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Once again my thanks must go to our farmers who allow us the use of their land. Thank you to my judges, Sharon Carter (TD), Belinda Spensley (WD), Sandra Lewindon (UD), Barry Harvey (C/A) and Paul Morling (PD), and their tracklayers and stewards. Apparently this was Barry’s last judging appointment – Barry was instrumental in the set up of Essex 2000 so our thanks go out to him for all he has done for our club and we were honoured to be the club where he judged his last trial.

A special thank you must go to two of my helpers/judges – Belinda, who when she wasn’t judging was track laying PD and also running Criminal, and Paul, who laid tracks for two days and then judged the PD. What would trials be without this type of dedication?

Also thank you, Wendy, for all your help in the kitchen (there’s something about a bacon butty on a cold morning!), also not forgetting all my helpers setting up the base and taking it down again on Sunday - as they say, many hands make light work, we were all packed up and off the farm by 2.30 on the Sunday!!!!

I hope you all had a great time at our trial – to those that didn’t qualify, better luck next time.





Square Steward: Rebecca Keattch

Tracklayers: Caroline Martin, Steve Banfather

17 entered, 16 ran

My thanks to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the UD Open Nosework (I do consider it a privilege), to Penny for managing the trial, Wendy for running the kitchen and to all those involved in the preparation and clearing away that goes into running a trial.

Rebecca Keattch was my square steward and this was her first time out in the field. She was professional and conscientious, taking care to lay the squares exactly how I had asked. Caroline Martin and Steve Banfather were the tracklaying team, and they laid each track to give competitors the best possible chance of getting round. My thanks to you all for being such good company out in the field and making my task easier; it’s good to be surrounded by people you can rely upon and trust.

My final thanks to the competitors for entering. I saw some really lovely dogs, a couple of which I could easily have taken home. This, accompanied by some very nice handling, meant I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Well done to all the qualifiers, good luck in UDEx, and to those who were not successful on this occasion, better luck next time.

1st NICOLEE TRUE GRIT OF BANNERSWAY, GSD, handled by Rita Banfather, 197, Q. An almost paw perfect track followed by faultless square. This was McCoy’s first UD and he was the first dog to work. Set a standard that no other dogs achieved. Very well done Rita, I know that you will go far with McCoy.

2nd DRAMBORO JEDI, BC, handled by Teresa Palmer, 194, Q. This was Teresa and Jed’s first UD. Well done on qualifying today, you’ve obviously put in a lot of hard work and it’s paid off.

3rd TILLIE BY MOONLIGHT, Malinois, handled by Angela Porter, 192, Q. A surprise to see Angela with a different breed, but Tillie was a delight and a credit to her trainer. Well done on qualifying today.

4th MORGAN’S LEXI, WSD, handled by Isla Cameron, 186, Q. A lovely track by this competent, young team - I am sure that you will have a glowing future together.

Also Qualifying:

STARDELL SUBRA, BC, handled by Diane Turner, 183. Super track by this young dog in Diane’s experienced hands.

XANDOA ABBYLON AT TYTRI, BC, handled by Chris Theobold, 180. The only dog to track in heavy rain. Chris, I know it’s not been an easy journey for you, but how much sweeter the success.

GARRETHALL QUADRILLE, Lab Ret, handled by Mick Loughran, 164.5. Another first time team. Well done Mick, Merry is a super girl, her name really suits her personality.




Tracklayers: Jane Gray, Paul Morling

Steward: Jan Vallack

Many thanks to Essex 2000 for inviting me to judge the WD nosework at their spring trial at this fabulous venue in Danbury, Essex. Penny Bann works hard to ensure the farmer and his family continue to allow the trials on their land, which enables the competition to take place in this convenient location, with most of the tracking within walking distance of the base. The control field is adjacent to the base where competitors, helpers and anyone else can obtain freshly cooked food beautifully cooked by Wendy Siggers. My thanks also to my two extremely experienced, competent and cheerful track layers, Jane and Paul. Paul’s charm shone through when an unknown dog walker almost contaminated a track he was laying by throwing a ball for his dog onto the field. Paul promised we would locate and return the ball at the end of the competition - which we did. My thanks also to my friend, Jan Vallack, for laying the squares and providing me with my favourite liquorice allsorts.

