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Once again the sun shone on us making the venue a joy to be at. Thank you to Pam, Sandra and Wendy for keeping everyone fed and watered over the three days; to all the tracklayers and stewards (I will let the judges thank them personally) a big thank you, also to my band of helpers who are always there to help when needed. I would also like to thank Sandra for writing out all the certificates so beautifully.

Thank you to my judges, Ann Wright (CD), Carole Brook (UD), Dorothy Bowen (WD), and Paula Harvey (TD), who stepped in a short notice for Sharon Carter, Mike Woods (C/A) and Paul Beasley (PD).

Unfortunately due to hungry pigeons the rape that was 8 inches high last November was only 3-4 inches high and very sparse in places by this March, so the TD and WD had to drive to their tracks. This is something we don’t normally have to do at Essex, as the tracking is all within walking distance of the base. But I’m sure the TD competitors didn’t mind as they were tracking on lush corn – on the first day 7 out of the 9 TD competitors qualified!!

I hope you all had a great time at our trial – to those that didn’t qualify, better luck next time.





Steward: Wendy Siggars

Thank you to Essex for asking me to judge, especially with my past jinxes! This is a super venue, with lovely people to work with, and the weather, for March, was glorious – cold to start with, but beautiful sunshine to finish off the test.

As is usual in Open CD, entries were low, only six, with four competing, which allowed for time to talk with the competitors.

1st DRAMBORO JEDI with Theresa Palmer, 88.5, NQ. Very nice heelwork and sendaway, but as with most dogs at their first trial, not quite ready on the jumps. Very good square and retrieve.

2nd KASSIEGER FINESSE with Pam Stares, 88.5, NQ. Enthusiastic heelwork; when this enthusiasm is transmitted to the jumps you will qualify.

3rd BARKINGMAD BADGER with Morag McGinn, 75.5, NQ. A little more practice at heelwork and the marks will shoot up. Badger was the only dog to qualify on the jumps, but unfortunately did not have enough marks on the nosework.

4th DRAMBORO VALDA with John Palmer, 75, NQ. Still a bit to learn about heelwork, but this dog has it all there – it just needs to be brought out of her. All I can say is that when you were very confident you forgot your commands and the exercises went wrong. I know you had not been training the jumps at full size for long before the trial, but you did very well. The nosework was very good, like her brother.

I must add that it was good to see all the dogs getting full marks for the stays.

Thank you all for accepting my comments, and I know that John and Theresa have qualified since, so well done to both of you.




Tracklayers: Belinda Spensley, Jan Rex (Friday), Jan Rex, Andy Baker (Sat)

Search Steward: Peter Brooke

Thanks to Essex 2000 for the opportunity to judge UD nosework at such a nice trial. Thanks to Penny Bann, Trials Manager, and all her team who worked so hard to organise such an excellent trial. Thanks to Pam, Wendy and Sandra in the kitchen who provided all the food, and very nice it was too. Many thanks also to my tracklayers, Jan Rex, Belinda Spensley and Andy Baker - they did a really excellent job and laid the tracks just as I’d asked; also my husband who laid my search squares, poured my coffee and carried my bag and generally kept me in order.

Entries were 14, 11 worked. The tracking was on reasonably grown rape, which rather threw some of the dogs. The weather stayed dry for us, but windy and cold on the Saturday, although we did see the sun a couple of times. All the dogs qualified the nosework on the first day but only 2 on the second day. Unfortunately the control rounds took the usual toll, which left me with 4 qualifiers.

1st Andy Laws with LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, X-Breed. Frankie worked really hard for you on the track, all four articles out of square in 1.27. Andy was over the moon when he finished the track, a well deserved qualification and win. Q, 191

2nd Stella Smyth with BLUE JAMBEROO AT MORROW, ACD. Link lost only 1 mark on his track and 1 on his square. Once he found that first article on the track he was off with great confidence, a pleasure to watch and a well deserved qualification. Q, 190.5

3rd Ann Trodd with BAILLIE OF CHELSASA, CDEx, X-BREED. Baillie did a really good track once he got used to the rape, just dropping a couple of marks; 2 articles out of the square. Very well done. Q, 175

4th Jane Clarke with CASMAWLLAN JACK IN THE BOX, BC. Flynn took his time to settle into the tracking for the first few legs and then really took off - what a pity you didn’t back up on that last article. 3 out of the search square. Well done. Q, 164.5

Special mention goes to Nick Brunner with his Cocker Spaniel, Rubin. They completed the track in 3.5 mins with a full mark track. Rubin looked like he was on wheels, a small dog definitely to watch out for.




Tracklayers: Andy Baker, Vana Moody, Nick Boyce and Caroline Martin

Stewards: Helen Brown and June Raymond

Thank you to Essex Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge the WD nosework. Thanks to Penny Bann, the Trials manager, for letting me stay at her home and enjoy some Weimaraner time, and to Sandra, Pam and Wendy, who supplied the bacon butties. Thanks also to both my stewards, who were excellent, and also to the tracklayers, who laid the tracks perfectly.

The tracking land was very good and we saw some excellent tracks.

1st Kate Wykes and KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BC, B, 190, Q. Meg did a lovely track and search with the help of Kate’s calm handling. A well deserved win.

2nd Paula Jaques and EMM OF EMLEY, BC, B, 186, Q. Emm’s nosework was excellent, with a full mark search square. Well done.

3rd Anne Bussey and LAETARE YUMA, BC, D, 178, Q. Another good track. Gwyllum’s square let him down today, but I expect the problem has now been rectified. Well done.

