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Firstly my thanks go to Mr and Mrs Speakman, who allow us to use all their fields for the tracking and C/A.  Thank you to the judges Sheila Tannert (TD), Gary Martin (WD), Mick Tustain (UD), and Alan Sword (CD).

The TD tracking was on winter wheat with good growth, about 10 inches long; the WD and UD had to track on rape that was over knee high on most people (waist high on Vana - who came off the WD tracks soaking wet! she managed to fill her boots with the dew off the crop!!).  As most of you know Gary and Caroline sadly lost their collie Roy whilst at the trial, but they still carried on judging and track laying but with heavy hearts.

Once again my thanks must go to all my helpers out tracklaying, laying squares, ferrying or in the kitchen - without you all our trial would not run.  I must just mention Dave Self who, when he was not laying squares or ferrying competitors for Sheila in TD, was putting up/taking down the jumps, doing the shopping, adding up the scores, moving the trials trailers around to and from the club training ground and to and from farm where the trials equipment is stored – who says men can’t multi-task!!!!!

I hope you all had a great time at our trial – to those that didn’t qualify, better luck next time.





Steward: Doreen Hook

A huge thank you to the Essex committee for the invitation to judge the CD, and very special thanks for which ever one of you organised the weather.  The Friday and Saturday were glorious, especially considering that November is arguably the worst (or certainly, one of the worst) months of the year.  Penny Bann is very experienced at running trials, and it showed, as the whole thing ran like a well oiled machine.  My thanks also go to everybody connected with the trial in any way, from the farmers who kindly allow us to trample all over their land, to Angela and Wendy who kept me from wasting away, by supplying me with their delicious bacon and egg rolls, and endless cups of tea.  Thank you to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decision, regardless of the outcome.  You all came with a great attitude, and remember, it’s only a game.  A very special thank you to Doreen Hook, who stewarded for me and kept me company over the 2 days.  She did all the work looking after and directing the competitors, which enabled me to stand around doing very little and trying to look important.

We had 17 entries, but after a few scratches, 14 handlers and their dogs competed.  It was really nice to see such a variety of breeds.  The search articles were quite generous for the conditions, but the field did have sheep in it, and were only moved out on the previous day, so there were a lot of smelly distractions.  So that accounted for a few only finding one article.  However, 8 teams did find the required 2 or 3.  The retrieves were generally good, just requiring a bit of tidying up.  The agility took its toll on a lot of the dogs, even with 2nd attempts on all the jumps.  The standard of the stays was pretty impressive.  CD has never been an easy stake, so keep up the training, and it will come together very soon.  After 2 days we ended up with just the one qualifier.  The results are as follows.

1st  Heather Cook with her 20 month old WSD JAXON.  The only hiccup was the long jump, otherwise a super round, and a well deserved win.  90.5, Q

2nd  Judy Meekings with SKYE.  Another young dog at only 20 months, a beautiful fox red lab, well handled by an experienced handler.  Just the jumps stopped you this time, but when they’re sorted watch this team go.  86, NQ.

3rd  Toby James with 3 year old FRED, a gorgeous Boxer.  Shame you only got one out of the square.  Certainly the best control and agility round of the 2 days.  I’m guessing you’ve had problems with the scale in the past, as you were overcome with emotion (and nearly started me off) when Fred got over it and back with the greatest of ease.  If there was a judge’s prize of the best hug after the control round, you’d have got it.  Keep going with this dog, he’s a cracker.  86, NQ.

4th  Chris Brooksby with MEG, her 3 year old BC.  It’s those blasted jumps again.  If its not one thing, it’s another.  But that’s working trials for you.  Get working on the agility, Chris, and you’re there.  75, NQ.




Tracklayers: Rita and Steve Banfather

Steward: Ann Wright

Thank you to Essex 2000 for the judging appointment, and to Penny Bann, Trials Manager, and all those who were involved in such a well-run trial.

8 entered, 5 ran.  We started the nosework with an 8-leg track on rape, about 18" high.  All dogs did well in the track and on the square. All dogs were qualifying going in to the C/A, but after C/A only 1 team had qualified.

1st Sylvia Cook with MISTER MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, D, 182, Q UDEx.  A pleasure to watch and judge, you and your dog worked well throughout the test.