The tracking was on winter wheat and the weather, although changeable, was kind. From 13 entries we had seven different breeds/types competing, which is very encouraging, and we saw some excellent nosework. To those of you who thanked my team, your acknowledgements were appreciated, and thank you for allowing me to judge you and your dogs, best of luck for the future.

1st Stephanie Cooper with TRUBON CIMINNI TRUBEL, CDEx, Weim, B, 195. Extremely committed on her nosework, completing the track in less than five minutes. Nicely handled by Steph and supported by her very exited breeder! Well done!

2nd Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, CDEx, BC, B, 192.5. Very experienced and focused pair who will no doubt be galloping up the stakes this year. A pleasure to watch, the pencil hardly touched the page.

3rd Nathan Wilson with SPECIAL GIFT, CDEx, Weim, D, 184.5. A big strong dog, concentrating hard on his job made the track look easy. Well done and good luck with TD.

4th Marie Dixon with THE GODWIT, X-Breed, B. Tui thoroughly enjoys her tracking and it’s delightful to watch this little dog’s enthusiasm and constantly wagging tail! Sympathetically handled and clearly loved by Marie.

Also qualified:

Sharon Perez with MY BOY KAI, WSD, D, 182

Ann Trodd with BAILLIE OF CHELASA, CDEx, UDEx, X-Breed, D, 174

John Phillips with WESTMIDS WANDERER, CDEx, GSD, B, 168.5

Paul Beasley with STARDELL SPICA, CDEx, BC, D, 160.5




Tracklayers: Gary Martin - Friday and Saturday, Andy Baker - Saturday

Search Steward: Helen Brown

14 Entries, 11 worked

Essex Society is very lucky to have such a good base with excellent tracking ground so close together. It gave the Trial a more compact club atmosphere. The Trials Manager, Penny Bann, is excellent at organizing and also has a good group of committed helpers, which all goes towards making a well run enjoyable Trial. Thank you for inviting me to judge this stake. Gary and Andy were excellent, accurate Tracklayers and together with Helen laying the squares exactly as I requested, they were all such good company. Wendy had the thankless task of feeding us all from the caravan, which was most appreciated.

The tracking was on well grown winter wheat, with a soft loam soil. Friday was wet, cold and windy, but seemed to produce the better results, with 4 out of the 5 working completing the track; 3 out of 6 completed the track on Saturday. The right hand side of the field had a more lush growth, but on the left hand side the more experienced, eagle eyed handlers were able to see the footprints! The track articles were a peg, a green plastic milk bottle top, and a red piece of rubber 2” square at the end. The square articles were a spark plug, a cork, a green piece of lino 1” x “2 and a lolly stick pushed halfway into the ground. I wanted to ensure the track pattern was right for the level of dogs working this stake, so my Weimaraner dog, with whom I am just starting to work TD Open, got to know this pattern and its variations quite well! I wanted to be able to see the dogs working to their best ability and we were treated to some very high quality work.

1st Julie Atkins and GLENALPINE REG, BC, 196, COM. Number 1 in the catalogue was a good indication of the days result! A very experienced ‘young’ handler with a very talented dog. See you at the KCC’s in the not too distant future.

2nd Mary Prentice and MOUNTLOCHAN LAIRD O’LEYS, BC, 194, COM. Mary was delighted with her dog’s performance, as they had been going through one of the barren patches we all hit at some time. It is good to see an experienced Obedience handler competing at this level in Trials.

3rd Paula Jaques and EMM OF EMLEY, BC, NQ. Paula quietly handled this sensitive bitch, who tracked as though on rails, gaining 99 for the track. Just missed qualifying on the jumps. Try to see these two working the track if you can - it is beautiful to watch.

4th Irene Nichol and GUNALT CHA CHA, Weimaraner, NQ. I was immensely pleased to see a Weimaraner in the rosettes. Track mark was 98, despite encountering a dead hedgehog, and also an ‘extra’ article in the square. Missed out on qualifying when Kearn became a bit confused on the sendaway. However, they have already achieved their 2 TD opens.

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