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Trial Manager’s Report

My first trial as trials manager was greatly eased by the committee of EAWTS and a great team of helpers.

Thanks to Sandra and Keith for providing us with not only a base for the trial but a campsite and evening entertainment venue as well.

Jan Sewell for running the base for the four days, your lucky man Jim. And to Pete and Caroline Carroll for organizing the lush tracking land.

To all judges and helpers thanks for your dedication to trials and I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Thanks.



Stake: CD (7 entries)


Search and control steward: Rowena Hodnett

My thanks to EAWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake at this well run and very friendly trial. Special thanks must go to Sandra and Keith Dearing for providing an excellent base with every facility available and for organizing a first class meal and get together, on the Saturday evening, for all the helpers who made the trial a success.

Thanks also to the trials manager Paul (Jack of all trades) Morling, who did about everything it was possible to do throughout the trial. Watch out Paul, it could become a regular job. The ladies in the kitchen, Diane Gouldeu and Sandra did an excellent job keeping us supplied with food and hot drinks. They were assisted by the base steward Jan Sewell who also organized the competitors, marked up the score sheets and wrote the certificates that were required. So many thanks to you all. I must also thank Rowena who put out the searches, stewarded the control, with very clear commands that we could all hear, and did her best to put everyone at their ease. My final thanks must go to the competitors for being a really nice group of people. All said how much they enjoyed their day and what a friendly trial it had been. All accepted my decisions with smiles and good grace. It was my pleasure to see your dogs at work.

As this stake is the first rung on the working trials ladder, I feel we should be encouraging newcomers and hopefully attracting a few more people into trials, with this in mind and knowing that the stays and agility usually take their toll, I set a very straightforward round with good sized articles for the searches, which were carried out on grass 3” – 4” long. Articles were; Wood 4” x 1.25” x 0.5”, metal teaspoon and a piece of nylon scourer 3” x 2.5” One dog failed this section.

The sendaway was 40 paces straight to a fence post with an orange marker. This was not very well done, with only 2 dogs gaining more than half marks. The remaining exercises in the control section were done to a fairly good standard, but unfortunately 2 dogs failed the down stay.

I allowed 2nd attempts at all jumps, only 2 dogs managed all three at the first attempt. Three dogs failed this section.

At the end of the trial we ended up with 2 qualifiers who were as follows.

1st           Mrs. J. D. Miller FOXFOLD COALITION GSD/WSD (D). Q. CoM 92.5. A first class team, one to watch for the future. Full mark search, excellent control round. Only the long jump caused a problem. Well done Jenny and Kash. I will follow your progress with interest.

2nd         Mrs. W. Harpur CAROLINA CRACKERJACK Lab. (D) Q. CoM 88.5 A very good all round performance, very good search and the only dog with full marks for agility. Well done Wendy, Dooley did you proud.

3rd          Mrs. M. Swift BERRYTREE SIRIUS Lab. (D) N.Q. 77.5 hard luck Maria, one of the better sendaways, good search, good control, only the scale cost you dearly today. Hope you can sort that out and the CoM will soon come.

4th          Mrs. H. Mercer STARDELL INDI B/C (B) N.Q. 75.5 another hard luck story. Good search, enough marks for agility, excellent control round but sat up after six minutes in the down stay, get that sorted Hilary and you and Indi will be on your way.


U.D: Nose Work


Steward: Paula Jaques

Tracklayers: Lee Payne and Manda McCallen

What a wonderful trial. Good weather, good food, good company. Could not ask for anything more except good qualifiers which I got!

Thanks to everyone involved with the trial. Special thanks to my dream team. Lee and Manda for laying each track to perfection. I only have one thing to say to Lee though, banana! Paula was brilliant as ever as my steward; well 1 think it was Paula could not quite tell under all those coats.

On the whole the tracks were completed to a very high standard and a pleasure to watch, but the squares lack enthusiasm.

1st           Mrs N Roes with Truem Ken Wreak Havoc ASD 197.5pts Q. Marks say it all. very quick no nonsense track and a superb square. Worthy qualification.

2nd         Ms M O’Kelly with ON YER BIKE WSD 187.5 pts Q. Meg had a brilliant day, qualifying with placing for two very different temperament dogs. Lovely sensitive Handling. Very well done.

3rd          Ms M O’Kelly with WALLY X OLLY WSD 175pts Q.

4th          Mrs R Banfather STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY GSD 181.5pts NQ. Qualified the nosework with great ease, shame that they did not qualify overall.