4th Genni Chapman and BUZBY BARKLEY, WSD, D, 177, Q. Busby missed the last article on the track, but retrieved all four articles from the square. Well done. Worked the dog on a very short line.

Also gaining a Certificate of Merit:

Wendy Siggers and HEATHGATE ISLA, WSD, B, 170

I cannot write this report without mentioning Hayley Phillipson and POPLARTIME MYSTICAL MUSIC, a Great Dane, who was a pleasure to watch tracking and retrieving all four articles from the square. Qualified on the nosework; very well handled.

My thanks go to all the competitors for entering under me and accepting my decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed watching your dogs work, and I am sure that those of you who didn’t qualify this time have now qualified, or will do so soon.




Tracklayers: Gary Martin and Mark lewindon

Stewards: Dave Self and Ann Wright

Many thanks for the invitation to judge, also to Penny Bann for running the trial. Doreen Hook provided me with accommodation, for which I was very grateful.

The tracking was on lovely ankle deep corn and weather conditions were favourable. I had experienced tracklayers, who followed my instructions to the letter – thank you both very much. I had a different search steward for each day but this didn’t seem to have any effect on the results – thank you both.

I saw some lovely tracking; well done to those who qualified.

1st Barbara Riste, GEMWLL STORM DRAGON, CDEx – WDEx, Gordon Setter, D, 203.5. Congratulations, Barbara, and good luck in Ticket.

2nd Hilary Mercer, STARDELL INDI, CDEx – WDEx, BC, B, 198. Well done, Hilary; after the problems you have had, Indi succeeded today.

3rd Vana Moody, GLENALPINE SHEP, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D, 194.5. Congratulations and good luck.

4th Caroline Martin, BINTIBN ARDESSIE, CDEx – WDEx, BC, D, 193. You managed to qualify despite all the heckling.

Also qualified:


Caroline Martin, YES MALADY, Cross, 190

Bob Cook, VIVAX D’RUH FROM STEINBECK (Imp), CDEx, Holl herder, D, 186.5

Judy Meekings, STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, D, 184.5






Tracklayers: Belinda Spensley, Jan Vallack

Steward: Wendy Beasley

Criminals: Paul Morling, Dave Clarke and Mick Tustain (also run through)

I am grateful for the invitation to judge the PD stake at Essex and thoroughly enjoyed my appointment. Penny Bann was an excellent trials manager, and we were kept well fed by Sandra Lewindon. The weather was fine, dry and sunny and there was a good entry of 7, all of which worked. Tracklayers, steward and criminals all did a great job and ensured all parts of my test went smoothly and just as I wanted. The competitors were all good sports, accepted my decisions cheerfully and were a pleasure to judge.

I only had two qualifiers and the rest were just not quite ready, but all gave it a good shot and seemed to enjoy themselves.

1st Ron Jacques with BC, D, JAQ IN A BOX, 269.5, Q. Experienced handling got the best out of this promising dog, resulting in a well deserved qualifier and Best Patrol Round.

2nd Gary Martin and BC, D, TYTRI ROY, 268.5, Q. Only one mark behind the winner and another worthy qualifier.


4th Michael Robinson and BC, D, FLINT OF GLEN MEL, NQ.




Steward: Penny Bellis

Many thanks to Essex WT for the invitation to judge the C/A at Danbury. I had a lovely weekend judging and the weather was good.

The trial was well organised and ran very smoothly. My thanks go to Penny Bann and her great team of helpers, who did an excellent job. Also, thanks to my steward, Penny Bellis, who was a great help and scribed for me.


1st Andy Laws and LAWS LITTLE FRANKIE, X-breed, 191. Nice controlled round. Well done.

2nd Stella Smyth and BLUE JAMBAROO AT MORROW, ACD, 190.5. Well done, Stella, a pleasure to watch this dog work.

3rd Ann Trodd and BAILLIE OF CHELSASA, X-breed, 175. Well done. Good luck in future trials.

4th Jane Clarke and CASMAWLLAN IN THE BOX, BC, 164.5. Well done. I believe you have conquered your stays. Best of luck in the future.


1st Kate Wykes and KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BC, 190. Well done, Kate. A really lovely round.

2nd Paula Jaques and EM OF EMLEY, BC, 186. Well done.

3rd Anne Bussey and LAETARE YUMA, BC, 178. Very nice controlled round – a pleasure to watch.

4th Gennie Chapman and BUZBY BARKLEY, WSD, 177. Nice controlled round.

Also qualified:

Wendy Siggers and HEATHGATE ISLA, WSD, 170


1st Barbara Riste and GEMWELL STORM DRAGON, Gordon Setter, 208.5. Good controlled round. Best of luck in future trials.

2nd Hilary Mercer and STARDELL INDI, BC, 198. Solid controlled round. Well done.

3rd Vana Moody and GLENALPINE SHEP, BC, 194.5. Very confident round.

4th Caroline Martin and BINTIBN ARDESSIE, BC, 193. Shame about the long jump, but overall a very good round. Well done.

Also qualified:

June Raymond and CANDLEWIND ROMULUS, BC, 191.5

Jan Vallack and KENMILQUIN CROWN IMPERIAL, Lab, 191.5

Caroline Martin and YES MALADY, X-breed, 190

Bob Cook and VIVAX D-RUH FROM STEINMETZ, Holl Herder, 186.5

Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, 186

Judy Meekings and STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, 184.5

Rita Banfather and STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, 179

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