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Trials Manager’s report

I would like to thank the committee and all our helpers for the fantastic support they gave me in running this trial.  I think Rita probably hit the record for the most hats at one trial, closely followed by Karen.  Thanks to Keith and Sandra Dearing for the use of the kennels for the base and Diane for her culinary expertise in the kitchen.  And to Steve Banfather for all the work he did to enable Rita to help.  Also thanks to Keith and Christine, the farmers, who agreed to let us use their land, when all our normal venues were lost.

A few months ago I was at the vets when I got chatting to a lady who runs a little pet obedience club near me.  I explained to her about trials and she thought some of her members might like to have a go so we kept in contact.  The two qualifiers in Intro came from her club and afterwards they went away inspired to work towards CD and UD.  What’s not to like about the intro stake?                               


Paul Morling


Stakes: CD and Intro


Steward: Karen Warner

I would like to thank EAWTS for asking me to judge Intro and CD at their open trial.  Thanks also to Sandra and Keith Dearing, who once again offered up their home and kennels for us to stay at, and to Di for keeping us fed and watered.  Most of all, thanks to Paul Morling for finding land for the tracking stakes.  Without this new land the trial could not have taken place.  While at his vets he met Paddy, a lady who runs a local dog training club; he took the time to go along and explain about trials, bringing in a lot of new competitors.

Also, thank you Karen Warner for helping me by stewarding and keeping me company.


CD Stake:

1st           Angela Moslin, COCAINE Z KOVARNEY, Caine, Belgian Shepherd, 80, Q.  Well done, Angela, CD first time out with Caine.  Congratulations.

Introductory Stake:

1st           Heydon Randall, SUDGVIEW BEAR, Kaisar, GSD, 80.5, Q.  I so enjoyed judging this team.  Man and his best friend.  Neither had even heard of Working Trials a few months before and never competed together.  Well done, Heydon, please keep it up.

2nd         Alison Walker, VIBRANT GOLDEN CRUMBLE, Lab x, Rhubarb, NQ.  Cracking dog, Alison.  Rhubarb, you nearly did it - next time, I am sure.

3rd          Christopher Beale, NYRVANA WHISPER IN THE DARK, GSD, Kobus, NQ.  The jumps just need a bit of tiding up, but it was the down stay that let you down.  With a bit more time and training it will all come together, I am certain. 

4th          Angela Moslin, JAUNTY JUVELL Z KOVARNEY, Belgian Shepherd, Loki, NQ.  Given more time, Angela, I am sure you will get Loki working well for you.

Also competing: Fiona Lankfer with ECHO BLACK, Labrador.  Echo seemed to enjoy his time out on the field; very nice search square, bit more work needed on the jumps.

Thank you all for competing under me, it was so nice to be there to watch you all.  Every one of you showed what fun you can have being out with your dog for the day. 

Stake: PD


Tracklayer, Search and Control Steward: Karen Warner

Patrol Steward: Di Ling

Protected Stewards: Karen Warner, Rita Banfather, Paul Morling

Thank you to Paul Morling and the EAWTTS committee for the invitation to judge my first PD Open.  This really is a trial to be recommended, whether as a judge or a competitor.  Everyone is made to feel so welcome, nothing is too much trouble. Many thanks also to Keith and Sandra Dearing for their excellent hospitality – I think you should adopt me!  Mustn’t forget to mention Di in the kitchen – great chilli – yummie!

Big thank you to Karen Warner for ALL your help – laid my tracks and squares then ran as a protected steward and was superb company too.  Thanks to my best mate, Diane Ling, for stewarding the patrol round - I really appreciate your help and company.  Thanks also to Paul Morling and Rita Banfather for donning a sleeve.

Extra thanks to Paul Morling for sticking with it and finding the land – I know how much of a struggle it was in the run up to the trial.  Thanks also to the farmers for allowing us to use their fields - we would be dead in the water without them.

The track articles were a length of blue knotted rope and a strip of bridle leather.  Square articles were white sash cord, a section of green tennis ball, brown cord carpet and green hose.

Patrol started with the recall, followed by the quarter, then search and escort, which included an attack on handler. We then moved on to the chase, followed by a further escort and finished with a three person test of courage.  The briefing gave the handlers the information that a man had broken into the nearby bungalow and made off.  They would find an innocent person during the quarter and would need to question this person to ascertain the direction the miscreant had taken to know where to send their dog to complete the remainder of the quarter and find the man.  A full search of this man and the hide was required.  However, before escorting the chase steward back, only a cursory search would be required.  The test of courage was three very noisy people armed with noisy plastic sacks being waved.

Sadly, at the end of the day we had no team qualifying, although a couple of them came close.

1st           Les Theobald with TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, D.  Very good nosework section and patrol was within qualifying marks, but was sadly let down by the SA, so failed to gain enough marks in the control section.  Bad luck, Les.

2nd         Lauren Marlow with JOTUNHEIM ELI, Malinois, D.  Excellent nosework section and good C/A, but things went a bit pear-shaped in the patrol round.  Bad luck, Lauren.

3rd          Chris Trevor with RODWELL BLACK PRINCE, Lab, D.  Unfortunately Oscar missed a corner on the track and got way off course.  Very impressive C/A though, especially taking into account Chris only has Oscar at the weekends, but his failure to recall in the patrol round snookered their chances there, too.  Bad luck Chris.

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