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Trial Manager’s Report

Our first foray into running a trial is over. We had a few stresses and strains before the event, but the actual trial seems to have gone off very smoothly. We certainly were delighted to hear some very nice compliments on the day from those attending. The Suffolk Punch Trust Visitor Centre made a top class base – plenty of hard standing parking, large exercise area bordering the car park and the C/A was in an adjoining, well fenced field, with nice short grass. Our thanks to the Directors and Staff of the Trust for allowing us to use these excellent facilities.

The tracking was about 3 miles away on well grown winter corn.  Thank you to Diane Ling for all her time and effort in liaising with the two farmers who kindly allowed access to their land.

The PD patrol round was very interesting in what I’ll describe as a hidden valley between two woods. This area allowed for really interesting natural quartering. Again, we are most grateful to Diane for organising and the land owner for allowing us access.

Many thanks to our judges – Vic Snook and Tom Davis, with special thanks to Rod Roberts for stepping up to judge the PD when our scheduled judge was unable to fulfil the appointment.

Mark Lewindon, Stan Ford and Jane Clarke were our track layers. It was wonderful to have experienced people we knew we could rely on to do a first class job – thank you guys.


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