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Open Trial
Trial Held: 09 August 2003


Having been the Man  Friday for

E.A.W.T.T.S. in the past, I was persuaded into being the trials manager for this Open Trial. Luckily everything went off well , with great help from my husband Peter, who found the land and did the escorting. Many thanks Peter. Also thanks to Kiki who arranged all the food, and to Ann her helper, who also did the scoreboards.

thanks to the judges George, Chris and Car­ WD, and Paul Beasley and Paul Marling,

UD. Also stewards Ronnie, Becky and Val. Tt must have been dreadful out in that heat. U.D. was on recently cut set-aside and WD on stubble. The worry was that the farmer would move in with his plough, luckily he was busy cutting the rest of his corn.

Entries were low so we only needed to work on the Saturday. Sotterley is a venue we have been at in the past but the estate farmer could not guarantee us the stubble as they have contractors in drilling the day after cutting so we bad to travel a bit for the WD tracks. All the competitors and cars were able to shelter under the trees and watch the control and agility, which I am sure they appreciated. Although the entry was small we did have three qualifiers in the tracking stakes.

Finally thanks to all the competitors, hope you enjoyed yourselves, and to those that didn't qualify I wish you better luck next time.




Tracklayers: Paul Beasley and Paul Morling

Steward: Val Jenkins

Many thanks to trials manager Eva Carter who managed the trial in a friendly and efficient manner. With such high temperatures, most dogs did not give of their best, however, some outstanding performances were achieved.

Thank you competitors for being such a sporty bunch, and a special thank you to my tracklayers and steward.

1st          Rowena Hodnett and DRUMMAJOR GOOD LUC K CHARM (Rottwei l er). A total of 188.5 marks and my only qualifier. 85.5 points for the track with all six articles. A good round despite the heat. CoM.

2nd        Lee Payne and SWEET ASSASSIN (.WSD) Completed the track in ten and a half minutes, dropping only half a point and recovering both articles. Perfect tracking style. Three articles from the square leaving a nosework mark of 134.5. Unfortunately, the agility section prevented qualification. NQ.




Tracklayers: Bryan Pole, Peter & Caroline Carroll

Search Steward: Becky Munting

Many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge. I had a really enjoyable day on the tracking ground and a nice social evening at the pub afterwards with good food and good company to round off a very pleasant day. Thank you also for my very useful gift.

Thanks to Eva Carter for a very friendly and well run trial. If there were any problems behind the scenes they certainly didn't show - the sign of a good trials manager. My thanks to the ladies in the kitchen, they provided us with enough food and drinks to supply a small army, but unfortunately we were kept fairly busy and didn't really do their efforts justice, but thank you anyway for all your hard work.

To my tracklayers Bryan, Pete and Caroline, many thanks for a job well done. All tracks were laid exactly as l wanted and every effort was made to give the dogs a fair chance of success, we were all willing the dogs to get round but unfortunately not many of them did. Finally many thanks to Becky, my search steward, each square was laid to perfection, and all articles recovered which were not found by the dogs. This was her first time laying searches and she did an excellent job. If you are not careful you could have a regular job at EAWTTS trials.

My thanks to all of you for a job well done, and for your company during the day.

The stubble field we worked on was large enough to accommodate the nine tracks that were worked on the day, so conditions were similar for all dogs, but I felt they were extremely difficult with very little growth coming through , the ground was naked , hard and very hot with little or no breeze.

Most dogs made a reasonable attempt at the track but three unfortunately didn't get beyond the first leg. Searching on the other hand did not impress me much, with a lot of dogs chewing, mouthing and dropping articles. I feel that if a dog recovers an article, even in adverse conditions, there is no excuse for destroying it or dropping it, sometimes more than once, before delivering it to hand. That concludes my little moan. At the end of the day the results were as follows:

1st   Mrs Wendy Bealsey, GLENALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL (BC) B. (Track 66+20, search 27, gun 5) CoM 167.5. A clever little dog who obviously thought that in the prevailing conditions a shortened version of the track would be enough (hence the track mark). Made up marks with a reasonable square (Three articles all delivered cleanly, undamaged, to hand) and apparently an excellent control round . Congratulations.

2nd   Mrs Pam Stare, KASSIEGERSHER­ ROCCO (GSD) D. (82+20+16+5) CoM 162. A lovely track with both articles. Lost most of his marks on what should have been one of the easier corners, but recovered well and hardly put a foot wrong. A pleasure to watch (I'm sorry but I love Shepherds). Gave his all on the track and hadn't got much left for the search, but a good overall performance. Well done.

3rd   Mr John Phillips, JENSIL BLAKATO BOUNTY (GSD) D. (66+10+16+5) 143.5 NQ. Seven legs completed losing just 3 marks, then came to grief on a corner, worked really hard to recover but eventually got himself in no-mans-land, very unlucky no to finish. Hard Luck.

4th         Mrs Ann Wright, CARIS HILL CHEST­ NUT (G/Ret) D. (62+34+5) 143 NQ. Very similarĀ· effort to the previous dog but missed the first article. Again 7 legs completed but then went walkabout on the 8th leg. Best search of the day and the only dog to recover all articles. Minor damage to the lolly stick costing a mark.

One other dog I feel is deserving of a mention is Mr Andrew Buchannan's BC Glenalpine Socks, the only other dog to complete the track but unlucky to get just 1 article from the search.

Finally thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions with good grace in what were quite difficult conditions. l hope to see you all again at future trials.



Judge: CAROLYN ANDREWS Steward: Ronnie Cotterill

Many thanks to E.A.W.T.T.S. for the judging appointment. The trial was excellently run by Eva Ca1ter and her band of willing helpers. Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen for the bumper bag of packed lunch and lastly a very big thank you to Ronnie for stewarding for me and dodging all the cow pats.

The weather was exceptionally hot and all the competitors and dogs did ve1y well to work in it. The standard of the CD and UD and WD control was very high and the three qualifiers were outstanding in their performance. To those that didn't qualify keep at it as it won't be long before you do.


C.D. Stake

1st   Sandra Dearing and SONN Y (BC)

72.5 NQ. Very well done, only let down by the sendaway. It won't be long before you qualify.

2nd  Angela Gourd and TARN (Terv) 67.5 NQ. What a lovely boy! Let down by the sit stay and long jump. Keep trying and flying the Belgian flag.

3rd   Hilary Mercer and PENNY (Lab) 54.5. Well done, just needs a bit more work on the jumps, otherwise it is all there.


U.D. Control & Agility

1st   Rowena Hodnett and ZI GGY (Rott) 188.5 CoM. Excellent performance from this super Rottie. Very well done, with only a second attempt on the long jump letting you down. Good luck for the future.

2nd   Lee Payne and Buzz (WSD) 134.5. An excellent performance from this bouncy collie and experienced handler. Unfortunately not quite enough marks on the jumps this time. Well done.


W.D. Control and Agility

1st   Wendy Beasley and PHO EBE (BC) 167.5 CoM. Very well done on winning the  WD stake. A very polished control round only losing half a mark. I am sure she will go far in your capable hands. Good luck for Championship.

2nd   Pam Stare and DB (GSD) 162 CoM. Well done, a good steady control round with a very handsome boy. No long jump today. Good luck with Championship.

3rd   John Phillips and LOGA  (GSD) 153.5 NQ. A very good control round, well done.

4th   Ann Wright and WILBU R (G /Ret) 143 NQ. A good steady control round with only a second attempt on the long jump let­ ting you down. Well done.

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