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Thanks to Essex Committee for their support both before and during the Trial.  Many thanks to our judges: Len Newman (TD), Lee Payne (PD), Le Newman (TD, WD and UD C/A), Penny Bann (WD), Vana Moody (UD) and Doreen Hook (Intro) and their tracklayers, helpers and criminals.  I’ll let the judges name and thank their helpers for each stake.

Big thanks to Jan Vallack, base steward for all three days.  It is very comforting to have someone of Jan’s experience working alongside you; she’s also brilliant in keeping the Trials Manager supplied with cigarettes until he could nip out to buy some green papers!

As Napoleon has been attributed with saying: "An army marches on its stomach" – well, our stomachs would have been empty if it hadn’t been for Penny Bann’s mum, Gwen, doing a sterling job in the kitchen.  On Friday she catered with Helen Brown’s help (thanks, Helen, for standing in at such short notice) and on Saturday and Sunday she ran the kitchen single-handed.  To say she was a star is an understatement.

Many thanks to our farmers, Richard and Mrs Speakman, who, at every trial, seem to make unlimited land available for our use.

Thank you to all the competitors who entered our trial - whether you qualified or not I hope you enjoyed yourselves.  Good luck at your future trials.

We had 60 entries: (21 TD, 6 PD, 10 WD, 11 UD and 12 Intro) and ended up with 48 competing over the three days.  The weather was "variable" with occasions of driving rain and very strong winds.  The tracks for all tracking stakes were on winter wheat with about 3-4 inches of growth, C/A, PD Patrol and the Intro stake were on pasture.

A working trial is like a big jigsaw; it only needs one piece missing to fail.  So, many thanks to everyone, without ALL your help the trial would not run.






Tracklayers: Gary Martin, Caroline Martin and Amanda Pollard

Square Steward: Ann Wright

Thank you to the Essex 2000 committee for the invitation to judge the WD nosework.  Thank you to my tracklayers, Gary, Caroline and Amanda for laying the tracks and Ann for laying the squares exactly as asked - all your company, as usual, was fun and made the wind and rain bearable!!

10 teams entered and 8 ran.  The weather was awful; the wind and rain came at us sideways making it hard work for some of the dogs.  Only two dogs completed the track, which were the first two of the day when the weather wasn’t "quite as bad".  The tracking was on 4 inch winter wheat and tracking articles were half a shotgun cartridge and 2 x 1.5 block of wood as the end article.  The square articles were a 2" x 0.5" piece of green fleece, a shotgun cartridge end, a wooden dowel and 1" x 0.5" piece of carpet.  Thank you to all the competitors who entered under me and good luck for the future.

1st Helen Brown with MANPOL SAPPHIRE, (Freya), GSD, B, 187, Q.  Freya worked beautifully, losing only 1 point on the track and 2 in the square.  Congratulations on qualifying and a well-deserved win.

2nd Shirley Simpson with WESTMIDS KYRE, (Lynx), GSD, B, 180, Q.  Lynx started the track slowly, munching her way round the first half of the track, then settled down and finished it with style.  Congratulations on your qualification.

3rd Jenefer Le Mesurier with AFON ANDYPANY AT BRYNFFRWD, (Pandy), HWHV, B, 87.5, NQ.  Pandy found the conditions a bit tough for her today, only managing two legs – better luck next time.

4th  Diane Whiting with SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, (Eric), BC, D, 76.5, NQ.  Eric also struggled with the wind and rain today, only managing the first leg – good luck at your next trial.




Scribe: Doreen Hook

Len and I would like to thank the Society for the invitation to judge.  The organisation, facilities and tracking land is always excellent and this year was no exception.  Under new management, Dave Self, while Penny was judging the trial, it went very well.   I hope it did not put you off, Dave, as we need more people to get the knowledge of managing a trial. Thanks also to Jan Vallack, Base steward, Gwen and Helen in the kitchen.




