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Judges – PD, Mick Tustain: WD, Judy Meekings: UD, Linda Newbold: CD, Joyce Tibbetts

Thank you to everyone who made our November Championship Trial a success; Mr and Mrs Speakman, the farmers, our judges and all the willing helpers.  Particular thanks must go to Penny Bann, who I stood in for as Trials Manager at the last minute due to jury service.  Penny is extremely organised and I found myself  a bit of a spare part really.  The excellent team of helpers were so efficient I didn’t need to do anything other than wander around looking like I was running it!  We had everything from sun, rain, snow and wind.  Tracking was on rape, which most dogs seemed to relish, although it was so lush in places, locating articles proved a bit of a task for some.  I will leave the judges to name their specific helpers, but I would like to particularly thank the following people who I think are the stalwarts of working trials - Dave Self,  Wendy Siggers, Pam Stare, Sandra Lewindon, Doreen Hook, Marion Shields, Lorraine and Bob, Theresa and John.

Thanks also to the competitors who travelled from near and far; congratulations to those who qualified, and hopefully we will be seeing you all in the spring.

Belinda Spensley




Stewards: Penny Bann,  Dave Self

I would like to thank Essex 2000 for the invitation to judge the CD stake at their championship trial.  The invitation was originally for a balmy September weekend - then they moved the trial so I got a November weekend with a strong north-westerly wind, sun, snow and rain.  The weather did make me appreciate the wonderful bacon and egg roll for breakfast and the best sausage roll ever for lunch.  The base was lovely and warm with a sofa just for me.  Thanks to Penny and Belinda  (who took over as trials manager when Penny was called to jury service) for organising everything so well; I even had a field close to the base and never had to wait for a competitor.

Penny Bann acted as my personal organiser and steward on Saturday - when the sun was shining - and Dave Self drew the short straw and  took over on Sunday in the blizzard and rain; thank you to both of them.  The work load was not heavy going, as over two days we only had six on Saturday and four on Sunday, so I could finish before lunch both days and I could watch the PD  Patrol round on Sunday afternoon.

We started with the search - articles were a metal tent peg, a plant label and a 2" square of rubber strapping - then the stays (which we managed to squeeze between the snow and rain on Sunday), followed by a straightforward control round with a 70yd sendaway, downhill to a hedge, which was done well by the majority of dogs.

Unfortunately we had only one dog qualifying CDEx and one CD, but there were several near misses with dogs that are sure to succeed before long.

1st G Chapman, BUZBY BARKLEY, WSD, D, 81, Q CDEx.  Two articles out of the square and lay down at the end of the sit stay, but lovely control and agility allowed Buzby to qualify.  Well done.

2nd Nicky Keeler, DELARK THAT’LL BE THE DAY AT NIKITA, Terv, D, 77.5, Q CD.  Gunner qualified every section, which greatly pleased his handler, who was happy with his CD.  The Ex won’t be long in being added.

3rd Nick Brunner, EASTER PRINCE, CS, D, 83.5, NQ.  A lovely working cocker that we all wanted to take home.  He only dropped half a mark in all the control and agility exercises, but unfortunately Rubin had a mad 4 minutes in the square and retrieved no articles.

4th Ann Wright CARISHILL ROSE, GR, B, 78.5, NQ.   A good search square and nice control, but unfortunately no scale.




Steward:  Jan Vallack

Tracklayers: Jan, Marion – Friday. Jan Vallack and Paul Morling - Saturday

Square Steward: Jan Vallack on Friday and Dave on Saturday

Thank you to Essex for asking me to judge the UD stake. 

A big thank you to:- Belinda Spensley and Penny Bann for running such a friendly trial, for all their assistance before and during the trial and for looking after us all so well: Doreen Hook for her friendly hospitality over the weekend: Sandra Lewindon for running the base and keeping the scores: the ladies in the kitchen for the lovely butties: my tracklayers and square stewards over the weekend, for standing out in the freezing cold wind, thank you all for your hard work and great company. 

Tracking was on very well grown rape, the weather was freezing and windy, but at least it stayed dry.  The wind seemed to be a problem for a few dogs but the majority coped very well.  We only had 2 nosework qualifiers on Friday and sadly one failed the stay and the other failed the agility.  Saturday produced 6 nosework qualifiers but the jumps took a toll and we finished the day with 3 qualifying overall.  Thanks to all of you who entered, and good luck to you all in your future trials.

1st Bob Cook with VIXAX D’RUH FROM STEINMETZ, Q, 195.5.  Spock made easy work of the track, recovering both articles, followed by a lovely square.  A very impressive control round only losing half a point.  Track 89/20, Sq 32, Control 34.5,  Agility 20.  Congratulations and well done.

2nd Kate Wykes with KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, Q, 182.5.  Another super track, with Kate needing her running shoes as Meg had no intention of slowing down to wait for her!  A slight blip on the scale, but very well handled by Kate.  Track 89/20, Sq 27, Control 32, Agility 14.5.  Very well done.

