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Many thanks to our judges, Moira Rogerson (PD), Caroline Martin (WD), Belinda Spensley (UD) and Ann Wright (CD), who judged in a multitude of weather conditions; it changed from a lovely sunny day on the Friday to torrential rain on the Saturday to high winds on the Sunday!  When I got to the base the marquee had moved 8 inches and the door panel had come undone in the wind, which meant the inside of the marquee was in a total mess.  I had to call the marquee people in at 7.00am to stake the thing back in the ground again - thank god the toilets stayed in place!!!.

Thanks to everyone who helped at the trial, especially my mum and aunt, who stepped in to help in the kitchen, due to Wendy having shoulder surgery; considering that they were thrown in at the deep end they did superbly and have asked if they can help at our Open trial!  (This must be where my madness comes from!)  My tracklayers came from far and wide - many thanks to you all, you make it a pleasure to do the job; I point you in the direction of the fields and off you go – thank you.  I must say a special thank you to Jan and Jim Sewell, who came down from Lincoln to help with just two days’ notice!  What would we do if not for friends like you?

Well done to those who qualified, and good luck to everyone in the future.



STAKE: UD          


Tracklayers: Karen Warner, Jim Sewell, Jane Gray

Square Steward: Elaine Michaels

Steward: Karen Warner

Catering: Lilene and Gwen + Jan Vallack and Jackie Self for the scrummy cakes

Thank you to Essex 2000 for asking me to judge the UD Championship, which was held over two days with a total of 11 competitors.  Also thanks to the Essex Police Dog Section, who were planning to hold their yearly trials the same week; to help us out they held theirs the following week and had atrocious weather … ooops!

All my team were enthusiastic and professional, giving the competitors every opportunity to do their best and hopefully qualify.  Surprisingly there were only two qualifiers, as the standard was generally good but the control section took its toll, although most of the dogs did well in the nosework.  The marks speak for themselves.

As usual, the trial went very smoothly and all in all we were lucky with the weather, as the following day the roads around the tracking ground were impassable by flooding.  Despite all the previous rain, the tracking ground is well drained and most of the dogs went round easily on the well grown winter wheat.

The track pattern was fairly simple and included one sharp angle back towards the end.  The articles were substantial and appropriate to the stake, being a 3" piece of thick yellow wire and at the end a 3" x 2" part of a leather and fabric belt.

Thank you to the competitors for accepting my decisions and good luck in the future.

1st Dianne Whiting with SHELTYSHAM SO ESOTERIC, CDEx, BC, 187.5, Q.  Excellent all round dog, who in addition to Working Trials also works sheep.  He did seem a bit surprised to see a field of them close by on the heelwork but once he’d had a look, he did a beautiful control round.  Well done!

2nd Paul Morling with THORNEFLEET PAPRIKA, CDEx, Cocker Spaniel, 180.5, Q.  Happy little dog with a permanently waggy tail, who clearly enjoys working and is a great ambassador for smaller breeds in the sport.  They get my vote!

3rd Graham Taylor with GERONIMO BATES, WSD, 184.5, NQ.  I don’t remember seeing a dog so focused and methodical in the search square; really well handled by Graham, who allowed him to do his job.  So unlucky with the jumps today.

4th Sue Redshaw with MEADOWSHOT MACGRAW, Labrador, 183, NQ.  Fabulous track, another methodical working dog; unlucky today with the control.




Stewards: Angela Clarke, Amanda Pollard

Tracklayers: Mick Head, Les Allen, Jim Sewell, Lee Kane

I would like to thank Essex Working Trials Society - 2000 for inviting me to judge their WD Championship this year.  Penny Bann and the Essex team worked extremely hard to make sure both helpers and competitors enjoyed the trial despite the adverse weather conditions, and the lovely comments I heard were testament to this.

I would like to thank tracklayers Mick, Les, Jim and Lee for giving up their time and doing such a grand job.  It was very wet and I really appreciated all your help.  The "A" team, that’s Angela and Amanda, were both stewarding for the first time at a trial.  Thank you both for your time, company and most of all your conscientiousness.  You were both brilliant.

The setting for this trial is perfect and many thanks must go to the Speakman family for their generosity in letting us have access to their beautiful grounds.  It was lovely of Penny’s family to take on the catering challenge this year, so many thanks to "Mum" and "Aunt Lilly" for all their hard work in the kitchen!

Tracking was on winter wheat with a fair amount of growth, although it was very wet.  There were 12 entries in WD, 10 worked and 5 teams qualified.  Track articles were a piece of brown vinyl and a piece of green rubber underlay at the end.  Square articles were green garden cane, scourer, brown underlay and a green plastic bottle top.

1st Heather Cook with LOOKYLOOKY LIFE N SOUL, WSD, 191.5, Q.  A well deserved win with superb nosework and the only dog to gain full marks for the sendaway.  Conditions were awful for stays but Jaxon was a real star.  Good luck in 2013.

2nd Alan Sword with MANPOL SPECIAL EDITION, GSD, 187.5, Q.  Super job on the track with all articles found and in the square too.  Perfect agility and Ziggy was very pleased with himself.  Well done and best of luck.

3rd Penny Bellis with SHILLINGTON JASMINE, X-Breed, 185, Q.  Penny’s handling with lively young Jaz was spot on.  Stays in awful pouring rain too.  Good luck with future trials.

4th Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, 184.5, Q.  Good nosework and all articles meant Lenny just pipped Danny to fourth place.  A very smart control round.  Well done.

Also qualified:

Sue Russell with GLENALPINE DANNY BC, 184.5.  Danny did a superb track in a very wet field but was a bit too distracted by the flavoursome winter wheat in the square!  He did a fantastic control round and got full marks for his agility.  Great job and good luck to you both.


Thank you to all of the competitors for entering and good luck at your next trials.

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