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Trials Manager's Report

It was great to get a higher TD entry this year and both TD and CD were well supported. However, Paula Harvey ended up with only three of the original 5 entries to judge in UD.  Where are all the UD dogs?  I know we are not the easiest trial to get to but the TDs are growing in number and even the CD doubled its entry from last year.

We had varying weather conditions during the week with everything from warm, bright and breezy to howling gales, torrential rain and hail. Nevertheless some dedicated teams took it all in their stride and we ended up with a reasonable number of qualifiers and the winner earning his title.  Well worth the trip to East Anglia I think.  We are very lucky with our base and our land and we did not lose any tracks to the walkers who usually frequent the fields, so must be grateful for their co-operation as well as the generosity of the land owners.

I am especially grateful to Paula Harvey who came to judge the UD but with such a small entry ended up track laying for TD all week.  With so few experienced members it is difficult to find enough track layers, and so Paul and Paula walked the tracks all week and we could not have managed without them.  It was great to have Barry Harvey judge our ticket after such a long break from judging and he made my life very easy by just getting on with it and leaving me nothing to worry about. Stan Ford certainly put our newest members at ease in the CD stake and made sure their first attempt at competition went smoothly, and the team in the kitchen led by Kiki ensured that competitors and judges were all well looked after. Everyone seemed to enjoy their trial and talked of coming back next year so let us hope they all have UD dogs to bring with them! 



UD Stake


Tracklayers :  Paul Beasley and Caroline Caroll

Steward : Caroline Caroll

Thank you to East Anglia for the invitation to judge.  Wendy and Paul run an excellent trial and have a group of very enthusiastic helpers.  The ladies / gentlemen in the kitchen looked after me very well.  Tracking was on nice set aside , but it was very windy.  5 entered but only 3 ran.

1st           DETANIA MORGAN BC(D) Handled by Mrs. V. Cottarill 171 NQ.  A nice track with one article and four out of the square.  Good control round but unfortunately failed the jumps.

2nd         JENNALINE'S MUCKIN FUDDLE CDex  GSHP (D) Handled by Mr.s Penny Bann 164.5 NQ.  Lovely track and search with 2 + 4.  But unfortunately the control let you down.

3rd          LENWORTH BERTRAM OF PHILKINDY Lab (D) Handled by Mrs. C.C. Guard 91 NQ.  Bertie decided that hunting was better than tracking.  But he did a good control round.


TD Stake


Search Steward: Ronnie Cotterill

Tracklayers: Paula Harvey, Paul Beasley

Control steward: Carolyn Andrews

I would like to thank EAWTTS for the invitation to judge the TD stake at this trial. Special thanks also to Paula and Paul for laying all the tracks and to Wendy for all her hard work before and during the trial.

The land was managed set aside which under normal conditions would have produced more than the eight nosework qualifiers that we finished up with. The weather was what could only be described as atrocious, with the wind and rain getting worse as the week progressed making it almost impossible to stand up at times let alone expect dogs to track, but they did.

It needed an experienced dog to succeed in these conditions which , with the exception of Gary Atikins dog , the qualifier were.

Searches also seemed to be affected by the strong wind and torrential rain .

Ronnie Cotterill laid all the squares and managed to keep cheerful in spite of the unpleasant conditions .

Any dog gaining a qualifying mark in the nosework section under these conditions can be regarded as a true tracking dog.

The Control field was also managed set aside and large enough not to restrict  the test.

My  control steward ,Carolyn, was excellent and very consistent in the way she dealt with each Competitor.

I would strongly recommend all TD competitors to support this trial and take advantage of the good land and base facilities.

Thanks must also go to the ladies in the kitchen for all their hard work.

Thanks to all the competitors that entered and worked under me and I hope that you enjoyed your time in rural Suffolk as much as I did.

34 entries

1st           Mrs S Plumb, Xbreed , MELNOLA SWINGTIME CDex-TDex  204 marks

2nd         Mr G Atkins  BC CAFCOLL RON CDex_TDex  202.5 marks

3rd          Mrs A Fowler, BC, WAGGERLAND FLOSS UDex-TDex   194marks

4th          Mrs S Hough , BC, WT CH BINTIBN TRICK OF FATE CDex-TDex    192.5 marks

also qualifying

Mr P Carroll , BYRONS BIG BEAR, WSD, CDex -TdexPDex 184.5 

Mrs J Atkins,  WT CH GLENALPINE MATT,BC, CDex-TDex  182


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