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Trials Mangers Report

When the entries closed the weather was still very wet with no sign of the crops being cut, so I had to make the decision whether to change the venue.

With many thanks to Wendy and Paul Beasley who found us lots of grass land. Which is much better than stubble anyway. So we moved our venue to Woodton. Apart from some of the competitors getting held up because of road accidents, and some getting lost, in the end everything went off well.

Carolyn Andrews one of our escorts had raging toothache, but bravely carried on many thanks Carolyn. Also thanks to my husband Peter for escorting although he did try to wind us all up by pretending he couldn't find the tracking land putting us in a panic. I will get my own back one day.

The weather was very hot but the dogs all had a go, sadly no qualifiers in C.D. or U.D. but five in W.D.

Thanks to KiKi and Ann in the Kitchen you did a grand job.

Thanks to tracklayers Peter Carroll, Barry and Paula Harvey, Paul Morling and Paul Beasley, Judges Caroline Carroll C.D. and C/A, Wendy Beasley U.D. N/W, Les Theobald W.D. N/W. and Stewards Becky Munting and Val Jenkins.

You all must have been cooked out there in the heat. I hope all the competitors and dogs did enjoy themselves.



UD nosework


Tracklayers: Paul Beasley, Paul Morling

Stewards: Paul Beasley, Paul Morling

I really enjoyed my day judging the UD nosework for EAWTTS and was very well looked after by my friends at the base and the two Pauls on the field who both did a great job.  Although the weather was very hot for the dogs, the conditions were good with large fields of well grown grass and those that were ready took advantage of it. As always in Open UD there were one or two that need a little more experience but on the whole they all gave it a good try and no-one was left at the post. Squares were of a good standard with at least three articles found and several fours, but dropping and mouthing accounted for a few points. Unfortunately we did not have any qualifiers in this stake as the two that were still on qualifying marks after the Control and Agility went out on stays, which is always a shame. Thanks to EAWTTS and to those that entered under me - better luck next time.

1st           Barry James and TYTRI KAY BC (B) (NQ) Kay tracked really well until a mistake near the end, but redeemed herself with the only full point square. Qualifying each section but not overall, with her experienced handler she will not be long at this level.

2nd         Fran Atkin and BRONFYNNON BRECON WSD (D) (NQ) 87.5 on the track and three out of the square this pair were heading for a qualifier but sadly went out on stays.

3rd          Meg O'Kelly and ON YER BIKE WSD (B) (NQ) Another very good track and four out of the square but unfortunately also failed the stays.

4th          Angela Gourd and NICKILA RED BSD(Terv) (NQ) This dog stormed around the track until a corner near the end and then just kept going! I am sure he will qualify soon.

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