2nd Betty Briley with WAGGERLAND THIS IS IT, WSD, D, 182.5, NQ.  Only the S/A stopped this dog from qualifying.

3rd Lynn Griffiths with STARDELL AVELA, BC, B, NQ, 145.  Really good nosework.

Thank you to Steve and Rita Banfather for tracklaying, and to Ann Wright for being my steward throughout.




Tracklayers: Vana Moody, Caroline Martin, Andy Baker, Lee Kane

Steward: Jan Vallack

Stay Stewards: Jan Vallack, Belinda Spensley, Lee Kane

Thanks very much to Essex 2000 WTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this well run and friendly trial.  Penny Bann runs a great event and it is a pleasure to be involved with this friendly and committed group of trialists.  Like any trials manager Penny puts in a lot of hard graft both prior to and during the event.  It’s not an easy job, and there are always problems popping up, but Penny deals with them in her usual easygoing manner.  Thanks for all your help in making this a superb event, for your hospitality and friendship.

The ladies in the kitchen, Angela and Wendy, were excellent and produced first class bacon and egg rolls at the drop of a hat!  The cakes were excellent (especially the cherry slice, courtesy of Jan) and of course in case there was a shortage I ensured that I had sufficient to see me through any cake drought!!  Thank you ladies, you were great company and it was a pleasure to make a nuisance of myself in your presence.

The landowners, Mrs Speakman and her son Richard are without peer.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is ever too much trouble.  They supply us with stacks of land, and are so accommodating, delaying spraying and all other work until the end of the trial.  Fantastic people, who wholeheartedly support this society and our sport.

The tracklayers, Vana, Andy, Caroline and Lee did sterling work on land that didn’t make it easy, knee high rape that was wet through as a result of the fog and dew.  Vana laid the first three tracks on day one and was drenched.  Her Muck Boots had a pond inside them and I am sure she was at risk of trench foot!!  Not easy conditions to lay tracks but all just got on and did it.  They were excellent company and superb at their job.  Thank you all.  Jan stewarded to her usual high standard and kept us all in order.  Lee and Belinda helped out at stays and gave me a hand moving jumps around.  It’s always a pleasure to be in the company of such quality people, who are always on hand to help out with all manner of tasks and keep this great sport of ours on the up

The nosework was in knee high rape and I set a track consisting of 14 legs.  The track articles were a dolly peg and a 2cm x 5cm piece of carpet.  The square articles were (i) 1.5cm cube of wood (ii) 3cm piece of garden hose (iii) 1cm x 6cm rubber strip (iv) 2cm x 5cm underlay.  For the most part the nosework was well done, with the majority of dogs making a good job of it.  In such high vegetation the dogs had to work hard to get the articles.

The C/A started with the retrieve, followed by heelwork through all three paces and then a 130 yard sendaway to the hedge. Jumps followed.

1st Steph McBride with her Labrador dog DELFLEET ODIN, 194, Q Excellent.  I have long been an admirer of Gunner and his performance here served only to confirm what an absolutely cracking dog he is.  Tracked like a demon and the terrain made not an iota of difference to him.  A pheasant flew up in right in front of him and he hardly missed a step, just got on with his job.  All this from a dog that Steph takes shooting; he is so focussed.  Excellent C/A rounded off a well deserved win for this outstanding dog.  One to watch in the future and one I will nick if I get the chance!!  Well done, Steph, you make a super team.

2nd Angela Porter with her BSD bitch TILLIE BY MOONLIGHT, 189.5, Q Excellent.  Lovely work by Tillie, who showed what a competent all round dog she is.  Left one in the square but never once gave up trying; made up for it in C/A only losing one mark.  A really nice, steady and reliable dog that has a happy working disposition and aims to please.  With Angela’s sympathetic handling will do well in the higher stakes.  Well done and good luck in the future with her.

3rd Ruth Payton with her BC bitch CORIES BLAZING STAR AT KALIAZAR, 188, Q Excellent.  Super nosework from Lunar, who is a real livewire.  Competent C/A with a nice sendaway and Ruth calming her ensured the qualification. Lunar has a happy attitude to her work and whilst it can spill over into over youthful exuberance Ruth has the measure of her. A team with a bright future. Good luck with her, Ruth, she is lovely.

