their land, and for my accommodation.

Caroline Martin, my steward, did an excellent job putting the competitors at ease and ensuring things flowed from one exercise to another. Many thanks for your assistance and good company. The well run base was in the hands of a very helpful Steve Banfather, and our “food needs” taken care of by Diane: thank you both.

There were 12 entries in CD (9 worked), and 1 in Intro. A cold, sunny and frosty start each morning made the dogs work in the square, especially on Sunday when there was no wind, and it was good to see nearly all dogs qualify this group. The articles were - Intro: Beige carpet 4 x 1”, green scourer 3.5 x 2”, red bottle top and red/green cloth 4 x 4”. CD: Wood dowel 3.5”, green bottle top and red hosepipe 2.5”.

There were no major problems with the C/A, except for some reason we had 6 long jump failures (this followed the scale as it made the round easier).

Introductory Stake:

1st           Angela Moslin with COCAINE z KOVARNEY, BSD (Terv), D. 82.5, Q (27, 35½, 20). Working this stake before CD, with Caine as energetic and bouncy as he was, did not look easy, but a good square and full mark jumps and stays made up for the sendaway. Congratulations, and well done on this qualification.


CD Stake:

1st           Abbey Peart with TEASEL TUMBLETWIST, Lab, D. 95, Q. (28, 47, 20). This well-schooled dog was very calmly handled, with just minor marks lost. As for the jumps, WOW; Caroline and I looked at each other hardly believing how easily Dobbie had dealt with them. A great display. Congratulations, and well done on this win and qualification.

2nd         Ruth Payton with KALIAZAR CHAOS, BC, B. 92, Q (30, 47.5, 14.5). A very keen young dog, totally focused on the square, with all articles returned without mouthing. Good heelwork, recall etc, and all was looking okay until the long jump. Shame; but a great round. Congratulations, and well done on this qualification.

3rd          Kate Nicholas with BEVERTON ICE, BC, B. 88.5, Q (14, 49.5, 15). Despite working very hard for the third article Ice could not locate it. Good heelwork, recall etc, and a great sendaway, but again, shame about the long jump. Well done on this qualification.

4th          Graham Taylor with TEELUM BATES, WSD, D. 74, NQ (25.5, 41, 7.5). A good square and retrieve but jumps, sendaway and heelwork lost marks today; but well done on this place.

Thank you to all competitors for letting me judge you and for accepting my decisions. Good luck at your next trial.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Karen Warner and Emma Baker

Steward: Rita Banfather

First I would like to thank the Association for inviting me to judge the UD Stake, and to Paul Morling and Karen Warner for running such a friendly and well organised trial. Special thanks to Steve Banfather, first time as base steward, who was most efficient and helpful. The kitchen was run by Di, who produced wonderful food. My thanks to her, and to Sandra and Keith Dearing for their hospitality.

My tracklayers laid exemplary tracks on very rough plough with some growth. A big thank you for what was very hard work. Rita, my steward, was excellent company and a first class steward – a big thank you, Rita. Lastly, thank you to the competitors for accepting my decisions, and good luck in the future.

1st           Hilary Mercer, STARDELL RANA, BC, B, 190.5, Q. Rana tracked beautifully and worked a very fast and impressive square, only marred by mouthing. A good control round and jumps. Hilary so much enjoys working Rana, it is a great pleasure to watch. Well done. Nosework: 87.5/20/32; C/A: 31.5/19.5

2nd         Chris Trevor, RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab, D, 190, Q. Another lovely track – Oscar worked the best square. It’s a great pleasure to watch Chris and Oscar working – Chris only has Oscar for weekends and has done amazingly well. Well done. 85/20/34; 31/20

3rd          Joan Snowden, STARDELL MERCURY, BC, D, 187.5, Q. Another committed track, well handled by Joan. Moss worked a very fast and enthusiastic square, but it was marred by dropping the articles on the hand-over. Best control round, only losing half a mark. Sadly, Moss failed the long jump, which was costly. Well done. 89/20/30: 34.5/14

4th          Belinda Spensley, CARISHILL EMERALD, GR, B, 182.5, NQ. It was lovely to watch Dafni’s joy and enthusiasm in both the nosework and C/A, but some work is needed to stop mouthing the square articles. A lovely control round, sympathetically handled by Belinda; sadly, the scale jump was costly. Well done. 88/20/29: 32/13.5


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Gary Martin and Andy Baker

Steward: Julz Findeisen

Criminals: Gary Martin, Andy Baker, Emma Baker, Karen Warner

Many thanks to EAWTS for the invitation to judge the PD Stake at their Championship Trial, and thanks to Karen Warner and Paul Morling, the ‘Trials Managers’.  Also thanks to Sandra and Keith Dearing for the use of their kennels as our base and also for allowing Julz and myself to stay at their house.  My two tracklayers, Gary and Andy - you couldn’t get better ticket tracklayers than these two, thanks.  To Julz - who ferried me around from home all the way down to East Anglia, stewarded the nosework, C/A and also the manwork, allowing me with only one foot in action to basically sit there all weekend and do bog all but play with my pencil - you are a star; but as you volunteered me to judge this ticket, you owed me anyway hahaha!  I would also like to say a big thank you to Emma Baker and her fab little collie for helping me set my test up on the Sat evening and then doing another run through on the Sun morning for the competitors.  He is a great dog, Emma, and best of luck for your future PD trials.

The weather was cold all weekend but at least we didn’t get soaked, and the Sunday morning for the manwork was lovely sunshine. 

Great bunch of competitors and thanks for accepting my decisions, even if they didn’t go your way.  I enjoyed judging all your dogs.

1st           Diane Ling and WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, 309, Q.  This team just worked so well from beginning to end. I just couldn’t fault your performance, Diane and Tom, well done.  Tom gave you everything he had and deserved the ticket; good luck at the KCC’s, I will be there to cheer you on

2nd         Alan Bexon and WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, 303.5, Q.  Another team who put in such a solid performance as always.  Alan, this little dog just doesn’t let you down ever.  I will be watching you too at the KCC’s this year, cheering you on from the side-lines.  Well done.

3rd          Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, 284, Q.   Fab nosework and C/A round followed by a solid manwork performance.  Trust him on that recall, Dave, he will turn. Another team already competing at this year’s KCC’s.  Good luck.

4th          Andy Laws and LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, 275.5, Q.  This was Andy and Frankie’s first PDEx and I could tell by the big grin on Andy’s face that he was well chuffed.  I know Frankie has a better quarter than the marks showed, and next time you will push her.  Well done, Andy.  And good luck for your future PD trials.

I am now looking forward to myself and Tyne getting fit and hopefully joining you all in some PD trials in the next couple years, providing we get the training in - I do so miss competing in PD.

Thank you to everyone for the pleasure of judging your dogs - I thought the standard was very good.

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