A lot of inexperienced handlers in both stakes, but everyone had a good crack at the round so don’t be disappointed at not qualifying, because all the dogs have the capability. Some of you just need a bit more control over your dogs so you’re communicating! Also, read the I Regulations rule book! You must know what to expect of the exercises and nature of the test set by the judge when competing. They say its character building!


UD, 11 entries

1st A Ketteringham, PADDYDEPAWS AT COALWAY, X-Breed, 175, Q.  Lovely dog, just a bit more work on that S/A.  Nice round.


3rd B Spensley, CARISHILL EMERALD, GR, 115.5, NQ

4th W Wright, WHISPER IN THE GLEN, WSD, 113, NQ


WD, 10 entries

1st H Brown, MANPOL SAPPIRE, GSD, 187, Q.  Well done! You held it all together!

2nd S Simpson, WESTMIDS KYRE, GSD, 180, Q.  A difficult dog, well handled by Shirley, the only one to get full mark S/A in all stakes!





It was nice to see some new handlers working their dogs in open TD.  Most dogs did a good tied up speak with the handler sitting in a chair facing them.  Heelwork for all stakes was "do your own thing", lovely when the ground is a bit boggy allowing the handler to choose how best to do the round.  Those who are ready for "Ticket" negotiated the sendaway and redirect well and qualified the control section.  One or two handlers felt it was hard but it just showed that they were not quite ready.  Agility section was good considering the lousy weather we have had when it has not been suitable to use jumps.  A special thanks to Doreen Hook who scribed for me thought out the trial.

There were 21 entries

1st J Sewell, STARDELL TYL, BC, 198, Q.  Well done Jim.  Good luck in Ticket.

2nd A Porter, TILLIE BY MOONLIGHT, Mal, best track, 197, Q.  Sendaway almost cost you but great heelwork and speak.

3rd J Wood. LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, 196, Q.  Beautiful control.

4th M Loughran, GARRETHALL QUADRILLE, Lab, 183.5, Q.  You have worked hard since Poole - well done.

Also qualified;

G Martin, MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, 183

C Theobald, XANDOA ABBYLON, BC, 183

What a lovely bunch of competitors! Thank you for making my job such a pleasure and for accepting my decisions.





Trackalyers: Penny Bann, Nicky Boyce, Belinda Spensley, and Andy Baker, one day; Jane Gray, two days

Steward: Angela Clarke

The tracking ground was brilliant, lush crop a good 4 inches; in fact, on the first day only one failed.  The weather changed on the second day, but we still had qualifiers. 

My tracklayers were Penny Bann, Nicky Boyce, Belinda Spensley, and Andy Baker, one day, with Jane Gray, two days.  My search steward for the whole trial was Angela Clarke.  It was a pleasure to have such a good team - made my judging very easy. Anybody can judge, but without good tracklayers and search stewards we would not have trials - thank you all.  My track pattern was set to test the tracking of the dogs with articles evenly distributed on the track and of sensible size to reward the dogs each time.  The search articles varied in size and texture, which all dogs qualified with ease.  The experienced handlers showed their true colours helping and line handling their dogs; it is a shame that the new people to our sport could not see it.  Thanks to the competitors and I hope you enjoyed the challenge.




Tracklayers: Penny Bann and Lee Kane

Steward: Peter Dyer

Thank you to ESSEX 2000 for asking me to judge.  Jan Vallack made sure everyone was on time for their tracks and I was fed well by ‘Mum’ in the kitchen.  Thank you all. 

Penny Bann and Lee Kane laid tracks just as I wanted them, and Peter Dyer was a very able square steward.  Thank you for your time and great company. 

Unfortunately we only had one qualifier - some were not quite ready, for others who completed the nosework the jumps took their toll, as often happens with new dogs.  Good luck next time.

1st Ann Ketteringham, PADDYDEPAWS AT COALWAY, Cross, Q

2nd Manda McLellan, LITTLE TIGER, Cross, NQ

3rd Belinda Spensley, CARISHILL EMERALD, Golden Retriever, NQ

4th Sandra Greenwood, WHISPER IN THE NIGHT, BC, NQ

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