WD Stake


Search Steward:Caroline Carroll

Tracklayers: Paul Morlin, John Phillips, Jim Sewell

I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge this WD Open.  .Thanks to Paul who not only was the Trials manager but was so well organised that he even managed to tracklay. The land was super and each competitor throughout the trial had a new piece of land and all the dogs really tried even those that didn't quite manage it. My tracklayers Paul John and Jim laid all the track just as I wanted them and Caroline did a great job laying the squares she didn't have to recover many articles.  Jan Sewell did a great job in running the base and the scorers and certificates were nearly finished when we came in from the tracking land well done. Thank you to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions you were all a pleasure to watch

1st           Mrs L.Davies with MISTER MISFIT CDex UDex, X.Breed

Zeke did a lovely track recovering both articles then went on to do a nice search. Good luck in the higher classes.Q185

2nd         Mr A Goodley with HOLLY COLLIE WSD Handled by Mrs R Woods

Well done Rosemary a super track and search.  Well done on you qualification Q183.5

3rd          Mrs S Jones with DURSTONE MELODY WSD A young dog very well handled by Sue I am sure you will do very well in the higher classes.Q166

4th          Mrs J Sayerwith VILLAGE KING   GSP Zuse is a very strong tracking dog just a hitch on the last leg and you would have been places higher but you were a pleasure to watch. Q164.5


Stake: T.D. Nosework

Judge: P. THOMAS (Polly)

Track layers: Paul Morling & John Philips

Steward: Caroline Carroll

Many thanks to EAWTTS for asking me to judge TD, and thanks to Pete Carroll who took over judging the Control & Agility when the entries went higher than expected. Thanks to the people in the base for supplying food and drinks throughout the day and for keeping the competitors arriving on a regular basis; without back-stage help we wouldn’t be able to run Trials. Thanks to my tracklayers, Paul Morling and John Philips who did a wonderful job; the tracks were all laid just as I wanted. Thanks to Paul also for the loan of his hat, the Norfolk winds insisted mine should not be on my head! It was a bitterly cold, but beautiful Winter’s day. Caroline Carroll was my Square Steward who did an excellent job, the squares were all laid to perfection and I think most of the handlers and dogs agreed she ‘scented’ the articles well, because most of them were found. Thank you to everyone who entered, there was a lovely display of nosework and I feel most will do really well in TD Championship. Mouthing and dropping articles will cost points — so bear this in mind.

We ended up with a run-off for first place between Christine Stewart and Nick Boyce, this was decided by a Search Square and Sendaway because their marks were similar. Pete judged the Search Square and I judged the Sendaway. Both dogs did well on the Search Square, but Christine pipped Nick at the post on the Sendaway.

1st           Christine Stewart with BELDORM DUNCAN (Std Poodle) Q. 210.5 Christine and Duncan did a lovely steady track with Duncan hardly putting a foot wrong; a real pleasure to watch. All four articles out of the square, unfortunately mouthing and dropping cost a few points.

2nd         Nick Boyce with SAMARAK DANCING DIVA (WSD) owned by Mrs L Reynolds. Q. 210.5 A real team effort with Nick and Katie on the track, followed by a lovely square.

3rd          Gary Martin with TYTRI ROY (Border Collie) Q. 198 Nice track and square.

4th          Angela Porter with CARIS TYLER WOOD (G/Ret) Q. 196.5


Stake: UD. WD TD Control


Steward My Self

What a Great trial. Good weather, good food, the best company. And we had lots of qualifiers. Could not ask for more. Thanks to everyone involved with the trial. Special thanks to the team, Paul Morling the girls at the base Jan dian Sandra all worked to perfection. I saw brilliant control rounds and some not so good . the sendaway standard was high as was retrieves and the speak. On the whole the the dogs were a pleasure to watch.


1st           Mrs N.C. REES TRUEM KEN WREAK HAVOC (ASD) D. 197.5 Q.

2nd         Ms. M Kelly ON YER BIKE (W.S.D.) B 187.5 Q.

3rd          Ms M Kelly WALLY X OLLY (W.S.D.) D 175 Q.

4th          Mrs R Banfather STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY (G.S.D.) D 181.5 NQ.

All the above UD did very good control rounds only the heel work needs attention well done.


1st           Mrs L Davis MISTER MISFIT CDX UDX (CROSS) 185.5pts Q. A very worthy qualification.

2nd         Mr A Goodley HOLLY COLLIE (W.S.D.) D. 183.5 pts Q. Very good handling well done.

3rd          Mrs S Jones DURSTONE MELODY. (W.S.D.) D. 166pts Q.

4th          Mrs J Sayer VILLAGE KING (G.S.D.) D. 164.5pts Q


1st           Mrs C Stewart BELDORM DUNCAN (Std Poodle) 210.5 Q What can I say won the run-off ‘watch out there’s a poodle about.’

2nd         Mrs L Reynolds SARAMAK DANCING DIVA (W.S.D.) B. 210.5 Q. Nick lost out on a run off with Chis for first. Well done.

3rd          Mr G Martin TYTRI ROY (BC) D. 198 Q. Little training needed in the heel work a worthy qualification .

4th          Mrs A Porter CARIS TYLER WOOD CDX UDX WDX (G RET.) 196.5 Q. Best control only losing .half well done.

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