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Who says being a trials manager was hard and difficult and unrewarding? All you have to do is find really smart people who you can give a job to and let them get on with it and all you have to do then is get out the deckchair, sit back and enjoy the sunshine! Unfortunately this does not happen very often but it did this time. I could not have found better people to run a trial. They knew more about their jobs and what to do than I did. They all worked quietly and calmly as if they had been running trials for years.

Due to my illness I was unable to do any of the physical work that was required. Paul Morling ended up as the real trials manager and I assisted him perfectly whilst sitting in the deck chair.

Apart from losing T.D. and W.D. tracking ground to an over zealous tractor driver who wanted some over-time. But all I did was move everything to other ground. This is where I would like to thank all my farmers who have been extremely helpful over the years. Special thanks goes to David Drake our control field farmer who after a hard days work planting his fields, came home to cut the grass to the required height just for our trial.

As this was a new base and it is a home and working business, it is always worrying to think that you may be in somebody's way, but Sandra and Keith Dearing opened up their home where nothing was too much trouble. They not only laid on the base, they provided the refreshments too.

Which leads me to my base steward Jan Sewell who done her job with so much efficiency you would think that she does it as a living instead of a hobby.

Our secretary Diane Goulden also doubled up as part catering manager and part gofer.

Last but not least Angela Hughes helped us out tremendously with the escorting.

I will let the judges thank their helpers. I personally would like to thank everyone that helped to put on an excellent trial.

The committee have decided that they cannot meet the Kennel Club criteria for running a championship. So they have decided to run another open, the next being the end of January 2006 and at the helm will be Paul Morling. Please check with E.A.W.T.T.S. web site for information, schedules and reports.



C.D. Stake


Steward: Paula Bridge

First of all I would like to start with my thank yous , thanks to E.A.W.T.T.S. for inviting me to judge. BIG thanks go to Sandra and Keith Dearing and Diane Goulden for all the hard work they put in before, during and after the trial. The meal and entertainment on Friday night was a FAB. [ I didn't know I could still do sit ups!]

Having a steward that really new her job, took control of the competitors and interpreted all that I wanted to perfection was a real bonus. TA! Paula.

A special mention must go to Peter, who after being so poorly manage to pull all the stops out and put together an excellent trial [Though a lot of it had to do with all the brilliant help that was around and most of the time he spent sunbathing!]

It was good to see all the dogs working with enthusiasm. Over all the test was done well with every one getting all the search square articles. Generous judge!

1st           Lynn Davis with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL, cross breed, 90pts Q. Beautiful handled also qualified in U.D. Very well done

After a nail biting run off for second and third place;

2nd         Jane Clarke with CASMAWILAN JACK IN THE BOX, BC 72pts NQ. Shame about the down stay should have qualified. Well handled will be there soon.

3rd          Ali Christie with BULLETPROOF BILL, Lab/Ret 72pts NQ. Another one that should have done it, lost it on the jumps. Happy handler and happy dog.

4th          Peter Herrmann with DAELOIS VAN GOGH, BSD Gron 42pts NQ

Thanks to all the competitors for entering and good luck to you all.


UD Stake


Tracklayers: Ron Jaques and Belinda Chapman,

Steward: Lee Payne

Thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge and to Sandra and Keith Deering and Diane of Waterlow Farm Kennels for their hospitality and excellent base. Thanks also to my helpers who all did an excellent job - Ron Jaques and Belinda Chapman, tracklayers and Lee Payne searches and C&A Steward. Luckily Ron managed to keep out of most of the dykes to ensure us of his help and expertise.

There was quite a small entry but we achieved a 60% rate of qualifiers of those who ran. The tracking was on stubble with the grass coming through and the conditions seemed good. The three qualifying dogs all found both track articles and got all four articles out from the square.

1st           Louise Reynolds' SARAMAK DANCING DIVA (WSD) Handler Nicky Boyce. N/W marks of 140 (track 88+20, sq 32). Also excellent C&A with full mark sendaway, losing only one on control (34 + 20) Total 194. Q A polished performance all round by this keen young bitch, well handled by Nicky and ready for higher stakes.

2nd         Lynn Davis and MISTER MISFIT MONGREL (GSDXLab) Another keen and enthusiastic worker and good track, just a bit untidy in his work overall. N/W 135.5 (track 86.5 = 20, sq29) C&A 31+20. Total 186.5 Q. Also qualified in CD. Well done.

3rd          Felicity Boulderstone and UTHYR DRAGON (Lab) Uthyr worked hard on the least well covered piece of land, well handled by Felicity to complete the track. N/W 138 (track 86.5 + 20, sq 31.5) C&A 31+15. Total 184. Q

4th          George Harding and IT'S A KINDA HUSH (Rott) A very methodical tracker, got the 1st article and had only lost 1.5 marks at the end of the 4th leg. It was a shame she didn't complete the track but she did enjoy herself in the square! N/W 85.5 (track53.5 + 20, sq 22) C&A 33.5 + 12. Total 131. NQ

Thanks to the competitors for entering under me. I really enjoyed judging you all and wish you success in the future.


WD Stake


Steward: Paula Bridges

Tracklayers:Caroline Carroll and Ron Jaques

Thank you to EAWTTS for the invitation to judge WD at your new venue, to Pete Carroll and his excellent team of helpers especially Diane and Sandra.

A special thank you to Sandra and Keith for accommodation and excellent food you really looked after us.

Thank you to Paula for laying squares and stewarding the CIA you did a great job, to my tracklayers Caroline and Ron who did a superb job and the competitors for entering under me. 5 completed

the track out of 7 can't be bad.

The weather was kind to us, tracking was on stubble with a good growth. 9 entered, 7 worked and 2 qualified. The standard of nosework and control was very good, to those that qualified well done and good luck to the rest for the future.

1st           : Stan Taylor with CHALKWELL OUT OF THE ORDINARY, GSD, 180 Q.

2nd         : Ian Bradley with HORGRANGE ZEUS, Lab, 165.5 Q.

3rd          : Irene Nicholl with GAMEPOINT GO AND GO, Weimaraner, 163 NQ.

4th          : Caroline Dewsnip with BINTIBN ARDESSIE, BC, 137.5 NQ.


Stake: T.D.


Tracklayers: John Philips & Paul Morling

Steward: Bryan Pole

Many thanks to E.A.W.T.T.S. for the invitation to judge. A big thank you to my tracklayers John & Paul who laid the tracks exactly as requested. Also thanks to my search & control steward Bryan, who was also my host. Thanks to everybody who helped organise & run this trial, to Peter Carroll, Trails manager, Jan Sewell who ran the base and did the scores & Caroline Carroll for writing the certificates. Also thanks to everybody who helped with the catering, it was superb. This was a new base for the trial with good facilities. Tracking was on dry stubble with little growth. Every dog made a good effort with three dogs completing the track. Search squares were well attempted with all dogs getting at least 3 articles. All of the dogs had really good control rounds, and the dogs that worked showed that they were capable of qualifying. The difficulty of the tracking terrain being the deciding factor. To those who didn't qualify I am sure the qualification won't be long in coming. Lastly thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.

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