4th Jim Sewell with his BC dog STARDELL TYL, 183, Q Excellent.  Ty has it all there; it’s just a case of Jim easing it out of this youngster.  He tracks well and his square is really nice.  Got stuck on one corner but Ty worked it out and off they went, showing what a committed tracking dog he is.  He kept at it and never once showed anything other than determination to pick up the next leg.  Well done with him, Jim, he is a little star and has all the potential to do really well; good luck.

Also qualified WDEx:

Jan Sewell with her WSD dog BRYN OF HARWOOD DALE, 177.  Super committed dog who really gives his all to Jan.  Tracked so well, missed the first article but he did stop and indicate it; Jan brought back a stick which wasn’t mine!  Apart from that his track was out of the top drawer.  Nice C/A with a super sendaway and full mark jumps.  Good luck in the future with him, Jan; together you make a very nice team.

Janette Sayer with her WSD dog TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, 169.5.  Taz tracked well up to the very last section when he went awry.  But having got the first article he had enough to qualify, although it needed an outstanding square - which he did!  And he had to do a quality C/A round - which he did!!  I have always had a soft spot for Taz, he is such an enthusiastic worker and generally puts in a very nice performance.  He has a real desire to work and a nice naughty streak about him!  Well done on the qualification.

Paul Merritt with his GSD dog VONGRAF MELCHI, 166.5.  Well, he made you work, Paul, didn’t he?  Jens found the tracking difficult initially but once into the second leg settled down.  He found the first article with no problem but, as with the previous team, struggled with the very last section.  Very nice square indeed, not a hint of mouthing, really nice.  C/A needs a bit of tidying up but generally nice, just a bit of over exuberance, especially when he saw the jumps!  Well done on your qualification.

Thanks to all the competitors for entering under me: I hope you enjoyed the test; it was a pleasure to judge you all.




Trackylayers: Belinda Spensley, Gary Martin, Mick Head, Richard Cornwell, Ruth Payton

Search Stewards: Dave Self and Wendy Siggers

Control Steward: Belinda Spensley

Thank you to Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the TD ticket, it was a great honour.  Thank you to Penny and all her helpers - you run a great trial.  My tracklayers – Belinda, who laid the early tracks all week and then stewarded the control on Sunday, thank you so much, you were great company: Gary, who tracklaid and then went on to judge the WD: Mick, Richard and Ruth ,who also laid tracks - you were all fabulous.  Thank you all for giving up your time to help - without people like yourselves there would be no trials.  Thank you to Dave, who laid squares for 3 days and really looked after me (you’re a gentleman) and Wendy, who laid squares for 1 day - you did a great job.  Thank you to the farmers for allowing us on their land. 

The weather was very kind to us and all the tracking days were very much the same.  The control day – well, what can I say?  The round all set up and ready, then Sunday morning the fog had a different idea, so I had to have a rethink and set a round to suit the conditions.  I hope you all enjoyed your day and thank you for entering under me.

1st DEBDEN LITTLE TOM, CDEx – TDEx, X-Breed, Diane Ling, 212, Q TDEx.  Congratulations, Diane, a very worthy winner.  Tom did a super track; it was a pleasure to watch.  Your control round was very tidy.  Good luck at the KCC’s 2012.

2nd LAWNICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, CDEx – TDEx, GSD, Tony Lockyer, 205, Q TDEx.  Congratulations, Tony and Isla, on winning the reserve ticket; a nice tidy track and control round.

3rd GLENALPINE SHEP, CDEx – TDEx, BC, Vana Moody, 202, Q TDEx.  Well done, Vana, on your place; it was very well deserved.  Another good track and a super sendaway.

4th GLENALPINE REG, CDEx – TDEx, BC, Julie Atkins, 199, Q TDEx.

Also qualified TDEx:

Margo Brothwell and TANGHAM LITTLE RYAN, 197

Dave Marchant and WTCh. WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 196.5

Andy Baker with WTCh SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, 196

Rod Roberts and LITTLE JEFF, 196

Diane Turner and STARDELL SUBRA, 193

Nicky Boyce with SARAMAK DANCING DIVA, 192

Mike Williams and MARINA BEN’S PAL, 181.5

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