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Stakes: CD and Intro


Steward: Karen Warner

My thanks to EAWTTS for the invitation to judge the CD and Introductory stakes at their Championship Trial. 

Thanks also to Sandra and Keith Dearing for providing the base and land that we used for these 2 stakes.  As usual, Di worked wonders in the kitchen and kept drinks and food going endlessly.  Many thanks must go to Paul Morling, who makes everyone welcome and somehow manages to fill numerous roles throughout the duration of the Trial; well done, Paul.  My special thanks must go to Karen Warner for being absolutely brilliant company and for putting all the competitors at ease.  Instructions were given clearly, thus helping allay competitors’ nerves, which showed in these lower stakes.

CD Stake:

1st           Sheila Margreaves with KHAMYSKER ROCKET, GSD, 93.5, Q CDEx.  Chesley worked beautifully for you.  Full mark control.  Well done.

2nd         Peter Brooke with PAGESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, Lab Ret, 92.5, Q CDEx.  Quincy is a star in the making.  No return over the scale was expensive.  Good luck in the future.

3rd          Elaine Boyd with ZETA ARA AT CONCENN, GSD, 79.5, NQ.  Sasha did some nice work.  The sit stay was the downfall

4th          Penny Bann with TARNEDGE KHALEESI, Lab Ret, 77, NQ.  EV did a very good search square, but the jumps were not a favourite exercise for her.

Introductory Stake:

1st                Emily Mayer  with HA HA HORACE OF GUILTCROSS, JRT x Chihuahua, 65.   Horace did you proud, Emily, completing some of the exercises really well.  Still a work in progress for S/A and down stay.  I think the long jump will always be a step too far for him – hope you prove me wrong!

My thanks go to all the competitors for bringing their dogs for me to judge.  All of you put in performances that you should be proud of.  Only a few qualifications but some very near misses.  Good luck to all of you in the future.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Gary Martin and Steve Banfather

Square Steward: Caroline Martin

C/A Steward: Karen Warner

I was so happy to judge UD at East Anglia Trial this year. Thank you, team, for asking me.  Sandra and Keith Dearing once again opened up their home and made us all so welcome, accommodating the judges, helpers and competitors.  This year Sandra found new tracking land, lush crop.  A first for EAWTS, I think?

Diane (Sandra's sister) did a grand job in the kitchen keeping everyone fed and watered, and Paul Morling, as trials manager, kept everything running smoothly in his laid back way.  Thank you, base team - first class job.

Square steward was Caroline Martin; thank you for scenting the articles well and placing them as asked.  It so helps when you have a steward who knows what to do - thank you.  My track layers were Gary Martin and Steve Banfather.  Thank you both - not sure who won the cake eating competition?

Karen Warner stewarded the control rounds, along with so many other jobs.  Thank you, Karen, great company.

We had ten enter but only 7 ran.  The weather was cold and sunny, tracking was on about 6 inches of lush crop. The first article was a 4 by 1-inch piece of wood, and the last article a piece of mustard coloured carpet, that looked a bit like a slice of toast, I am told.

1st           Sheila Margreaves with KHAMYSKER ROCKET, GSD, dog, 191, Q.  What a team!  This young dog tracked so enthusiastically but precisely.  A few marks lost on mouthing, caused, I think, by the love of his job.  I can see them going far.  Congratulations.

2nd              Martin Brown, MARKAT JESS, Belgian Malinois, bitch, 181, Q.  Another nice track, very well handled.  Well done, Martin.

3rd               Abbey Peart, TEASEL TUMBLETWIST, Lab, bitch, 116.5, NQ.  What a shame.  Up until you went wrong on the track you had not lost a mark.  Little bit of hunting in the square, and no sendaway.  Don't let it put you off, please; it is all there, just needs more experience.

4th          Jacky Lloyd LITTLETHORN COOPER AT BROOKSBID, BC, dog, 114.5, NQ.  Cooper enjoyed his meal while going round the track.  The crop was just too much for him, naughty boy.

It was my pleasure judging everyone, thank you for working under me.  I hope you enjoyed the experience and will go on to higher stakes. 

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