3rd Ann Wright with CARISHILL ROSE, Q UD, 148.5.  Mabel started off well but got slightly confused near the end and cut across a section of track.  Nice control round, just the long jump causing her a problem today. Track 62/10, Sq 31, Control 31.5, Agility 14.  Good luck for your future outings.

4th Jackie Rutter with STARDELL MAIA AT NYEWOOD, NQ.  Katie did a super track and the only full point square of the weekend, but sadly didn’t want to do the agility today.  Track 88.5/20, Sq 35, Control 29, Agility 7.  Well done.




Tracklayers: Andy Baker, Gary Martin, Mark lewindon, Chris Theobald

Search Stewards: Helen Brown, Emma Cavendish

C/A Steward: Helen Brown

My thanks to Essex2000 for the invitation to judge the WD Stake.  Special thanks go to Belinda Spelsley, who took over as Trials Manager from Penny Bann, for all the organisation, and especially for your help when my dog was ill – Belinda organised a vet’s appointment, came with me, and then looked after him, making sure he got all his medicines.  Thank you very much, Belinda;  I’m glad to say that Brig is now fully recovered.

Thanks also go to Sandra at base, and to Wendy and Pam in the kitchen, and to Doreen for the accommodation.  My tracklayers laid all the tracks, in a strong cold wind on well grown rape, which was difficult to walk on, with precision and care, and the squares were laid to perfection by Helen and Emma, both undertaking this task for the first time.  Helen also stewarded the C/A rounds, another job which was very well done.  Thank you all very much for your hard work and good company.

20 dogs entered, of which 16 ran over 2 days.  Half of them tracked successfully, but only 3 of these had enough articles to qualify in the nosework section – must be a moral in there somewhere!  The sendaway caused a few problems, with only 2 dogs reaching the designated point, a large tree stump about 100 yards away in the middle of the control field; most dogs went to one or other of two trees to either side of the run-out, and then couldn’t be moved on.  The other control exercises and the jumps were generally well done.

1st Wendy Donaldson and SHEPALIAN PILLOW TALK, ASD, B, 164, Q.  Hebe tracked steadily on an unfamiliar surface, much to Wendy’s relief, as she was worried that she might not be able to keep up if she tracked at her usual speed.  Two articles out of the square, and a competent C/A round gave Wendy and Hebe the only qualification in the stake.  Well done.

2nd Jan Vallack and KENMILQUIN CROWN IMPERILA, Lab, B, 176, NQ.  Riba did a superb nosework round, with all articles recovered, the only dog to do so.  Unfortunately, a failure on the scale meant that she couldn’t qualify.  Keep your nerve, Jan, she’ll get there soon.

3rd Eleanor Mestraud and WOLFHART FIRENFUL IDES, GSD, B, 167, NQ.  Chaos tracked superbly, with both track articles, only losing one mark, but only recovered one article from the square.

4th Barry Gilbert and IATKA FOLLOW THAT STAR, Std Poodle, D, 165, NQ.  Freddy tracked very accurately, if rather slowly, with both articles, but again only recovered one article from the square – I don’t think the hare made any difference, Barry!



Judge: Mick Tustain

Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon and Gary Martin

Steward: Lauren Marlow

Scribe: Rita Banfather

My thanks to the committee of Essex 2000 WT Society for the invitation to judge the PD Championship.  My thanks also to Trials Manager, Belinda Spensley, who was in constant touch leading up to the trial, keeping me informed about tracking land, the PD field, what helpers I wanted and how many, etc - all the information I needed to set the test.  Thank you also for a very comfortable stay.

My steward for the search, C/A and patrol round was Lauren Marlow who, as always, helped with the preparation weeks before the trial; for all that she does for me as a steward, my thanks.  Thanks also to Rita Banfather for scribing the PD, and to all the helpers at the base.

My two track layers were Mark Lewindon and Gary Martin, who work really well together; a good team who lay perfect tracks - many thanks.

To the helpers on the PD field, Paul Morling, Paul Merrick, Andy Baker, Gary Martin, and Dave Clark, many thanks to you all; you did exactly as we had practised on the Friday and Saturday, and Gary Martin weeks before.  As a judge you need helpers you can trust and rely on to be at the right place at the right time and be consistent for each dog, you all did it perfectly.

7 dogs entered, 6 ran, 3 qualified.

1st Dean Woodcock with LAETARE LEFT IN THE DARK, (Abby), BC, B, 285.5, Q.  A small dog with a big heart.  Really well handled, congratulations on winning the Ticket.

2nd Wendy Beasley with WTCh GLANALPINE PHOEBE OF STARDELL, BC, B, 282.5, Q.  One of only 2 dogs to get the test of courage.  Wendy as always worked her dog well.

3rd Manda McClellan with ASTRA STORM, BC, D, 271.5, Q.  Manda worked her 3 yr old dog well, but Storm needed a little more focus on the patrol field.

4th Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 258.5, NQ.  Dave and Murphy always work well together.

The PD round was straightforward, set in a large field dotted with trees; each test was separate with no gimmicks.

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